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  1. This.
  2. Find a bridge with fast moving water. Throw sp minnows and soft plastics.
  3. That's the factory blank colors. Its amazing in sunlight.
  4. I loved using them up north. Now in florida I do the same thing but swap out the egg for a popping cork.
  5. Penn slammer 3
  6. I'd wait till blackhole and odm have demo days again and go try them out.
  7. Here's a time line of how this came to be.
  8. Thanks for all well wishes. I had a mild case, because I believe I had it full blown last year before it was even named. So I consider myself very lucky. I go back to work tommorow after 15 days off. Then back to fishing.
  9. Very nice. Now that I'm over my bout of covid maybe I can try and catch some.
  10. I'm fighting it. Worst part is body aches worse than the flu. Breathing is still ok.
  11. And I'm stuck in bed with Covid. I live on through you sir. Keep up the good work.
  12. Cool. We will be heading down your way for 5 days starting on March 14th.
  13. Toyota Tundra is what you want. I wouldn't touch one of these turbo engines if you paid me. Girlfriend has V6 F 150. She can't wait to trade it in.
  14. I should be around there about the same time. I'll send you a pm .