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  1. You mean the old cabelas stuff. Before the bps takeover bullcrap. Different product, different company now.
  2. Its a bass from the sea. Same same. You won the pool?
  3. Sandy hook is closed at night. He's on the NY side. We have our own share of probs.
  4. Couldn't they have pick a better location. Job lot. Dollar tree. Saver. Book store....
  5. 1. Vanish. 2. Too light of leader. 3. Why you need a long shock leader on spinning reel. The connection knot catch on any guide and the plug is gone. 4. Vanish.
  6. Sorry to hear. My condolences.
  7. What you gonna do? Hit them with your bucktail?
  8. Chicken tartare, just like Tom said.
  9. I felt bad for those designer store that weren't looted next to the one that were. Kinda like stuff left on the shelf after panic buying.
  10. Does it work on mutt? Short short loin?
  11. Anybody protesting at bestbuy or apple store later? Asking for a friend.
  12. That's a leaker. Take it to fisherman hq for warranty repair.
  13. Can't you find a sunny spot on the ground, where you usually burried bodies? All your got is dirt. Judging from your weed growth, rich as fk. Go get some magic beans and plant them as well so you don't have to eat from a can.
  14. Go buy a gallon sprayer. You going to need it to spray fungicide / insecticides. Everything want to kill yer maters. powder mildew, early blight, late blight... horn worm, fruit worm, aphids, Whiteflies, beetles........ bird...squirrel.... Everything.
  15. Did you read the back of the two tags? Has more words on it. 5 Gallon bucket for the bush and 10-25 gallon for the other one. BIG, lots of dirt + cow **** = big maters.