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  1. Yeah it is confusing with a lot of what about this and what about that. Any fishing I did before I met these guys was on my own and not involved with them. So there was no permit at all for me or any other shore angler to fish for them. Just can’t harvest from shore. From what I understand each state sets its rules and regulations within their boundaries anything in federal waters is covered under federal laws. This is not volunteer citizen work with these guys. They just tag along to tag any fish I catch. From what I understand they are just there to observe and tag. I really don’t ask too many questions about it. Just glad to have a little company. It gets quite boring. More sitting and waiting than actual catching. If I knew all the ins and outs of these laws I would gladly post them to end any confusion. Lol
  2. There are plenty of people out there who think it’s a fun idea to try and catch a shark. I can’t say this enough. If you don’t know what you are doing you have no business fishing for these things. 2questions I always ask are the following 1. What type of gear do you have. Some get pretty big and the last thing you want to do is leave 50 yds of trailing line with a weight and hook attached to this thing because your gear is t strong enough 2. What are you going to do with it if you do land it ?? Do you have a fishing partner to help you. Pliers , de hooking tool ? Any of those tools at your disposal when you land the fish. You just don’t want to cut the hook. They take forever to rust out and can cause permanent damage to the fishes mouth. This thing isn’t a striper that you can lip and put back in the water. Some of these things will take a digit from your hand. Be smart about it and find someone who knows what they are doing to teach you the right way to handle these fish
  3. Thank you very much for milky. The law you copied and pasted pertains to boat fishing only with no mention of shore based at all. I mistakenly lumped in commercial fishermen with the recreational anglers In the post when I saw HMS mentioned. The only people I know who have HMS permits are charter captains who I consider commercial fishermen. There are no permits required to fish for brown sharks from the shore The OP never mentioned anything about a boat before or after. I could be wrong but I really don’t have time to scroll back through years of posts to try and prove a point Plus considering the fact that I fish with scientists who are working on a grant from the NOAA on a catch and release mortality study on the effects land based fishing has on brown sharks. They work closely with fishermen who specifically fish for brown sharks From shore and as far as the NOAA is concerned it is not illegal to fish for brown sharks from shore . In fact there is a tagging program run by them since the late 60’s that gives tags to shore fishermen in MA for tracking and data studies I was just with the lead scientist last night and he told me that a while ago some long line fisherman in FLA caught a tagged shark. It was tagged in the 70’s !!!! Now federally they are protected, but each individual state has their own guidelines within their shores out to I think is the 3 mile mark. I am pretty certain after 3 miles it becomes federal waters. Please correct me if I am wrong on this. Like I said a grey area within the guidelines it is up to each individual state to set the laws pertaining to their waters and right now MA does not have a law against fishing for Brown sharks from shore please make note that I am not affiliated or work for the NOAA or any other company. I do not possess any special permits or work under and grants from the gov. I am just a fisherman who was introduced to these guys because of what I fish for in the summer months We have had police, EPOs and scientists with us coming down to the beaches where we fish. When we have had fish and released them The top one is a quick pic of one of the satellite tags being put on a recent shark I caught this year. The bottom pic is one from last year where I had just met them on the beach that night The whole process is documented by them. Time of catch. How long the fight lasted till beaching, time it took to put the tag on and total time till safe release. Tides, gear used which includes rod,reel line and type of hook. Also documented is where the hook was lodged in the mouth. Pretty interesting stuff to see and the do. If you have any other questions please PM me and I will gladly put you in touch with the appropriate contacts at the NOAA who handle the tagging program. They can better clarify the rules and regulations pertaining to shore based brown shark fishing within MA waters
  4. They are definitely here and so aren’t a bunch of undergunned noobs trying to catch them.
  5. Just stopped in for a chat this afternoon. Nick is going to get to the pricing on building supplies as soon as he can. It is in his list of priorities to do as he knows people are inquiring about them. Had a great visit with them and the shop looks good with plenty of stuff for the canal and beaches. Fly room is pretty impressive with a great selection of flies and supplies for you flyguys Did notice the pretty saltx reels in black also !!!!
