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  1. Talked to him today
  2. Any of the southshore ocean beaches are your best bet. I lived and fished the north fork for over 40 years.
  3. About 25. However one stands out as a hell of a guy and one of the best all around fisherman I know and thats the infamous Marty. Through Marty I met Beachglass Guru. Another extremely talented and creative fisherman.
  4. I have a pair of the non breathable. I love them. I have the full zipper down front. When im walking down beach i open the zipper and fold them down over my belt. The material is strong as hell. I have the kevlar knee pads and two thigh pockets. Also the boggs boots . Worth every penny
  5. Tough to earn a living down here. House is nice. Neighbors sexy.
  6. False Albies. Florida ive seen them. Called Bonito and Bonita.
  7. Google second hand shops near me. They have used ones for like 5 bucks.
  8. Put the crack pipe down and take off your pink hat.
  9. Dont get me wrong I hate FB liberal bias. But for everything else its a pisser. Live to stir the chit.
  10. Id think id make an exception for Lou Caruso too. Seems to know his rods.
  11. Plenty of videos online on how tobturn a regular cooler into a yeti. I built a wood container then fiberglassed it and insulated it. My reg cooler sat inside of it on my boat
  12. So anything else other than your website is garbage? I love FB. Use itbfor work fishing and family. Thanks to it I have contacts all over the world to fish and visit with.
  13. The fact is if you buy decent equipment and you dont like the sport you can still get 50 percent back by selling it.
  14. Thats ywhy I dont give em a chance. I fish drag locked down. 65 lb line. Blackhole rod . Hook them and spin them right around.
  15. Id look at the Blackhole rod line up.