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  1. Think we should have one soon for the minnow and mullet run
  2. He loved that rod, even though it wasnt a fly rod.
  3. Shared many a tide with him. He could bust balls with the best of them. Id like to believe theres a beach in heaven and him and Jimmy tshirt are fishing for eternity. RIP and keep stripping Dave.
  4. Thats her glory shirt. Permenant blood stains.
  5. Made a last min trip on a friends boat 10 miles off the beach.
  6. USIA has about 10 stock sizes. If you dont fit those, they will make you custom.
  7. I only own a pair that I paid full price for. Never believed in this breathable BS, this is why everyones are always falling apart, the material isnt made to last. By time Im in waders its 60 degrees out . With zipper I just open it if im walking far. Now in fla i wear dive skin pants and a breathable shirt with a pair of korker boots. But its 80 degrees here.
  8. USIA. I have them. Also have two hip pockets on them. Very high quality. I got the upgraded fabric and kevlar knee pads.
  9. OMG a whole minute.
  10. Ive fished with him numerous times. Never seen him do anything shady.
  11. I have used. Tsunami airwave, st croix triumph surf, Blackhole striper series and blackhole suzuki. All did the job and all good.
  12. Got offshore this week for girlfriends birthday. Couldnt find the dolphins , so did some deep dropping and some banded rudder fish on jigs.
  13. Please post links or videos showing this method.
  14. Theres a pic of the window sticker in this thread
  15. 550 and 600 for some of my other rods. Life is about the hustle. You want something you sacrifice and go get it.