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  1. Timmeh need marriage advice?
  2. That's for y. Watch jase's 2nd video.
  3. 100 butt bux.
  4. If you fish 20-30lb line with a leader on, your hooks and split rings are not your weakest link.
  5. If your neighbors sold their house for 3x the normal price, guess what's going to happen to your property tax.
  6. Buncha weirdos.
  7. On the plus side, lumber price are crashing, you can build lots and lots of nice boxes now.
  8. Couple years ago, when bunker was thick in the bay, blues made the water run red. Such carnage. We were snagging and dropping for fun, came back with only a head left on the hook after one cast. poor bunkers.
  9. Selective hearing lost, occupational hazard.
  10. Lots of door knobs to lick.
  11. uber eat.
  12. He's better looking than most outside of the strip.
  13. Take a look at your permit.
  14. You take it after getting the vid as precaution for serious symption development if you are old or immune compromised. Getting vid from pills.
  15. DUG!!