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  1. I clean and grease my drag washers regularly. The grease reduces the pull needed to get the drag working (more important if I want to fish with a heavier drag setting).
  2. I would focus on fuel too. Doubt it is an old fuel issue because it's starting. I'd check the pumping diaphragm.
  3. This guy is in Florida and does alright with a longer rod.
  4. I've found an alberto knot can survive going through the guides. I wrap 8 times down and wrap it back 8 times exactly over the originals. Then tighten slowly and evenly by pulling on the leader and both ends of the braid. Then a final tighten by wrapping the leader and mainline around my arms and maximum effort. If not tightened properly, malformed or the tag passed through incorrectly then it will fail. The knot can survive but very small or cheap guide inserts will not.
  5. I was given an unmarked spray bottle with some brown liquid that our local train company uses to deoderise seats and carpets. Don't know the name of the chemical but it works wonders. Maybe ask industrial cleaning suppliers for advice?
  6. If luring then bare minimum (the usual) for me is one rod, a bag with a couple of hardbody lures (popper, shallow minnow), 2-3 bucktails, a ziploc bag with 6 lengths of precut mono leader, nailcutters for retying and a hook sharpener. I also prefer to take needlenose pliers, headlamp and a knife because my family and I like to eat fish and I prefer to bleed them. If bait fishing then I take a soft cooler with ice and fresh bait in ziploc bags, knife, a couple of sinkers and a handful of pretied leaders in bags. Just one rod that I hold so no stakes necessary. Headlamp at night. I drink at the car before I take off but if really hot I may take a juice box with me. If I had to guzzle water for medical reasons like yourself then it'd be a camelbak for sure.
  7. I agree. If you havent bought a reel yet then a daiwa bg4500 would be great choice. I fish almost daily with mine and it has held up great over the last 6 years or so. I don't dunk my reels but wouldn't you clean and grease a spinfisher in that situation anyway? I clean my reel at least fortnightly because I don't want to lose a big fish through lack of maintenance. Last thing I want is a sticky drag. If my reel was dunked I'd clean before the next trip or not bother going.
  8. +1 Zman will definitely react with other plastics. I usually keep all my soft plastics in their original bags these days. I have had some zman sitting for a couple of years in a Moncross MC204WB (advertised as zman safe) box and havent had any problems. I dont mix different colours together though because they do bleed. I have experimented with scents and haven't noticed much difference in the area and species I fish.
  9. If you want to fish with a lighter drag then you can always set the hooks by adding temporary tension with your hand or thumb on the spool.
  10. Wow reading this I am glad my favorite fishing spot is a 5min walk. 99% of the time I am the only one there. And three free ramps with cctv and no queues (well paid by land tax so not really free if a property owner) within a 5min drive if I can ever be bothered launching my boat.
  11. I use a knot always. Have had swivels fail twice (manufacturing defect I think).
  12. What area?
  13. Yeah I see what you are saying. I've trolled with my abus for over 30 years and they are still going strong. But I don't troll with a locked up drag either so the line just slips before there is a problem.
  14. There is an article called Bridge Fishing Primer by Al Reinfelder. Gives some hints how he used them. I'd love to find a copy of his Bait Tail Fishing book."bridge+fishing+primer"&source=bl&ots=DBtsNMTudS&sig=ACfU3U1BIjK-aVIeuYU_xzfZQhBtFXnP6Q&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjMwefzkfX3AhX0UGwGHW3gB60Q6AF6BAgAEAE#v=onepage&q="bridge fishing primer"&f=false
  15. Sorry..with you now.