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  1. I’d do $43 to help with shipping and fees. Still a great deal.
  2. Bump surprised these are still available
  3. Smithtown. I work 7 days a week so shipping is preferred unless you are close to Smithtown
  4. Yea that’s fine I can do it for $65 shipped
  5. $75 shipped immediate PayPal only. Fixter is used once and in near perfect condition. This fixter darter is longer than any other of his darters I own Pencil is new.
  6. Great deal here in a beginner lot. $70 shipped PayPal. Some plugs are new some used but all in great shape. Got some super strikes Gibbs redfins and bombers among others.
  7. You got it pm coming.
  8. I just quoted what you asked for lol. Should’ve asked the price on the yellow one then..... I’m just messing around no hard feelings good luck with your search