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  1. The search was known before hand, scripted and planned. The average American is too damn stupid to realize this and lap it up.
  2. She will primary Trump for 2024, but end up as his VP pick if he should get the GOP nomination... She needs the Federal experience, and will be perfect for 2028 Presidential candidate for the GOP since Trump won't run then. Or... Trump doesn't get the nomination. Time will tell.
  3. Conventional. I will look into the recommended Rod Geeks blank.
  4. Hey, can you cough and make it pop out? That would be fun to mess with people at a dinner party.
  5. I've got an '09 with 315K, runs sweet. No rust, clean interior (seat covers, weather-guard mats). Wonder what it's worth?
  6. I haven't wrapped in a number of years, so I haven't keep up with the product offerings, and asking for some recommendations... We have a very respectable fishery on the invasive Blue Cats in local tidal waterways, many 20+ pounders being caught. Thinking about wrapping up some Catfish specials for boat fishing. They need to be able to lob cast up to 4 oz of lead with a nice chunk of mud shad. We have strong tidal flows and the heavier lead is needed to keep the fish finder rigs from drifting in the current. I was thinking S-glass due to the durability aspect, and is a bit lighter than e glass. Other option would be a glass/graphite composite. I don't think I want to do graphite since I don't see the benefits for this type of fishing vs durability/cost, etc. Who offers s-glass blanks nowadays? Any other thoughts other than just buying some Ugly Sticks? JAL
  7. It absolutely amazes me the number of used trailers that individuals try to sell without a title... Life lesson - do not purchase or trade for a trailer without a title... there's a reason they don't have a title.
  8. You guys (?) provide lots of amusement... come on Karens, it's a friggin' trailer hauling a yak. Seriously.
  9. It already is, and has been that way for well over a decade.
  10. Have you looked on McMaster Carr or U-Line? Both carry assorted sizes and styles.
  11. Carbed 2-stroke... quick shot of starting fluid (ether) into air intake. Gunned ducks for several decades, this has saved having a heart attack from yanking on the damn cord a 100 times in the ice to get one started.
  12. Yea, it's more of a boating thing. I didn't realize the discussion was strictly bank fishing from land sleds.
  13. We've caught Croaker (DMV area) into December on more than one past season... they aren't particularly active, but find the right oyster bar, and some will hang around unless temperatures dip quickly. Not real common, but certainly not rare.
  14. He holds that legacy for 2020 and the 2022 midterms. Your dealing with a narcissistic personality… he believes he is the savior of the American people.
  15. Trump announcement- separation from the GOP and forming a third party, MAGA. He runs in 2024 as MAGA candidate against the GOP party that he announces they abandoned him and America and against the Democratic Party which he goes on tirades about… Not sure who in his inner circle will run with him… maybe Greene. Not hearing discussion on this angle.