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  1. I'm looking for a 6wt fiberglass rod,7'-8'. the orvis rod is 8'1/2", and is an 8wt. A picture of it is this FFfor sale forum that I posted a few weeks ago.
  2. Stayed down there years ago, rented a car, drove south and ended up on a beach (had to pay $1 to get in) in Akumal. Caught a bunch of cuda from the beach and drank cheap beer and tacos. A car, google earth and be as adventurous as you want.
  3. An Orvis 9by9, 4 3/8 oz, 2pc…great shape. $110.00
  4. This thread is closed…wrong picture, sorry
  5. An Orvis “9by9”, 4 3/8oz, 2pc. Its caught strippers, blues, bones…Great shape, $110.00
  6. I have an Orvis 9’ 9wt 2pc. It’s a “9by9” 4 3/8 oz. It’s caught stripes, blues, bones..Great shape. $110.00
  7. The bonefish started coming in with the tide and started tailing. My cast settled close to the feeding fish...strip, strip, fish on. I set the hook, line is screaming off the reel for a bit, then SNAP!. My bonefish gone, fly line gone, Crazy Charlie is gone, and all I'm left with is some salt encrusted backing...It's now rinse and don't look...Although I don't get into my backing much, except for maybe albie time.
  8. Brine it, then into the smoker.
  9. Good one on the liquid fusion.
  10. I’ve not used it before; but I needed something. This is pretty much for freshwater stuff… Any thoughts either way? Thanks
  11. 8wt, 8 1/2’, 2 pc, Orvis “Powerhouse” fly rod Used in freshwater only excellent condition $125.
  12. I like the look of the Joes'
  13. Lots of options to choose from, thanks for those. Would a swivel up the leader a bit be helpful to keep from twisting?
  14. I plan on fishing a local pond that fishes well in the spring after ice out. At that time it is mostly stocked rainbows that are caught; yet there are a few good brown trout around also. 3" smelt type flies work ok for me; but I'm bringing a spin fishing friend and I'm not sure what lures would be good to use. Maybe a mepps, a rapala? Any thoughts of lures to use for this situation would be great...thanks
  15. That's what I'm talkin' about. That's like the pizza you get at any little pizza places on the streets of NYC which is the gold standard of pizza!