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  1. The rockland show sucked for many years before I left NY. Very little fishing compared to hunting and atv. Ward Mellville show is best around.
  2. Definatly a 704z. Cant kill it.
  3. BG vs slammer 4 vs saragoosa. Thats the real comparison of reels .
  4. As of last monday, wahoo and sailfish.
  5. I have cabelas extreme hunter. Never had a leak in 10 yrs and never been cold once in them.
  6. I had alot of luck with these guys for offshore. They put together exactly the trip I wanted.
  7. Moving to florida has been humbling and exciting. There is so much to see and do here 12 months a year. Saltwater, freshwater and brackish waters. I have state parks with wild horses and buffalos, caverns and natural springs. One of the springs has wild monkeys.
  8. You bought low end penn reels. Slammers, torques and authorities are much different
  9. Ive used a slammer 3 5500 on a 10 ft 6 Blackhole nano rod for 5 yrs atleast. When i lived in nybi fished 7 days a week. I loved it.
  10. I had a VS 200. Hated it. Smashed my knuckles reeling it. Sold it bought two slammer 3 s a 4500 and 5500. Never looked back. For the guy who said the slammer 5500 was to big, i have an old post on here. I weighed a vs 200 , a slammer 5500 and a 706z from the 1970s. Within an ounce of each other and layed out side by side they look same size.
  11. Sitting here at work for next 2 days. Waiting for landfall just south of us. Expecting some 10 story condo buildings on the beach around daytona to collapse tonight and tommorow. They have been condemned since hurricane ian. The sea walls are gone.
  12. Lol 4 oz more is to much weight?
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