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  1. ^^^^^^This is where I got the idea from !!! How was your flight ?? Been real slow this year our normal beach has been packed with people and I have been too lazy to venture out a lot to other beaches. Did need to get new tags though. Gonna get Jason one this weekend,hopefully
  2. Been dying to get out to the island but having to pull an all-nighter till the next ferry home is a big deterrent!!! Supposed to be going out aug 17 for a cocktail party with the wife, sadly I will be leaving the rod at home so I don’t get any bad ideas and try and drag her out with me. Lol
  3. They are around just have to put your time in can’t expect to get hookups every night unless you’re on the islands
  4. Try out at nobska. Rocky but real deep near shore. The tactics that work in NC don’t work up here. No need to kayak a bait out all you will do is scare the fish away. Look for deep water near the shore or fish near inlets. Also big beaches hold lots of sharks. Get a flat of mackerel and chum the hell out of the water something will come in. Lol
  5. Try west Dennis beach. It’s a big beach and a little deeper
  6. If you were on the right jetty fishing the beach the gate doesn’t close, then you guys were right next to another guy who came with his wife and 2 kids. If you walked across the bridge then you did have the whole beach to yourself and I passed you when I was leaving either way you were in 5 ft of water.
  7. Look anyone can go out and catch these things. I HIGHLY recommend that unless you know what you are doing or can go with someone who does!!!! Might sound like a fun idea but WTF are you gonna do with a 200 lb shark when you catch the damn thing. Are you prepared to be able to land this fish in a timely manner that does not do harm to the fish? What happens when you have to take the hook out? What are you going to do, just cut the hook and leave it in the poor fishes mouth to rot out in 2 years!!! These hooks just don’t fall out within a week, I know because I have had to take a few hooks out of sharks mouths that were rusted but have not fallen out. It did a number on their mouths If you want to go, find someone experienced who will take you and learn from them. Everyone who looks into doing this and they fish for stripers. Let me ask you one question if you caught a striper and released it would you just cut the line and leave the plug in it’s mouth??? If no, then get in the water and be prepared to take a hook out of something like this
  8. Fishermen must release any prohibited shark immediately, without removing it from the water and in a manner that maximizes its chances of survival. There are also several species—including sandbar, silky, and porbeagle sharks—that can only be kept in limited circumstances. * Now the statement of keeping sandbar sharks does not apply to recreational anglers. The NOAA has actually come up with a new study. They are placing different tags on rod and reel caught sandbar sharks that pop off after 6 months. The tags will then be gathered and the data studied to determine the mortality rate of rod and reel caught sharks. Now that study might totally prohibit the catching of these sharks if the findings conclude that it is killing a number of sharks. I know of this because someone I know is involved in the study. We will see what happens for the future of this fishery Plus if it was illegal why does the NOAA keep sending me spaghetti tags to tag and release these fish ????
  9. Thank you for the post but I do believe that applies to commercial fishermen.
  10. Looks like you are finally filling out that skinny frame of yours Cal !!!! Godspeed and have a safe flight
  11. Two things wrong here. First one is you were fishing in 5 ft of water. They dredged out front over the winter and put all the sand on the right of the jetty Second thing is the tide sucked !!!! It was low tide at dark which is never really a good tide. You can get lucky, but the best tides are when high coincides with dark. That is when I have had the best luck I was way down on the left side of the beach and left around midnight. I had 3 runs that night but couldn’t close the deal. Had a bucket of tuna guts and heads that brought them in to me. You and the guy you ended up being right on top of were too close together. I don’t know who got there first but you need to spread out a little. Not pointing fingers. I really don’t care but when a shark takes your line it’s not like a striper. If you get a big one be prepared to lose a hundred yds of line or more right off the start. Being that close can only lead to tangled lines and a shark left with a big ass hook and wire leader stuck in its mouth
  12. Read the laws carefully and you should be able to understand them
  13. Sure beats fishing shoulder to shoulder at 2 am,usually have the beach to ourselves
  14. I think I know where you were. Did you cross the bridge and fish the lot that the gate closes. Or did you fish on the right jetty On the beach wherethe gate stays open all night