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  1. It's either f**k or s#*t. You stub you toe, f**k! You won the lottery, f**k! or holy s**t Your neighbor won the lottery, f**king s**t, I can't belief that f**king s**thead hit it instead of me. F**k my s**th luck. f**king f**k f**k!
  2. After and before photo of Doc hop's lunch
  3. You just ate too much. Burp. Have some sour kraut or some good garlicky dill pickles. A salad or two and it will all come back.
  4. WEEEEEEEED and anything remotely related to stoner products.
  5. It's the middle of winter and it's C&R for fun only. You have a better method? If you shake the fish at the boat, what are the chance that it will bite again immediately. Again middle of winter, not some crazy blitz. Not the kind of fishing people are expecting, but the numbers are real. The glued on and spliting the plastic body part is brilliant. I learned that from him. Make your plastic body last 10x longer if there is no blue fish around.
  6. I have netcost near me. I go there for my oil, fruit jam, dry fruit and nuts. When you walk pass the smoked fish / caviar, don't you ever wonder ?? lol. I shop at a hasidic shoprite also, that's whole another interesting experience in there.
  7. You mean the same Sudsy guy who turn his nose up on everything. Hard to belief. lol
  8. Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.
  9. Any 2-6 blank should be able to throw the sp minnow without any issue. Focus on the upper end. It's a big metal lip, I would choose a more moderate action rod If I was in your shoes. At lease use 1 RV guide as stripper. Not too crazy about that tall KLH stripper guide. If you are very careful with the rod while traveling, shouldn't be an issue with it. Personally, I don't baby my stuff so double foot is a good insurance.
  10. Is the guy a writer from CT. Name begins with a R? If that's the guy, I don't think the number is bull. He average over a 1000 a year. He's doing it for a very long time. Majority of that number is from winter over rats though.
  11. Do you always have to eat at a bar? The only thing Mexican about that lunch is probably the reheated store bought tortilla. Cooked by a real illegal Mexican in the back.
  12. Stick with hot dogs, crappies are overrated.
  13. You said it, I tried a couple of different brands and it's all pretty much just sour with just a hint of that kick despite what the bottle s 15 varieties Lou, 15
  14. It's location dependent. The local one we have in brooklyn suck balls. The one in queens, NY is quite good.
  15. Go to their website, they have 15 kielbasa alone. Smoked pancetta and pork chops, what could go wrong.