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  1. Gorilla's are around, but only on the beginning of certain tide. Blue don't migrate like stripers from the south. They come in from off shore and they move out when the water is too warm. At least that's what I understand. I was going to visit my favorite bluefish spot in jersey last week but some **** burn it to a crisp on facebook. They usually have them about a week or two before gitland. But not the same body of fish. I still think there is something wrong with our bay water. remember the last herring run? how fast the fish come in and left? 2 weeks at most. Smoked my first blue this year, it was outstanding. Not the one in the pic. I don't have surgeon knife skill lol
  2. x2, I hoped it's not a bad omen of things to come. Bluefish eat their own so usually they are not here until the gorillas moved out. Here is a pic of a gorilla I got last night. Gotta be what 11-12 inches.
  3. It's not as fashionable as a skishing wetsuit for sure.
  4. How do you stored the aftermath. Your scented plugs, bucktails, lures etc. No matter how careful you are, everything is scented, eventually.
  5. Depends on when and where. Last 2 fall run in our local area. 26" is a giant.
  6. red color hooks, because you know, red color disappear in water first.
  7. tiny spare flashlight, inside a 6 mil bag, hiding in the corner of your plug bag. Just in case.
  8. Just across the river. lol dragonlslax, you are one dedicated fishing nut . what's the commute like, 2-3 hours?
  9. Glad you like it. It's one of those rods that can do everything from light t-rig to treble hook lures as long as the cover is not too thick.
  10. For a guy with a newborn, you sure have alot of time to fish. Don't you have baby to feed? diapers to change?
  11. Why do you guys even bother. It would be nice to have a complete spare, but I would take that as a sign to upgrade to a power knob.
  12. Cast? I can take a few step and touch the boat with my rod. lol
  13. Let say terminal tackle is located in some small town upstate ny, 4 hours away, would you drive to shop there regularly? If they have a online store, they can sell to anyone anywhere around the world. Online shop has a lower overhead than your average brick and mortar, that's a fact. It will cost them less to operate a shipping warehouse than a retail location, by shipping warehouse, I mean garage or basement on a small scale. Free shipping cost you the consumer more than you think. One of the key tactic for tackle warehouse's success is free shipping for order over $50. I have many many many of their free stickers, t-shirts, etc. lol
  14. LOL. eagle claw along with shakespare and south bend are the big 3 chinesium importer in the fishing industry. Just walk into any big box store and it's all you see. Half of the broken crap you see on the beach, lake shore and river bank are from these big 3.