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  1. Soak it in water with salt away. When it frees up use wax on the zipper. Then from then on wash it more with water and keep using candle wax on the zipper.
  2. 10 ft 6 and up slammer 3 5500 9 ft slammer 3 4500
  3. Cant go wrong with Blackhole or ODM. Once this virus is over try to cast a few of them to you find the one that feels right.
  4. Its a county by county thing it seems. Even down to a city by city.
  5. all iis audio no video. I have same reel for 10 yrs never a problem
  6. Suzuki is not a normal rod. a 250 is way to big for it.
  7. I use a Penn Battle II 4500 on my 10 ft. Its the right weight for that rod. I d go with the smaller VS. You are gonna love the rod.
  8. I like my Blackhole 10 ft suzuki for just this purpose.
  9. Wow you pulled a 3 year old post up and then want to bad mouth my opinion. Meanwhile before the virus struck the weigh master of my fishing club in fla recertified mine and it was accurate. I also carry a cabelas digital scale and it matches that. Both of which i self tested against a fla certified scale at work.
  10. Good to see you washing your hands with the Corona virus. Lol
  11. Good you can come stay at my house and we can hit the lagoon for testing.
  12. Charter special is rated to high. I find myself in less than 2 ft of water most days in mosquito lagoon. Im using 1 /2 oz at the heaviest lately. My resources arent what they used to be and challenger is out of my price range for now.
  13. I send my Penn s to Penn. No worries quick turnaround.Unlike shimmano they seem to support their reels for many years with parts. Sounds to me like hes changing brands he stocks.