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  1. Doesn't help them much when you only buy once. Before surf casting, I never seen or hear anything remarkable coming from lamiglass. Being freshwater fishing dominate most of the fishing tackle industry, that has to mean something. The few times I have my hands on a lami freshwater rod, even their top end rod, the feeling is just meh, it just didn't have hooks in it to make me want to go buy one. When there was boom of cheap rods in sub $100 range, abu cashed in, daiwa and many other cashed in, where was lamiglas? Always playing second / third fiddle to gloomis or st.croix in the higher end rods market. Let's talk surf rod, I know the gsb is the gold standard. How many people out there could store and transport and long 1 piece rod? I bet it's alot less than with 2 piece rods. The gsb has been out for how many years? Have they come up with any 2 piece rod that's remotely comparable to the old gsb? If you don't already own a lamiglas, would you go buy one in the current market price? compare to whats available in the market.
  2. You got your 4 door sedan and your SUV. What more do you want? Sports car, coup, pickup, crossover, mini van, etc. No body drive those anymore. from now on, it's either camary or 4runner. Color, there are silver gray and well, just gray.
  3. No it's not, the 6K size is smaller, 15.5oz, 30/290yd power pro. Looks like the accounting department went through the sales numbers and dropped a couple of models that does not sell as well.
  4. Holy S***, I just saw the price tag on the Renzetti and Renzetti parts. Talking out of my A$$ here, were do they come up with those numbers with those parts. You could probably build a better and maybe cheaper system with V-slot aluminum extrusion.
  5. Since Shimano is not release the 5K/6K size, Are they just going forward with the current 5K/6K model in the SWB series or discontinue the whole SWB series all together??
  6. It's not universal, you have to search by the reel manufacture.
  7. Rain to Wintry mix, NNE 20-30MPH wind, Looks like a noreaster, so blitzing by the door?
  8. what you guys get your news? Had to search for it. Apparently her last words was “**** y’all.” Some one put red on suicide watch.
  9. Don't get me started on the price of flank steaks. They have gone through the roof and stayed up there. I wont touch it anymore unless there is a sale. Strange enough, there are more sales on higher end cuts like the NY strip, rib eyes, than these so call butchers cuts. I am not sure where that antibiotics statement came from, I bet it's the same as any other non organic chicken in the market, maybe even less. I haven't grown a third eye...yet. $5 for a 3lb roasted checken with all the crispy skin you want, why yes please.
  10. A word of caution, if you use one of more those expensive multi-player pots. the side and rim of the pot is just as hot as the bottom. Gas stove will have more radiated heat on the surrounding area so you might not want to use that method around a gas stove. Nice trick by btw.
  11. Why stop at 3 when you can go for 5 Why settle for 5 when you can have 7 Ok, Maybe just one Giant one for all your coal miners.
  12. The 5 minute rule. Do whatever you have to do to the bottle in the 1st 5 minute. You'll feel differently about that same bottle at later time. Event though it's the same fluid that came out of yourself earlier. It's like getting pee on your hand vs cleaning the toilet.
  13. Cheap line counter doesn't work well with high tension spool and slipping can occur with braid. Are you using the exact same line as replacement? It has to be exact or you'll end up with a different line level or worst, with more line left over than you wanted. The only sure way to fill the spool 100% is the old fashion way with a couple of spare reel. Dump, fill, add backing then flip.
  14. More like a Remington. The number could be higher, but he only has 2 "Plugs"
  15. Same price at the show. It's usually gone by the time I get there as well. Some are limited given away randomly in goodie bag. Then the stupid crazy price appear on ebay the very next day. I did find a few old show special from a retailer.