  6. Excellent. That is what I was looking forward to hearing !! Thank you Kil. I will be interested in the 11’ primarily or the 12’ possibly. Will see you at the bulkhead on Saturday
  7. Thanks for the info ! Have you had experience with this rod on xtra large fish at night ??
  8. Kil? Will there be any blanks available to buy at the demo. Specifically the surf II heavy in the 11’ model. I would like to try out this specific rod for a 4-6oz weight with half a bunker. Would this be a good rod for that type of weight and fishing? I will be targeting fish up to 200lbs with this rod
  9. State taxes help pay for public roads and bridges to private roads. Private road maintenance is paid for by the people who live on said road. The majority of the time it is the homeowners responsibility to hire a private contractor to repair the sea wall that is on their land behind their home on the water not the taxpayers Agreed on the fact their should be more access but as has been stated before. The majority of People are asshatz and don’t respect either public or private land. It is up to the responsible and ethical portion of the public to police these scumbags and not up to the towns and homeowners who live on the water. Once the local police get involved it goes on record. Too many times and they find ways to shut it down Most times The only thing public behind ocean front homes is below the high water means mark. That is why this law is still in effect today
  10. For the people who are complainG that they can’t park anywhere because of all the closures. This is what ruins it for anyone who is not from a specific town. This is why parking is getting shut down everywhere that is town or privately owned These cars were parked where there was two clear and present signs that said not to park and sticker required. By the way the sawhorse was moved over to the left so one of the cars could park !!! The shoreline is littered with trash and so was the parking area here is the kicker sometimes I can’t even park there to fish because the few parking spots are filled with out of town cars and I live in the town and pay for my right to park there M. I went fishing from the kayak yesterday and the area was closed. What did I do??? I put in somewhere else and paddled the mile and a half to get out to where i would normally paddle 200 yds The state needs to have more public access spots!!!! Plain and simple.... but looked how that turned out with the canal. The majority of This generation of fishermen has no respect for other people’s property or the next generation of fishermen. The human nature of most people is what will doom future generations this will ruffle some feathers but I really don’t care, I like to have a privilege to park and fish. I pay for that privilege and think that I should be allowed to. I pay high taxes and water bills And everything else to be able to live close to the ocean and fish. I moved my business 90 miles from where I started it and successfully restarted it in the town I moved to. How many of the people who complain about not being able to park in a town they aren’t from would be willing to put that much effort into basically restarting their life??? I believe in the high water means law Also and I believe everyone should have access to fish if it’s below the high tide mark. I don’t go to other states to fish and if I go to other areas I will park where the law allows and walk however far I have to and not be pissed that I can’t park right there and have an easy walk. I Carry in and carry out and leave no trace of myself being there. I guess I am just used to areas getting shut down or sold. I am a hunter and over the course of 30 plus years I have lost a lot of access. Sorry people but get over it. It is what I call “evolution”. When things change just adapt and overcome and get on with your life. It sucks but it won’t get better just worse
  11. Nothing huge but one was just over 28”. Nothing to brag about except it was A week ago. Earliest I have gotten a keeper yet. Holdover, but still happy with it
  12. I know this is been talked about before. I have searched the archives dating all the way back as far as they are listed My question is as follows. I will be running a garmin 5” FF this year and I would like to know what the major difference in run time is on a Lowe’s lawn mower battery compared to one of the LifePo4 batteries. I had the striker 4 cv last year and I could get 12 + hours on that before I felt the need to recharge The lawnmower battery. I realize the 5” will draw more juice than the old 4”. Am I going to get extended run time from a battery that is double the cost or is it just from a pure weight savings aspect ??? Thanks in advance
  13. Thank you for the info !!! I made a mock-up of the recessed area underneath and I will measure it today I had the striker 4 last year in my other kayak and liked it but since this one will only cost me a little labor I want to go with the 5”. The older I get the bigger the screen. Lol