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  1. Use your bezos gift card on something else. Visit a large tackleshop or rod builder on the east end. Difference could be tremendous depends on what you are getting. Depends on what you want.
  2. I did noticed a better wifi signal.
  3. It seem to be the only thing you understand. Sorry, let me draw a more realistic model. Now with mountain ranges. Better?
  4. That's not the center. This is the center.
  5. You are expecting an real answer? How stooopid are you. Do your own research. Copy Paste. Yadiyadiyada... On the next bit of distraction.
  6. I am in NYC ( not manhattan ), I have walk into store, restaurant, in front of police with a large mora orange clipped to the side of my pants. No issue so far. I do carry my fishing license and do have tackles in the car if anybody ask.
  7. Buy them at the produce isle.
  8. Depends on how despite are you, how many gopro cam strapped on. LOL. Have you try asking them nicely. Most people I have met are not arsholes.
  9. Red. Can you mustard enough juice to go around his car once. Like a full circle? thank you.
  10. He's homeless. Bit hard to lug all those coffee cans around.
  11. I am in NY. So I had to jump through way more hoops than most of you in other 49 states. Eff that Lawsky guy in the asss, sideways.
  12. How can anyone still trust robinhood after the gamestop fiasco?
  13. So what you can't see or feel doesn't exist. Us included? We are just figment of your imagination. We do not exist. What about this you posted, fake?