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  1. Actually mine are the snag free vickers red front and the combat black serrated on the rear
  2. I have a set on my Gen 3 17 and love them, per Fishweewee's recommendation. Illuminated front and black rear sights. Was a simple install
  3. Going to shut it down for here. No interest. Will post somewhere else and if it does not sell, may bring back in the spring time. Thanks
  4. Anything from 8' 1-2oz to 1.5oz to an 11' 3-5. I have another just like it. This is a backup reel. Works with plugs tins or a bottom rig with weight
  5. Last day here, going to move elsewhere unless sold.
  6. $100 shipped or $90 and I keep the Fireline
  7. Reel is still available.
  8. It's only the reel for sale. $110. Question by pm was answered. He asked if this was a good first conventional reel. It is
  9. Mint condition ABU 5600 C4. Its actually a C6, as it has a bearing in the level wind cog and a 2nd bearing in the level wind. It has a ceramic pawl in the level wind and smoothie drag washers in the drag stack. It is spooled with about 265 yards of 14lb Crystal Fireline. Very smooth and almost impossible to blow up. It also includes a power handle. $110 shipped and insured.
  10. Hey, check in with me when you get a chance.
  11. This is the original version. Had to have a name change due to copyright issue
  12. Pm has been sent
  13. Will take care of details when I get home later.
  14. I have one of the original daiwa sealine X 11' 2 piece conventional rods I would trade. Its rated to 7oz, but perfect with 3 to 6. Very light, very strong. It is in great shape. I will be willing to ship and trade out even with you. I have added a 6" extension to the butt and its professionally wrapped with cork tape.