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  1. Very impressive finds !!! I can never seem to find sheds when I am out in the woods. Waiting on turkey season to start. I might get out to hunt this year. I am not a big turkey hunter. I don't eat them except for the breast deep fried so it seems a waste to kill an animal I won't really eat. Here is a pic from the backyard the other day. I think they know I won't hunt them. Lol
  2. We have a backyard pond and have the peepers in it. But a bullfrog we call. " Frogzilla " has awoken from his slumber and is on the rocks getting warm. He is totally black and big and my wife is scared to death of him !!!
  3. I am going to try not to go "there" during the sunlight hours. Going to hit the night bite and not fish the morning bite. Saw too much chaos and shoulder to shoulder fishing to make it enjoyable. Also going to fish the beaches more and try for albies this fall. Hitting the south side beaches in summer for different types of predator fish also should keep me busy
  4. Hell hath no fury like a man who has to wait for a fish to be played in front of him!!! best quote ever though " Hey pal !!! You sure are making it hard for the people down current to fish "
  5. We will stop casting the first time it happens. Second time, you might expect some harsh words. Third time, we're going to just ignore you and your fish and cast as if you and your fish weren't even there. If you've made it to a fourth time, don't be surprised if your line goes slack and you find yourself retrieving only braid.) might not get to 4 times. 3 is the norm !!!! Well said Phil. Take this guy up on his offer for a PM. I don't think I have ever met a more courteous guy to ever grace the banks of the ditch while the combat fishing is going on
  6. I have one and used it regularly at the CCC for a year and a half till it started to breakdown. On half the guides there was significant cracking where the eyes seated to the rod. I would imagine just the clear cracking. Also the cork wrap fell apart above the real seat I paired it with a shimano ultegra 10,000 with 30 and 40 lb power pro and it gets a lure out there. With the 40# I could cast just as far as most of the guys using 30# I only used it with pencil poppers mainly 2 3/8 -3 oz guppy it worked them great and could get into a nice rhythm with little effort. I would feel comfortable casting up to 4oz but would back off in the power of the cast. Plenty of backbone to stop the majority of fish but felt a little concerned with anything over 35#, but it never failed I will post pics later if you are interested
  7. Good info thanks!!!!
  8. Phil you have any tips for riggies from the beach????? Could use a few. As I said earlier, looking to expand my horizons this year and could use a few pointers from a sharpie like you.
  9. Pics of the fearless little one and others
  10. fishing 10 yds apart we had a really cool guy squeeze in between us. The so cool with sunglasses , cellphone on his shoulder and attitude to match. Proceeded to look us up and down like we lower life forms!! Second cast he snags a rock behind him and breaks his pole in half!! He sat there for a good fifteen minutes in disbelief. We all sat there and giggled. He then proceeds to call RT and tell them the rod he just bought an hour ago snapped in half and he is coming back for a replacement. Wonder how that worked out for him karma
  11. Same here. I bowhunt all the way through till the end and I love the hand muff and 2 hand warmers. I have a pair of lightweight gloves that I wear in to carry the bow and as soon as I am up and settled they come off and are packed away
  12. That's a man who has been doing this for a while!!!
  13. Hahahah I see it now.
  14. Why not do it your self?
  15. Right on point !!! Had a deer on my koi pond 6 feet off my back deck eating the water plants. They are here every night drives the dogs crazy