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  1. how are all my OBX friends doing? ive been following the news feeds and some FB pages and it looks like the worst stayed well south of the OBX. hope you all are ok!
  2. I expect that 72 hours from now, the entire island will look quite different :-/ I really hope everyone stays safe.
  3. I hate to say this, but like other fish its water temp dependent. they like warm water and on top of that it has to be clear. I hooked my first one several years ago in early June, but they are usually around from then until September.
  4. I am sure this will be the case, and I would also bet that portions of the road way and even the road bed are lost making travel dangerous even after the water recedes. this is what caused many of the access issues after Irene. if the storm stalls and parks itself for a while it may end up pushing large amounts of water into the sound. it was this phenomenon that caused the breaches in 12 cutting from the sound back to the ocean. fingers crossed that everyone stays safe and that damage is minimal.
  5. AWESOME! very happy to hear that you had a good time. ...and you are quite the chef. that presentation looks good enough to eat right of the screen
  6. to all those that may be affected by the coming storm on the OBX, please stay safe. remember, things can be replaced, lives cannot. hope to see all of you again soon. -Sean
  7. I like to have options. as for lugging all this around, I don't do that. it all fits into several plano boxes and I only take the boxes that I need for the trip I'm taking. if I'm going out to soak bait for the evening I don't take a single lure. like wise, if I'm taking my 10' lure throwin stick I take the metal and bucktails but leave the rest. at the end of the day this has worked ok so far, and it makes me happy / comfortable to have it along. I only get to fish a few weeks a year so I like to be prepared as the "ill get em next time" might be 6 months away. if I lived down there or closer and made it out more I doubt I would carry as much. own it sure, but I would carry even less
  8. I like to "swim" mine close to the bottom and a slow to moderate pace; bouncing them off the bottom every now and then
  9. one day my friend, one day
  10. dogfish, skates etc. are the "price" of bottom fishing.
  11. its a bunch of stuff to be sure and the ESs have proven to be very productive for me. as for gold Hopkins, they are to the left of the silver ones. I have a bunch of bags of gulp (you can make them out on the tp right) and opted for a closer shot of 90% of the tackle than include a picture of zip-loc gulp bags. that top box of "plugs" never gets used. most were gifts and the other got-chas are there should I ever make it to a pier.
  12. Here’s what I take. Had to clean everything out after an incident with a wave during the last trip so why not take a picture as others have said, “metal” is the way to go
  13. happy to hear that you got yourself on a good bite. sometimes that's all it takes to make a trip a success. ive never targeted sheepshead so I will differ to others there.
  14. I always make it a point to stop in there a few times when I'm down. absolutely no issues supporting him and other shops like his.