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  1. I been happy with the rock hopper. I’ve had it for a few years and it as good as new.
  2. When ever I find a plug I’m not to Confident in I try the fish it till it works method . I had a tuff time with needles but one night I took one out and it clicked for me .
  3. Stainless clip fastened to the belt on my left side I keep a two tube on the right side of me belt. You can see the clip I used here next to my fish grip .
  4. Each year my season begins with the stock trout they put around where I live. I have always like fishing the ultra light rods and the two st croix UL premier Rods I have are great for what I do . I have one 6’ with a size 10 quantum smoke and one 7’ with a size 15 quantum smoke. Both I have filled with Berkeley 6 lb natofil and I’ll use a 2.5 foot 4 lb leader. These setups work great for the lures I use small Rapalas, spoons , flat fish , and using trout worms sometimes when times get tuff. I like the 7’ set up more for the slow trolling and the 6’ setup for the cast and reel stuff.
  5. Yes the 1378 is technically a boning knife . I will only use the narrow fillet knives when I’m doing flat fish . Even than I prefer a stiffer blade . I’m a creature of habit and when I learn how to fillet that was what I was given. Just like most of the mates before me. Over the years I’ve tried all kinds of expensive to mid shelf and none can compete with dexters line up. They just feel right in my hand. I can all most certainly guarantee you will always find a dexter on any commercial or charter boat . Partly because there cheap but mostly because they just work .
  6. I have been working deck on the R.I charter boats for over 25 years the best knife I and any other mate I’ve talked to will all say the same thing a 1378 dexter is all you need . It’s a high carbon steel so it will rust if not taken care of but the rust is very easy to clean. You need to season the blade like a cast iron skillet once seasoned it will be much easier to keep rust free. Learn to use a Diamond steel To hone the edge after a few fish and to keep edge sharp. The dexter Diamond steel is also a must have for any and all fillet knives . If you are looking for a easier knife to keep clean look into the dexter Russell Knifes with the white handles they are made with a more rust resonance metal. If you are able to a bit of preventive maintenance The dexter 1378 is and has been the standard. Nothing says I don’t know what I’m doing more than a Electric knife
  7. Ccw and Gibbs are my go to Danny’s. I don’t use them to often but when the conditions are meant they both have served me well. I do prefer the ccw more they seem way better built and all have a great finish.
  8. For me I just alway had a neck light I’m less likely to take it off and lose it . It’s not as bright as many head light so it gives me a since of stealth . I do my best to keep my light to a minimum and not having a light strap to my head makes it a bit more easier to keep my light pointed at only what I need light for .
  9. Thanks . I’ve spent way to much of my life splicing rope and mending nets. I don’t work on the big boats anymore but sometimes miss doing the twine work. As a way to keep my skills sharp I often make odd things lanyards fan pulls all kind of odd things. I got a new mini mag light as a gift so I needed to splice a new lanyard for it so I came up with this one in the picture. It’s a splice into a splice into a splice into a splice so that’s four complete turns. I still got a bit to go but need to get myself some new splicing needles here is a picture of my progress now. The second picture is a monkey fist bolo.
  10. When it comes to a surf bag. If you know you will use it get the best bag you can afford. I have tried a ton of sub 100 dollar bags only to be stuck on a rock pulling plugs out of it . Gear up, mak, ODM all make bags very easily to obtain. The shimino bag I had the bottom wore out in a few weeks of use the side where the strap went just ripped out one day . Salt water rocks sand are all hell on fabric. The better bags will be made out of sail cloth and other materials that will not only last longer but will be somewhat hook prof . Having a decent bag will make your fishing sessions all the much better. I have a gear up two tube on my belt and I have the 2.5 and 3.5 tube ODM bags that I use on my shoulder . Most of the time I just use the belt bag and the 2.5 tube but if I have long walks away from the truck I’ll switch the 2.5 for the 3.5 . If you are just looking for a belt bag the 2.5 ODM or the 2 tube gear up are two good places to start looking .
  11. The chart hookmeup will probably be a big help . I’m sorry for not giving exact sizes only because I all most always just go by eye . I always seem to get the sizes all screwed up when I go by the numbers. I just match the hook size I feel will work . Some lures will let you change to bigger smaller hooks without to much change to the lure some won’t. I’m always playing around with sizes and hook types to see what will work best for me but easier on the fish. I have a box that I keep my hooks in at one point they were all labeled but over time they are all mixed in so I just go by looks.
  12. I’ve used the inline single hooks . Just match the hook size to the cast master . I’ve also used dressed single on the small ones too
  13. I have a few 60-70 dollar plugs I bought them to fish and I fish them. I aware that all to often a 10-20 dollar plug can often get the same results but sometimes having a bigger profile or a certain color pattern on me is just one less thing I have to worry about when I’m on a rock in the middle of the night. Having that piece of mind to me is worth the cost even if it never comes out of the bag. One thing is certain if the fish only want that expensive plug that night you will be glad you had it. It only matters till it matters.
  14. He was a good man I have a bunch of his plugs . I always took the time to chat with him when I’d see him out and listen to his stories and tips I keep a spook or two of his in the truck at all times and will now appreciate them a whole lot more.
  15. Gibbs will sink a lot slower