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  1. They have a position opening for testing and quality control. It pays minimal wage, no benefit, the commute is 6 hours each way.
  2. I would think that they are more sanitary than a dog or deer's behind. I should have gotten a golden retriever or alaskan malamute instead of a beagle, I would be set for life. lol
  3. You got youtube right? Here is a clip for your flight
  4. At minimum something with a good hook to start. Heavier one from 1.5oz and up, finding one with a stout mustad hook isn't a problem, the problem is with the lighter ones like 1oz and below. Usually they come with a much smaller light wire hooks. Take a look at a 1oz Tin man or andrus jetty caster and you'll see what I mean by good hooks. The best I can come up with is to buy in bulk at winter shows. There is a Gentlemen from NJ who usually have a table of bucktails by the dozens. It isn't the fluffiest, but it has the right hooks and the hair doesn't fall out. My go to if I ran out of Andrus.
  5. Sorry, that's not a bucktail. That's a jig with a wig.
  6. If it gets too bad, just yank the tape off and put a fresh one on. Preferable on a spot with hairs.
  7. I am looking at these two hooks. These two looks similar except of the hook point style. What's the general consensuses regarding these two hooks?
  8. Mustad. zero failure so far. Way too many vmc 4x have snapped during the cutting and bending process. I understand it could be my technique if the hook eye snapped off during the bending process, but many just failed during the cutting process. Just fly off when I try to cut them.
  9. I thought onion / shallots are toxic to dogs. Interesting tidbit on blue fish though. The fish oil should be good for them as well.
  10. Still 0 keeper bass this fall. My phone hasn't recognized my both thumbprint for a while now but still no keeper bass to show. My bigger rod, vs, zb has been gathering dust since this spring. Most nights, I felt my 9fter is way over power for the fish I am catching. I started fly fishing just in case we have a repeat like last fall in the south shore. On the positive side, bonito has been going crazy lately in the day time once the tide came in, gorging on spearing.
  11. I'll take both. Thanks.
  12. You left out a p in the url, should be www.strippersonline.com
  13. I think you are looking for a unicorn with those lure ratings. It's more like 0.5-2, 0.75-3, 1-4, 2-5, etc Even with these rating, you are not going to be totally satisfy when casting upper end or lower end. Given a specific lure weighting for a blank or a rod, just throw out the upper and lower end, that's your comfort range.
  14. Jetskiers are like the A$$hole of the ocean. I don't care how nice the person you are in life, once you get on the jetski, you'll become an A$$hole automatically. lol. Standing out the outer bar one day. A jet skier came by, took a couple of laps around me, then park his jet ski right next to me and started to ask me how is fishing while waiting for his buddies to come. I was like wtf.
  15. lol jawbone. I got them for a buck each. junky hook. Lost half of the hair after a few bottom contact. They tie the hair in big clumps. Once a few hair pulled out, it's a goner. I ended up with a plain jig head in less than a hour fishing sea robins. Pretty much outing disposable in my opinion.