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  1. I had it drilled into the cap on my pickup not on to a rack. The guy who I bought it from had it bolted through hisfactory cross bars on a ford explorer. Im working in greenport this sunday if you are out here. I can meet you and you can look at it if it doesn't sell before then.
  2. I like my tiderunner. Only have it because I won it. For 10 yrs before that I used my EMS belt from Galls. Its still my backup belt.
  3. WTS Surfcaster Brand roof rack. Good condition. Rubber on one tube worn a little. I only used that tube and one next to it. Other tubes dont look used. Im second owner. I bought from a friend. 150.00 No shipping suffolk county long island
  4. Go to Daytona instead. Spanish and blues all over Ponce inlet.
  5. I used to think that too until i started fishing with my buddies Seiglers.
  6. Amazon has them cheapest. Use the link on here.
  7. Factory moved to virginia beach and has been up and running.
  8. Even though Penn bills it as a better reel in my opinion the Slammer is better reel.
  9. If this is the rod you want Id look for a used first generation one. Strip it down and rewrap it. 2 and third generation from what I was told never came close to the original. I had two guys in a bidding war on one that I got with a VS I bought.
  10. What lot of problem does siegler have? They had to change their name twice because of lawsuits on supposed name infringement. Simple to break down and clean.
  11. Im probably moving just south of Daytona in two months. I fish Blackhole rods and penn slammers . On my 10 ft 6 I have the 5500 and on my 9 ft 2 I have the 4500. I have bass in 30 to 35 lb on both reels in heavy inlet current up here in NY. Never a problem turning a fish. I also have 15 lb blues and hundreds of Albies. The drags are smooth as hell. I plan to use both rods in Ponce and Sebastin inlets . The reel you want for 10 6 rod is 5500. The 4500 doesnt balance correctly .
  12. I have to dig it out of storage. If i was you Id save up and getva seigler
  13. I have an older one. Id rate it the same as an Avet Sx size. It will do the job but its no Seigler that's for sure. All my conventionals will be changed to Seiglers over the next couple of seasons.
  14. I had alot of fun with my Blackhole suzuki last year.