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  1. Have one I won in a raffle. Have used it two seasons. Good belt but not any better than my old ambulance tool belt i was using
  2. Geezer teaser makes similar stuff.
  3. I epoxy coat them.
  4. You must have bad taste. Goldberg bagels suck. Montauk baking co cupcakes are dry with no flavor and the icing is nothing but pure sugar.
  5. Wasnt getting my phone wet in 25mph north wind and 6 ft waves. You guys make him out to be some super hero. Truth is theres guys all over the island as good or better than him . He s not a nice man to share a beach with. Last year when he moved here we thought we saw a new JS. Nope this year he was the same old JS.
  6. Should have been there the other day when he was being outfished and throwing a tantrum.
  7. Come out to the north fork.ask for jimmy t shirt.
  8. Slammer 3 4500. I have mine on a 9ft2 Blackhole striper. Amazing reel.
  9. Because the slammer3 uses Dura Drag system and it has a special lubricant as per Penn factory service dept and google results.
  10. After I kept asking him to do it, he finally put it on kindle.
  11. Sealed reels are harder to crank. They are smooth. The slammer 3 has the dura drag system. Wait to you catch a fish of good size. Do not put any oil in the body and under no circumstance use drag washer grease on the drag on this real. Send it to penn factory service at the end of the season for cleaning. ive had mine 2 .25 seasons so far.
  12. Don't ask us locals what we think of him and what his nickname is here. Atleast he humble enough to give the two senior men on the beach the respect they both deserve. Seeing how both of them can out fish him and actually have personalities.
  13. The only beach driving on the north fork is town of riverhead to town line. If you come east of that you hit mattituck inlet and park district property and they will call the cops. For years i wanted the towns to do a reciprocal agreegment. Wont happen though. Back in 50s and 60s you could go mattituck to wading river and if you had the rigjt buggy and tide all the way to mt sinai.
  14. Light in weight but strong. Surf rods are an imdividual thing though. Everyones cast style is different. I would never buy one without test casting the model.