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  1. Dear Tim, we need more expressive emoji. Like egg plants, corn, peaches, all the usual farm stand stuff. Smiley face.
  2. Step 1, visit a good tackle shop in the general area that you fish and ask the question what's out there and what do I need. That's it. have fun.
  3. You seen the forecast for monday and tuesday right? I would wait, but keep the mojito flowing.
  4. RIP Gup. You are one tough sob. To red: you're possibly grandson of a french whore. that kinda explain alot.
  5. faking a. I am out of rum and vodka. It's all wire's fault. I am addicted to this mojito sht. It's 120+ in the car. I don't want to drive 3 blocks to the store, virgin it is.
  6. So 11? Just make a big omelet with hotdog and cheese.
  7. Happy ending??
  8. Even with one treble in the fish, you still have to deal with 5 more that's potentially in your hand or other body parts. These small hooks can go in VERY EASILY bury past the barb.
  9. 6 hooks in a blue gill or small bass, you guys must have very good eyesight and very good patience. Single hook jighead for me 95% of the time, the other 5% when I am messing around, single hook crankbait or popper.
  10. Your modem only does the translation. Doesn't really matter that much as long as it's on the service provide list and can handle up to the speed you paid for. Your router handled all the traffic. Get a good one that can handle multiple wireless steams properly, or a mesh system if you have a big house.
  11. That does look good. You can pour that pork juice into a highball and I can drink it straight up. lol.
  12. You have checked with doc hop? He's technically a dr right? lol
  13. LOL. my exact reaction when I saw the price at shoprite yesterday. Mystery meat tubes be in high demand.
  14. Reasonable TSA agent with common sense.
  15. Uncured. lol We just put in a pinch of celery powder for flavor.