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  1. I was in Salvo. we have stayed in the same house for the past few years. the family (and I) really like it. not the best fishing, but FAR from the worst. I will be looking to hit the sound in August. so long as there is enough of a breeze to keep the skeeters and biting flys away
  2. you all are very welcome, happy to share the trip with you. it really was a very good trip. I am sure my drum odds would have improved if I had the time to drive further south, but that wasn't in the cards this time. I am already looking forward to the august trip and thinking of how to best maximize my chances.
  3. I didn’t get any blowtoads but then I was using large hooks. When end I have gotten them in the past it has been on my smaller “summer” set-up
  4. Made it out in the morning yesterday just as I wanted armed with a fresh supply of tuna scrap and a ton of confidence. Had the 11’ OM with me and a bunch of rigs ready to do some work as soon as I came over the dune everything felt a little different, wind directly out of the south and the surf was not nearly as whipped up as the last several days. Baited her up, threw it out and ‘tap tap tap tap,’ put some pressure on it and nothing is there. Reel it in, re-bait, and throw it back out. Same thing Reel it in, re-bait... hook a 12” whiting turns out that the south wind blew in the rat whiting as there were as many 10-14” fish as you could want. I did get one very nice one, but as it was my last day, I let him go like the rest the trip ended with no drum, but I did have one heck of a time. Caught quality fish on every trip. Can’t ask for much more than that. Going to be back in August to try again, though that will be a little different; flounder and Spanish out front and drum in the sound tight lines all!
  5. Heck yea!!!! well done my friend
  6. Not a bad day at all today. No drum but there were some good size blues and whiting. These were all caught on tuna. As I worked through Tuesdays catch last night I kept the “sinewy” pieces on the side and boy did they work! Got bit off a few times then I switched to a metal leader. Not as drum friendly and crazy long, but I didn’t feel like losing more hooks. one more day to go and one more chance for that drum.
  7. With the tire appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning today was mainly spent processing ( portioning and vac sealing) the catch from yesterday. A nice surprise though, my oldest came by as I was working on some tuna and asked if we could go to the beach when I was done. Knowing that “done” would be hours away I took a break and we went. I kept some small pieces of king Mack to try as cut bait and really thought this would be the hot ticket. The surf was up all day, almost loud at our beach house rental. With this knowledge I rigged up the 11’ OM 5-10 and packed the big weights. Good thing I did as it was angry out there. I only got about two hours in, but did manage one very nice blue. It was odd to me as these conditions are usually very “fishy.” If if I had to blame anything it would be the bait. There was ZERO action on the mackerel, and my mullet was a few days old and getting soft still got two days to get that drum. Going to get some fresh mullet on the way back tomorrow. Fingers crossed that I can make it happen.
  8. Yes, those are yellow fin. The largest was pushing 70 pounds. That guy was a beast to bring in
  9. It really was. Sadly that’s not a woo but a king Mack. They will be great on the smoker
  10. First fish on the boat at 7:35. Good way to start the day
  11. Good day in the Gulf Stream yesterday. Hope to get the tires addressed this morning and then to hit the beach this afternoon / evening
  12. No, not sure when this happened. The roads back home are a mess, so it was likely one of those potholes combined with the trip down
  13. I’m good for tomorrow, just going to take up surf time on Wednesday Thursday or Friday
  14. This is going to put a real damper on fishing... going to need to make a trip to Nags Head and have this fixed
  15. Thank you and no doubt, I’ve been on this beach in the middle of August when it’s been dead calm. Honestly as long as the fish are biting I can deal with just about anything