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  1. Mines an sweetheart.
  2. Think hes reopening. They just started a FB page for it today .
  3. If I wasnt moving away Id help you. Its fustrating. Small rubber is what I like if im in amongst the rocks at some of the notorious North Fork points. In the coves you can get away with bigger plugs. Its also why I fish 65 lb braid with a tight drag on a rod that can handle it. If you hook up you only have one shot at turning them and stopping them. Otherwise they break you off.
  4. Still waiting for back story.
  5. Its crazy. No matter where you go they seem to find you. You are correct they are so tiny
  6. Id really make sure of conditions before I went. Southern florida hasnt been good with all the water problems.
  7. Slammer3?
  8. Id get a slammer 3. Better drag and better sealed.
  9. X2
  10. Combine the two. Offshore kayak fishing. I cant wait to Try it next month.
  11. Hes willing to make you anything you want.
  12. Talking with Wes Seigler this past winter I learned everything but one bearing is made from US raw products for his reels.
  13. So one of you have never seen a gear up bag. But you know its not quality The other gives thumbs up to Flatlander because you can customize. Obviously neither of you spent the time talking to the owner of gear up. I spent over an hour at his booth asking questions and learning about building bags. In fact he went and got a flatlander bag from a friend to show my buddy and I why he does what he does in making his bags. Plus he does custom work. You can choose multiple colors. His turn around on custom work is a few weeks.
  14. Yes was suppised to be six three however a double scoliosis curve took my height away.
  15. Walmart holds a couple of checks and Chineese change tune fast.