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  1. Yeah yeah I know it’s a magazine.... I hope you are laughing when I am foaming at the mouth. The whole thing was a complete sh@t show. All I could think on the ride home was I have gotten through a dozen or so very near death experiences to be finished off by slipping on the ice and falling on a dead raccoon. Imagine that on your headstone.
  2. I just had an exposure on Mother’s Day... but the protocol they suggest is one antibody plus one immunoglobulin shot near bite i.. then booster in 2 weeks. My farming neighbor had it 3 times from contact with exposed Beef cattle. So I have my family plus 78 year old mom who hates isolation living up at the farm during the pandemic. My mom wants to go home for Mother’s Day , it’s 24 and snowing. I put my mom , daughter and 2 dogs in one car and they are outside waiting for the rest of us and other 3 dogs to get in the truck. my son says hey why is that sketchy raccoon walking around the driveway at noon. Then I look and the tail is hairless... and it comes running over to the back door and starts scratching furiously at door trying to get in. So I get my pistol, which only has 7 rounds and ball ammo in it. Go outside, wait for it to walk away from house and car, then when I am 10 yards behind it I get ready to shoot. Then for some reason my mother starts honking the damn car horn... the raccoon spins around and comes at me...Pop Pop POP... like walking dead goes through him like a laser and he keeps coming at me with a stupid look on his face... I emptied the whole clip and he was still stumbling around . So I go out with plastic bag over my arm and a trash bag to bag him up....as I reach forward I slip and fall on damn raccoon... blood all over my pants everywhere. Clean up start driving home and when I can get a cell signal I get a text from other farmer that says keep an eye out for rabid animals, the DEP shot two on the street and there is a raccoon with a hairless tail that tried to get into Heidi’s house but he got away from the dep agent . I called the county rabies hotline and they said if it didn’t bite me, mess with livestock or my dog, they will not test. Said I had a low risk exposure and shouldn’t get shots. So far 60 days no rabies.
  3. Really what exactly are you using ? Xfinity cable or a fios product. I will say xfinity cable is by far and away the best cable tv product I have ever used , content, hardware & customer service ... plus convenience of going to store in a pinch . For home visits easy to get through and prompt... they even came to swap our our 5 boxes for my wife and new modem during covid peak on a same day appointment. I wish it was available for my primary residence , which is optimum and stinks. I use the following in order 1. Xfinity by far 2. direct TV 3. optimum online & cable... would be lower if we had other options in Bergen county 4. frontier fios Internet Phone and tv. .... good for a rural area but not great 5. Hughes Net satellite by far the worst slowest and worst value worst service... like trying to watch the on aol dial up.
  4. Yes it is about that time.... I saw a few big mature rattlers running the dogs down the shore this weekend last year. They really move around when mating.
  5. NJ , mid central coast, but I can bring boat to my Home on NJ ny border. If it helps to gauge ride .. I can get from my house in Nj to LL bean in Freeport in under 5 hours . From my house to the last exit in US on 95 before Canada is 8:45 hours. That is where we stop to use the bathroom when we do our grouse hunting trips up north. you are in luck due to covid if interested I out boat in garage and hadn’t shown it to anyone during lockdown.
  6. He’s back....my favorite day trading guru.
  7. Yes... that is in the timber harvest area in our farm in NY. I should clarify... I meant biggest cat I have ever seen locally.. not versus out west. It’s puzzling, it has the short tail of a bob cat... but no spots and it is way to big & heavy. I assume it’s the biggest bobcat I have ever seen or some sort of hybrid. Don’t have a lot of photos on my phone but it dwarfs this coyote on same camera ... I have them both in same spot against same vegetation.
  8. This camera is on a logging road maybe 3/4 mile behind the house...it is predator central hate to be a young deer or turkey over there.. This is the biggest cat I have ever seen...i have a medium size coyote taken before sun up on same camera and he is a dwarf compared to this cat.
  9. I think i may have said this a few weeks ago..I rarely quote warren buffet...but this one is a gem. "Reaching for yield is stupid." I would not be a buyer of MLP's of any kind, reits, or the like and have not owned any since trolling through the wreckage of the financial crisis a decade ago... and even then I held them for less than a year.
  10. Replaced power steering box, and replaced engine at 285k... kept transmission which was still flawless when sold. The engine was still running fine... that model came with a gas 3.9l which was underpowered when new for a vehicle with full time 4wd, not awd. It started to get tired and was noticeable when towing or driving over a mountain... so I bought a wrecked Range Rover HSE with a 4.6L and swapped it out. Generally from 1970 to 2003... you could swap newer engines into the older vehicles without any modifications.
  11. Yes have never been able to lease a vehicle. Home to work, then to farm is 152 miles NW or south to shore house is 110 miles. current situation 2018 Suburban 120k Wife/ truckster 2015 bmw 178k (my commuter car) 2009 Tacoma pickup (Ag / farm vehicle) 89k Soon to be my daily driver when my wife gives the bmw to son When he is 17. 1989 Land Rover defender perenti 28k , that is my personal vehicle nobody else can drive best ever vehicle 1989 Range Rover classic....sold with 589,600 miles on it. Nobody here in the bst forum wanted it so I sold it on eBay and a kid in PA turned it into a monster truck and is still using it.
  12. Take the plates off and abandon it in Newark...I had a 2005 Suburban and it was by far the worst vehicle I ever owned. My wife became pregnant for the 4th time in a six year period which meant my kids were all still in car seats and/or a booster. I had just bought a range rover the year prior as our new family truckster and I had to swap it out for the suburban. I had the faulty ignition issue which was maddening before it was a recall...you name it, it broke on that car. And yes it also rusted terribly. I eventually left it in tuckerton to haul the boat around and gave it to my MIL's nurse who needed a car. I switched to a ford expedition for the next two cars it was such a bad experience...finally just tried a suburban again, have a 2018 with 120,000miles on it already.
  13. I think it’s going to be a great time to buy rental cars. We beat on our cars can never lease... examples... I have a 2015 BMW with 186 000 miles purchased new, 2018 suburban with 120,0000. We are driving from beach to mountains to NYC for work. For German or high performance stuff we use dealer. For family truckster, like Suburban or pickups, like the Tacoma we leave at farm we use enterprise. Great deals quick closings if you don’t finance. I know the phrase nothing drives like a rental...but it’s hard to ruin a modern truck in under warranty in 20k miles. I have never had issue with a suv or truck. Plus it’s national... you see one you want on California ... they will bring it to NJ for $500-$750 on average in a week.
  14. If you look at the numbers it’s unequivocally not true. Having a gun will make you feel better psychologically, but you are generally safer with bear spray. There are a ton of bear contacts... probably a factor of magnitude 10x where bear spray is used with no injury versus a firearm discharged. Have to compare apples to apples . Look at the stats since 2000 on fatal attacks a firearm was available or used in a lot of them . Including the hunting guide killed & elk client mauled this past year... left bear spray in pack horse , emptied glock on bear , guide dead client severely mauled . The guy in BC who shot through the bears brisket and killed his wife... the list goes on. Other issue is the average joe is bad under surprise stress with a firearm... the average joe is horrendous with a handgun under any stress In my experience, in western back country tent camps, to Africa.... I am always stunned by the high percentage of people who take the time effort and expense to get to a special place, then panic and shoot something in the ass and need to be rescued by a guide or PH probably 20% in my experience. I am not an anti gun guy by any stretch... I love hunting dangerous game and spend a lot of time in bear country... you are just safer with spray.