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  1. This sounds great. I live in Hull so that’s a bonus. Total fly fishing noob here so I have a lot to learn but have been fishing since I was a kid. I actually just bought my dad a fly tying kit for Christmas and I know he would love to go too. Keep me posted and I have no problem bringing snacks and refreshments for everyone since you guys fronted the spot and such. Thanks.
  2. The amount of water is an ounce or 2. I’ve dunked with my semi suit and it is very difficult to get water in there especially if your wearing a PFD. The thing I think is more important is what you wear under your suit.
  3. Happened to our business too. Thief actually was able to make there own checks with our routing number and account number. We noticed charges for a cell phone and satilite cable. Absolutely nothing could be done. They told us to get a new checking account.
  4. I won one at the shootout a few years back. Great product, use it for holding macs for live lining. Have it sent up off my anchor trolley and leave it in the water while I paddle around.
  5. Im kinda the opposite. I'm my own boss so that part is easy. I go when I can. Now sometimes I tell my wife I'm going to work and then I go fishing!
  6. You can park for free on the street near the hotel and restaurant. There's a dock you can launch from.
  7. I will still argue it's more the two piece and jumping off a rope swing than the neck enclosure. My strap is on the side not directly under the chin. I will give it to you it's called semi-dry for a reason.
  8. Was he was wearing a sweatshirt with a hood?? That wouldn't make a very good seal if it's all bunched up.
  9. I have an ultra not Jane. Dam auto correct
  10. Been out a few times. Rough start but I think the fishing will pick up fast. No shop.
  11. BB We fish the same waters. I'm on the south shore. King Like what you've done with your ultra, I Jane one also and love it.
  12. True. I guess you could get used to it too. BB you plan on kayaking all year long? If so than full dry is the way to go.
  13. Pool is fine. Just rinse with fresh water.
  14. I tried both on, not for any extended period, but the neoprene was 10 times more comfortable for me. Now they were both brand new (latex was not stretched or trimmed). I think comfort needs to come into play when you talk about safety. If it's not comfortable you won't enjoy being out. You might want to try them on to see how it feels.
  15. It wasn't a nor'easter but 15 mph winds from the west. Slight chop. Yes I tried every scenario, jumped in, flipped easy, held on so I went under water, went around the other side of the yak. Really tried to mimmic a bad day. I had a PDF on so it was tough to get my head went to be honest. Only one flip was fully rigged (really didn't want to break or lose anything). I think the suit would be fine in any condition. Even if you were separated from your yak and needed to spend some time in the drink.