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  1. Oh look an internet expert.
  2. Yes and not because of shark attacks on humans.
  3. We had several banded rudder or pilot fish caught on the north fork last year mixed in with Albies.
  4. Slammer 3 5500 size is exactly what you need.Use the Amazon shopping button on this website. Last i checked they werr on sale for 150.
  5. Watch hat jetty at different stages of the tide. See where the current goes. Current is going to carry small bait fish. Bass should be sitting waiting to pick off any food in that current.
  6. Im a big fan. Am I a conventional surf caster yet? Hell no. Watched my buddy cast them really far. Seen and felt the drags against big fish. Definatly worth talking about.
  7. I had a vs 250 with a 14k serial number and box said made in america
  8. I believe your a little confused. The Ward Melville show will still be in March. Striper Day is seperate from that. SJ has just moved its venue there in Jan for bigger space than Hofstra . The kids of the Patriots fishing club do an outstanding job all on their own under the leadership of the teacher Bob, who s handle on here is Missing Link.
  9. Motor stays straight. Steer with rudder.
  10. Be prepared , some big ass fish in that lake.
  11. Just picked up one today that has a registration in NY. Previous owner said it was like 26 bucks for the years, soas state rip offs go its not the worst one.
  12. Thanks
  13. Either in peddle slot or on that stern bracket you can see in the one pic. To rigjt of seat is electric controller. He snaked all wires through the hull
  14. Picked up a slightly used 4 month old Pilot today. Rigged with an electric motor too.