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  1. Hey Fitzy, good to hear from you... I haven't used the rooting hormone. The technique in the video is how I did mine and from one plant you can grow many. It's good to get back out in the garden again...Maybe we could roust out a few black sea bass this year. cheers, Ron
  2. offer is closed
  3. offer is closed
  4. I had luck with basil cuttings last year; so I think I'll buy one plant then make cuttings as the season progresses. Ending up with a bunch of basil plants in pots around the garden.
  5. 9’, 9wt, 2pc, Orvis “9x9”; excellent shape, baggage claim sticker on the tube. $225 plus shipping
  6. 8wt, 81/2’, 2pc, Orvis “Powerhouse” rod. Bought in early 90’s. Used only in freshwater. Excellent condition. $175 plus shipping
  7. I have a vintage Orvis Powerhouse 8wt, 2pc, 81/2', 27/8oz, bought in early 90's. Used only in fresh water. Great shape, original sock and aluminum tube. $175. Plus shipping. Pics available...
  8. "The Fly Shop" out your way has a few..
  9. good thoughts, thanks!
  10. Sounds good. I think I'll start with 4' of 35# mono and 3' of 25# flouro and go from there...Thanks for the great options.
  11. mono, coated wire?.. Too thin on the mono and you get bit off. Put on wire and no more hits. Any thoughts on a good leader/tippet recipe?
  12. Orvis Hydros has a 10' clear sink tip
  13. For the next time. Southwest Rub: 5 tsp chili powder 1 1/2 tsp oregeno 3/4 tsp cumin 1/8 tsp garlic powder 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  14. Hurricane Santee Sport 12'. Had a SOT for a couple years; lots of room, but it was heavy to lug around and turned into a big production with all the stuff. I found myself not wanting to use it because of the hassle; then got another sit in. They're easy.
  15. good morning, you might want to put this in the fly tying forum. BTW mine are all crooked too.