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  1. I think that’s part of the problem Phil. The guys who live close fish it a lot and it becomes more of a nuisance and PIA to deal with the people who have to travel to get there and the new people who want to catch fish. I do feel there is a sense of entitlement from the locals and the guys who have put their years in. Is it right? No, but it’s there whether we want to admit it or not. I am one of them, not going to lie about it. I miss being able to go there if I can’t sleep at night and hit a few holes without getting mugged or having ditchwits shine their light on me !!!Over the years I have noticed it getting more crowded and 2017 just put it over the top for the world to see. A little etiquette would be nice from some of these new guys and maybe some of us would stop complaing so much, but that’s not going to happen either. I know it’s not going to change in the foreseeable future unless the fish are gone. So we are going to have to either deal with it or look for quieter water ( there is plenty of it out there )
  2. True. One of my most memorable times was when a woman in her early sixties shows up to fish. Says her husband caught a nice fish the day before but he couldn’t make it this trip. She didn’t have much knowledge or the right gear. So I gave her a couple lures and helped her for the entire time I was there. Had a great time and she caught a bigger one than he did the day before!!!! The smile on her face made it worthwhile Unfortunately the bad days outnumbered the good
  3. Only went to the ditch 5 times last year because of the crowds. The only time it’s any fun is when you have a bunch of friends and you can get into a rotation and keep the muggers away. Even still, the guys on the end of the line usually get screwed by some knucklehead who is always crossing over your line or casting to a breaking fish ( that happens to be on the end of your line ). Spent my time on the beaches on the south side with Cal and ocassionally Phil for some bigger fish. Didn’t miss it at all! Cal gonna miss you this year buddy !!!!
  4. Wait for it...wait for it...
  5. I have bait anyone willing to tell me what pole to go to and at what time. I will gladly share my bait with them. But the next day I will bring 5 of my friends there. They will be easy to see they all have white poles and buckets and will have a radio for your listening pleasure .......
  6. when you see someone driving around with a jersey license plate. Follow them around till they stop and fish next to them. They will find the 20 lbers......
  7. What he said
  8. I was !!! Split rock and what a sh** show it was. A bunch of us just sat on a bench and watched the carnage. Funniest thing I remember about that day was the guy with the freshwater pole broken in half with a 20 lber 3 poles down current from him with about 50 lines tangled in it. Ironic thing was that the fish was landed for him and his lure returned without an argument. Guy came up the rocks with that fish. He was a rock star that day. Lol
  9. Godspeed Jacqui to you and your friends. Hope they have the trip of a lifetime !!!!!
  10. Someone might go there and try to catch them all !!!!
  11. Carl thank you for this post and all the others I have read lately. It is a welcome addition to this site to read posts that don’t include the shenanigans that accompany people’s opinions. I find your thoughts and stories very informative and entertaining. We all can learn a lot from the wisdom that you write on this site !! Yeah that sounded a little “ kiss ass “ but I appreciate the effort you put forth. It is very refreshing
  12. Just wanted to let you know I received a pair of the 10’ Suzuki 1/2-2oz blanks and sent an email to the contact info requesting guide layout. I promptly received an e-mail back containing the info I needed for my current builds. Great customer service and a very courteous reply !!!!
  13. At the in laws for Easter and took a walk down to the pond. Small tributary no bigger than 4 ft across loaded with herring. Had to unblock the river from debris in several spots so they could continue their journey. The state is concerned with the populations so why am I having to help them on their journey??? 5CDDED35-A6FE-469E-9295-E570F5E6F3AD.MOV