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  1. What is the rubber membrane used on flat roofs to seal out moisture? What other options are available for a flat entrance porch/foyer to seal them and have a sun deck above? I'm familiar with DuraDek vinyl, but really curious to what's being used most. Figure some of you guys would be up to date to what's out there.
  2. Are the 306/406 manual pick ups still available?
  3. Black drum. Crab, peelers, fleas. Rockfish. Peelers, fresh meat.
  4. You can read HB450... either what you bought wasn't on the list, or you have a potential problem. Page 3 of the bill. HB450w_HA1 Override.pdf
  5. Unfortunately, Delaware HB450 was ram-rodded through the legislature immediately after Uvalde and signed by Carney (another asswipe). So as it currently stands, the vast majority of semi-auto long guns have been banned for sale and future owner ship in DE. This was done after the Supreme Court suggest states like MD review there ban on semi-auto long guns, which DE used as a model for HB450. The loons in charge keep chipping away at Constitutional rights, but attacking on a state level one by one. Until this finally goes before the Supreme Court for a final ruling, this is the game liberal Politicians play. Of course a DSSA law suit immediately followed Carney's signing, so now it will be tied up in State court and not scheduled until some time in 2023, which actually means 2024 or 2025 as the court pushes cases back.
  6. Looking for some recommendations for a head boat rod (local DelMarVa boats)... Tog, Sea Bass, Flounder. Just browsing a bit, saw the Shimano Trevala PX models. Would the 7' MH, rated 200 gram jigs (7 oz) for 50lb braid work or over kill? They also offer 7' Med, rated 150 gram jigs (5.3 oz) for 40 lb braid. What else should I be looking at for a casting/jigging rod that's durable for head boat fishing? Also, how about gear ratio for reels, moderate speed 5.8:1 or high speed 7.6:1 preferred? JAL
  7. I lived on DelMarVa all my life. I’m not aware of a Kioti dealer in the area. No matter how nice, eventually you’ll need service or parts…. Then what? Will the savings be worth it? We have several JD dealers, a Case, New Holland, Kabota, LS, and a Mahindra dealer in mid DMV. What size are you looking for? I have a 30 hp NH w/ a loader I own.
  8. I think he's got class. Story, my family and I met Mike Huckabee's sister and BIL at church while visiting Arkansas. We got invited to tour the Capital in Little Rock, and got to meet Asa. There was a ceremony going on that day, but Asa took time out of his schedule to visit with us, and made sure he took pictures with my daughter. While our visit was short, he was very genuine and decent guy. I was left with very favorable impressions. Unfortunately, Mike Huckabee was out of town that weekend, otherwise, we would have met and sat with them at church. The GOP could (and has) done much worse with some of the folks of late representing the party.
  9. The search was known before hand, scripted and planned. The average American is too damn stupid to realize this and lap it up.
  10. She will primary Trump for 2024, but end up as his VP pick if he should get the GOP nomination... She needs the Federal experience, and will be perfect for 2028 Presidential candidate for the GOP since Trump won't run then. Or... Trump doesn't get the nomination. Time will tell.
  11. Conventional. I will look into the recommended Rod Geeks blank.
  12. Hey, can you cough and make it pop out? That would be fun to mess with people at a dinner party.
  13. I've got an '09 with 315K, runs sweet. No rust, clean interior (seat covers, weather-guard mats). Wonder what it's worth?
  14. I haven't wrapped in a number of years, so I haven't keep up with the product offerings, and asking for some recommendations... We have a very respectable fishery on the invasive Blue Cats in local tidal waterways, many 20+ pounders being caught. Thinking about wrapping up some Catfish specials for boat fishing. They need to be able to lob cast up to 4 oz of lead with a nice chunk of mud shad. We have strong tidal flows and the heavier lead is needed to keep the fish finder rigs from drifting in the current. I was thinking S-glass due to the durability aspect, and is a bit lighter than e glass. Other option would be a glass/graphite composite. I don't think I want to do graphite since I don't see the benefits for this type of fishing vs durability/cost, etc. Who offers s-glass blanks nowadays? Any other thoughts other than just buying some Ugly Sticks? JAL
  15. It absolutely amazes me the number of used trailers that individuals try to sell without a title... Life lesson - do not purchase or trade for a trailer without a title... there's a reason they don't have a title.