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  1. 7 pound blue on a Fathom 25n / 11’ Carnage II
  2. What a fantastic write up, and a great read, especially as I sit here in our rental watching the rain fall. Boy is there a ton of water out there! great call on the plan b. Experience talking to be sure
  3. Spent a good deal of time out front today, and caught a bunch of small to medium bottom fish. Croaker, whiteing, pompano, you name it, there were as many as you wanted to catch. Using a “river rig” I even had a few doubles. I did throw many lures (ESs, gold spoons etc) along with the heaver baited with cut mullet and didn’t get any action. If the rain holds off and the wind picks up a bit I’ll hit up the sound tonight
  4. Rodger that my friend!
  5. Thanks and yes she is my fishing buddy for sure, and has been for some time Fun thing, the reel that she is using (Penn Fierce II 4000) is one that I won in a father’s day contest that Penn held on SOL a few years back. The picture I submitted was of her first time fishing. I think she was 4 at the time, now she is 9 and getting ready to start 4th grade. Crazy...
  6. Good night in the sound that got me this big blue. See the full report in post ‘sound 8/13’
  7. Spent some time in the sound last night. First, the conditions were down right perfect, couldn’t have drawn them up any better. A real good wind out of the south - south west and clear water with some but not a ton of weed. For the first hour I fed the little fish, and fed them about 2/3 of my bait bag :/ then my first real hook up. And what a hook up it was. The drag on my Fathom 25n was butter smooth and after a few minutes later I had a gator blue on the sand. I would put it at 6 or 7 pounds. Talk about a surprise! checked the rig out as I was concerned that the teeth on that big blue would have nicked the mono bite leader and good thing as it was in bad shape. Swapped it out and set up again. Second hook up was a good size ray that fought more like a fish than a ray (a-typical of many of the rays that I’ve caught). Got it to the sand and unhooked it. After that I called it a night. Fingers crossed that the wind cooperates tonight or tomorrow night so I can get out again
  8. Spent 4 hours out front this morning. Lots of small stuff in the wash. Missed one really nice blue (guessing 3+ pounds) on pink/white ES. got him all the way in and he shook off in the last wave. Oh well gonna get some fresh bait and get ready for some action in the sound tonight best of all, today was the first time I fished out front with my oldest daughter. Can’t ask for much more, fish or no fish
  9. Yea buddy. Happy to hear the wind is forecast to change. From past experience I know that wind is key. Especially if you don’t want to be eaten alive by mosquitoes and flys
  10. Very calm out front today spent most of the time with my youngest building sandcastles (it’s her 6th birthday so it’s her day) but I did manage a small pompano big day planned for tomorrow
  11. That’s a good looking pompano! What did your son get him on? I got two small guys yesterday on fake blood worms. The bottom fish were really digging the fish bites
  12. Spent some time out front today. The conditions were calm but not “lake calm” as oft happens in summer. 3oz easily held bottom as did a 2oz “hurricane.” I split time soaking and throwing but had the most action soaking. 2 ok whiting, 2 small ones and 2 small pompano. I threw row the “big rod” with a large mullet chunk on a 7/0 circle and - nothing. Not surprising as if it hit I would have led with that as I said I threw some lures. Sting Silvers, ESs etc along with the tandem gulp rig for flounder. The flounder rig got a ton of action but not from flounder (the tails weren’t eaten) so whatever it was it was small enough to pull but not wreck the baits. Hope to get out tomorrow then a few more times this week and make one trip to the sound in the evening. Hatteras Jack had some great bait so confidence is high
  13. rodger that on the gulp definitely packing lighter for this trip. bringing the old 8' Star Stellar 3/4-2 as experience has shown it to be more productive at this time than the heaver
  14. never really targeted trout is this a small gulp on a light jig head kinda thing? maybe a top water "popping" hard bait? if i were to go out for them right now, thats what i would throw. not sure why...
  15. as others have said, glass minnows, ES Lures (can only find them on the OBX), and small spoons retrieved quickly when the water is clear is best. combine that with early morning / late evening light and you should be in business. one thing that i have noticed, and something that others - especially captains of "near shore" boast have supported - when their jumpin they aint bitin. all to often you will see spanish jumping like crazy, sometimes right our of casting range, and it drives you nuts. yes its something to look at, but know that the odds are not in your favor. tight lines my friend