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  1. How far north are you...the pear, peach, cherry and apple trees in my yard in nj are just starting to bloom...I was always taught to stop spraying when the buds were swollen and about to open at the latest...then wait until after the leaves have appeared. 15 miles south of me the trees are bloomed out already. I have a tree farm just north of the catskills with apple trees from 5 to 90 yrs old and they are still in the swollen bud phase...probably blooming when I get up there next. That being said, what are you spraying with ?
  2. What did you spray with copper or sulfur? I thought you were not supposed to spray during bloom?
  3. Yes, the most Northeastern town in NJ. Front is bluegrass & 31 fescue. Back which gets more traffic from my 4 kids & 5 hunting dogs is mostly tall fescue. Sorry for crappy angle, took picture as I was climbing in truck this morning.
  4. Boom, two days of rain & everything greened up & started to sprout. My lawn is predominately organic. The only chemical used on it is tupersan or another pre emergent to stop crab grass... organic fertilizer, no usage of pesticides whatsoever. I control fungus by growing and spraying beneficial bacteria, and beneficial nematodes that eat grub larvae. can it be done organically yes, but it ain’t easy and corn gluten doesn’t work at all. I do water in summer, I have an 15 zone system... don’t see that as an issue are local reservoirs are filled to the side of the road , I think they need my help. Also unlike the article I have tons of wildlife, hummingbirds, song birds ... resident owl, possums, skunks foxes coyotes and of course my nemesis deer.
  5. Is there a threat?...of course anything else is crazy talk. They are an insular and arrogant community...but they do not live on a Pacific Atol they live in the most populated areas on the planet and operate with no regard for the health or safety of others. Do you shop at Best Buy, go into a Wawa..cause those are all places were they spread the disease outside of their community lately. How about this problem they are having in Rockland and Orange county...women exposed to measles or having the measles...going to their ob/gyn or pediatrician...going to the labor and delivery floor and refusing to reveal their status as a community. How would you feel if your pregnant wife or daughter was exposed to measles...if you child or grandchild that was too young to be vaccinated was exposed and suffered lifelong consequences. They should make them pay for the healthcare of those they injure and the lifelong care of children born with life long disability. News 4 went to a woman's house who was flagged for refusing to tell doctors she was exposed and symptomatic and walked round a labor and delivery floor...her response was "what do you care nobody died" and slammed the door...that about sums it up. We lived in Englewood when we moved out of NYC, and like most Ob/gyn practices they are rotational...with 5 or 6 physicians...one of the 5 was orthodox.
  6. I believe they use them to clean shrimp pens as well...speaking of other farm raised critters not to eat. On an unrelated note...they should make a Deadliest Catch show about tilipaia fisherman on the Zambezi...these poor bastards were out there in home made boats built of random junk they found and welded together...and they were dodging angry hippos while hand hauling nets...it is nuts..I saw 4 hippos go after boats while I was eating.
  7. Not my favorite fish by any stretch...its ok raw...and do not eat the farm raised junk...tastes like dry dog food and canned tuna. I do enjoy salmon cakes however, or a restaurant by my office makes a poached salmon sandwich...cucumbers and lemon / chive mayo on a pretzel roll...I ordered it once during Lent and got hooked...easy to make at home. Tiliapia is like salmon, farm raised it is possibly the worst thing ever, wild and fresh...some of the best. When I was in Zambia I had some of the best fish and chips in my life, made in a restaurant with no electricity. Fresh wild tiliapia pulled right out of the Zambezi, fresh fried potatoes and home made vinegar...it was outstanding.
  8. Manhattan

    My office is on 49th and 5th ave...if you are in that neighborhood you could swing buy one day and have a beer and I will help give you the low down on fresh and salt opportunities. The ferry from lower manhattan to belford or atlantic highlands is something I used to do regularly back in the day...I would beat the traffic down on the ferry, fish all night, take ferry back after sunrise, shower , change at gym, and go back upstairs to work....I can't operate like that with no sleep anymore however.
  9. Whats your beef with glyphosate...chemically speaking its pretty innocuous, and degrades into its components pretty quickly. I have never seen a legit peace of research that shows otherwise with a repeatable MOA. Just because a jury in France or CA was convinced of it does not mean it is based in science. Remember John Edwards claim to fame as a personal injury attorney was convincing juries the OB/gyn was responsible for their child's cerebral palsy during delivery. I boom spray it on invasive weeds on road at our farm...and spot spray at home. That being said it is much more damaging to the environment to over fertiziler or use the scotts combo crap with grub and bug killer...sterile soils are not healthy soils. I have never used a grub or bug killer at my primary residence and my lawn is like carpet...and full of worms and other beneficial critters .
  10. Shall we include you in that group based off of your sky high estrogen levels??
  11. Agreed particularly since he was morning whiskey drinker as well.
  12. I just started google vendors and carvers to see who was going to Tuckerton this year as the list is shrinking...and saw this obituary sadly This guy was a legend in the decoy business also, and was in the same hunting club with M Mitchell & my father in law...he came to my wedding in TX. Every year he would drive up to the Tuckerton show and we would visit with him while he smoked 200 cigarettes. Roger Streett Whiteford III, founder of Chesapeake Cork Products, died July 13 of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at his Towson home. He was 78. The son of Roger S. Whiteford Jr., a Western Electric Corp. worker, and Edith Burnside Whiteford, a homemaker, Roger Streett Whiteford III was born in Baltimore and raised in Ruxton. Known as Streett, Mr. Whiteford was a 1957 graduate of St. Paul’s School, where he played varsity lacrosse, football and helped establish the school’s first wrestling team. He attended what is now Washington & Lee University and then joined the Army, where he was a Ranger, and stationed in Iceland. Discharged in 1963, he attended the University of Maryland, College Park. In the 1960s, he began working at Maryland Cup Corp. until he was seriously injured in an automobile accident. After recovering, he worked in residential and commercial real estate for O’Conor, Piper & Flynn. An avid hunter and fisherman, Mr. Whiteford established Chesapeake Cork Products in 1988, which supplied cork to decoy makers and bamboo fly rod makers. He closed the business this year and retired. He also enjoyed collecting bamboo fly rods. Mr. Whiteford was a member of the Society of the Sons of the Revolution, Sons of the American Revolution, the Society of 1812, St. George’s Society, St. Andrew’s Society and the Wednesday Club. He was also a member of the Brooklandwood Society at St. Paul’s School. A memorial service for Mr. Whiteford will be held at 11 a.m. Sept. 2 in the chapel at St. Paul’s School, 1152 Falls Road, Brooklandville. He is survived by his wife of 43 years, the former Carol Hoffeld Cornelius; a son, Roger S. Whiteford IV of Roland Park; a stepson, Craig B. Cornelius of Potomac; and four grandchildren.
  13. The SD prairie grouse opener is the 21st for 2019, so I should be back for the show if it is the 28th. I don't keep them all there but there are some canvasbacks and some matched pairs, balance is in storage, our at primary residence, and a few I have to bring back from Texas before they get stolen..particularly the one they shot up with Mitchell when drunk.
  14. yeah considering the dirt road and dirt/gravel incline in driveway I am sure that had something to do with the placement. How far away from the truck ballpark can most suppliers run a fill line?
  15. Alex for the daily double I will say …."What is a sandwich that one would eat in an Appalachian coal mine"