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  1. Ruku does it better. But if you already have a chromecast, why not. FYI, if you dont have a chromecast audio, chromecast + hdmi audio extractor = sweet audio caster.
  2. Read my lips. It's not the knifes, It's you.
  3. What you want me to say. I am mf hawkeye
  4. Mcgee, did they teach you read between the lines in catholic school? You keep focus on one number but missed the bigger picture.
  5. There's the blow off top. Atta boy mikeee
  6. I take it back, he's not just a little, he's full on spectrum.
  7. Oooh fiesty viqueen. Let me check you manicure and wax appointment.
  8. Shuddup no neck Mcgee. If they actively changed the code to exclude old devices from working properly, it's a no no.
  9. 1/4 id. The ones I have is 11/16 od. 316 stainless.
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