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  1. for the larger rig thats throwing the knots, take a look at the line roller. if its not as free as it should be it will cause the line to twist and knot far more easily. as for the other, it almost sounds like the line is getting nicked as you bring it in. no idea how that would happen when you are burning lures accross the surface, but thats what it sounds like. dont worry about the rods either, they are not the problem. most every "modern" rod will handle braid just fine
  2. the Ocean Master more or less owns this category. I have two and love them. my 11' 5-10 could throw a brick as well as 6 n' bait.
  3. this
  4. nice work my friend!!!!
  5. this is more or less how I fish as well. I will change the payload in question if I need to cut through the wind, however the delivery mechanism for that payload will remain the same.
  6. couldn't be happier with it! it a truly fantastic caster. yes it took some practice, but by the end of my last trip I was confident enough to take three breaks off leaving three engaged and the results were exactly what I was looking for. I didnt throw any lures as that wasn't really why I purchased it. 3-4oz and bait though was thrown a bunch. as for matching the 25n to your spinning rod, I would check the guide lay out to ensure they will keep the line off the blank. I am not familiar with the nomad so perhaps it will work. I do know that the majority of my spinning rods would not work. also, the shorter butt end may make the rig more difficult to "work" with the larger reel. just recommendations tight lines my friend!
  7. this though I could see swapping payload with technique / skill
  8. the are 50/50 split and I would go for the 10' I have that exact rod (10' 3/4-3) and cannot say enough good things about it
  9. lots of fish bite in the AM, but I have caught fish on the OBX at all hours of the day. I have found that the tide and water temp and water clarity matter as much as the time of day for most species. Spanish are prime at dusk and dawn.
  10. this. sometimes they win. had a ray do a very similar thing to me on the OBX this year
  11. tight lines all!!!
  12. how are all my OBX friends doing? ive been following the news feeds and some FB pages and it looks like the worst stayed well south of the OBX. hope you all are ok!
  13. I expect that 72 hours from now, the entire island will look quite different :-/ I really hope everyone stays safe.
  14. I hate to say this, but like other fish its water temp dependent. they like warm water and on top of that it has to be clear. I hooked my first one several years ago in early June, but they are usually around from then until September.
  15. I am sure this will be the case, and I would also bet that portions of the road way and even the road bed are lost making travel dangerous even after the water recedes. this is what caused many of the access issues after Irene. if the storm stalls and parks itself for a while it may end up pushing large amounts of water into the sound. it was this phenomenon that caused the breaches in 12 cutting from the sound back to the ocean. fingers crossed that everyone stays safe and that damage is minimal.