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  1. My family had one back in the day. Great boat. As for now I wouldn't buy one unless I knew the deck and transom had been redone or I had the skills to do it myself.
  2. Yes
  3. Why is a VS or Z bass or Kennedy Fischer? Why do guys spend 50 to 100 on plugs they ll never fish. Its all about perceived value. As Brian said fly fishing started with upperclass UK citizens and it got that perceived value and class status attached to it. Its a shame.
  4. You got my good side
  5. I use a kayak top. Breathable. Built in waist belt. Neck and wrist cuffs. No hood. Keeps me plenty dry. If my head gets wet and cold I slip on a scuba hood. Get great close out deals from the big kayak site in texas.
  6. Nothing stops him.
  7. The one and only MARTY.
  8. Got there at 7. Was one of the last on line inside the doors. By 715 everyone else was left to wait outside. Goodie bags were ok none of my guys got ones with plugs. Better location than Hofstra. Ran into Marty. He says hi!!!!!
  9. 4500 slammer 3 is a hell of a reel. Have it on my 9 ft 2 Blackhole striper series for the beach. I put it on my 7 1/2 custom spin rod for the boat.
  10. Show opens at 9. I wouldnt expect the gates for general parking to open before 7. Security is very tight at this school.
  11. This is the first year its to be held at Ward Mellville high school instead of Hofstra University. Don't confuse this show with Ward Mellville High School fishing clubs huge show in March which has been going on for years.
  12. show is Sunday isn't it?
  13. Think they are blowing smoke up your ass. Use the amazon button on bere and order one.
  14. I dont know what he couldnt back up. Probably one of the best all around fishermen. Plus a hell of a nice guy.
  15. Exactly. Proud to call him my friend and fishing co hort. Learned a lot from him. Hes everything I love about NY. Loud obnoxious and in your face. He can always back up what he says and guys cant stand that.