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  1. Kind of surprised none of you use crab... peeler, or blue crab will do in a pinch. Fresh meat or peelers will do nicely.
  2. Agreed. Good choice.
  3. In the past twenty-three (23) years, I've owned two daily driver trucks, a Toyota T-100 (1996), and currently a Toyota Tacoma (2009). Between the two, I've logged in just over 550,000 miles, with just over 250K on the Taco. Other than routine maintenance (tires, brakes, oil/filter changes) I've not had any issues with either truck. I'm sure some have had issues, but far less than the occurrences seen with other manufacturers. For a smaller or "mid-size" truck, I would strongly advise the Taco for good reason. JAL
  4. Thanks Dave and SOL for a smooth transaction.
  5. They are commercial in the Chesapeake, just hiding under the "recreational badge". They don't do it for the goodness of their heart, they fish for $$$. Granted, there is a smaller percent that guide and truly promote catch and release, but the bulk of them are meat charters for their clients. Also, quite a few supplement the business as pin hookers for their quota under a commercial fishery license when they don't have clients scheduled.
  6. OK, two "I'll take its"... I had to refer to da' rules. In all fairness, since my reply lowering the price was in negation with DaveBKNY, then I feel I should honor his first right to refusal. I hope this doesn't create hard feelings chitala383, and I interpreted the rule correctly. DaveBKNY, if you still want them, send me your contact information and I'll send you my payment info. If not, then chitala383 can have them for the price.
  7. Sadly, we'll go through another moratorium (or two) before that happens. For starters, Maryland is the 'Seafood State' and promoted HEAVILY by MD.GOV. The GOV will continue to manage in the commercial interest, including the "commercial" recreational fishing, ie. spring charter business. I just don't see game fish status being pushed on a state level from Maryland, let alone any mid-Atlantic or N.E. state.
  8. The color is "coffee/storm grey" according to the maker, mix between light brown and gray. These are new, can let go for $45 shipped. Let me know if interested. JAL
  9. Bump to see if there's any new interest.
  10. I wear a 10-1/2 shoe. For half sizes, they recommend to go up to the next size, but they are definitely made to go over thicker neoprene stocking foot style waders. With heavy socks and neoprene waders, they are fine for me, maybe a little on the roomy side, certainly not tight. If wearing for "summer weight", or thin socks and lighter boot waders, a 10 would probably have been better.
  11. New in box, Compass 360 Stillwater Wader Boot, lug sole, size 11. Bought a couple years ago for a fishing trip down south which didn't materialize; waited too long to return and I do not have a need for them now. Asking $55 shipped to continental US - prefer to ship FedEx Economy due to low business rates, if need, will do USPS.
  12. Received, excellent reels. Thanks Mackerel Hunter and SOL.
  13. I believe I found out the answer which confirms the same body and rotor, just a different spool. I'll go ahead and take the pair from your for $135 shipped. I'll send you a pm with my shipment info, and we'll confirm the payment method and address. Thanks. JAL
  14. Sorry, I did misunderstand, I thought that was each. $135 for the pair is a fair price. Definitely interested in the 4000fb, would you be willing to split them? What would help my decision on the 3000fb, could you see if the 4000 spool fits that one properly? I suspect it's just a difference in the depth of the spool, but need to see if they are truly interchangeable. I eed the line capacity of the 4000 series... I'm pretty sure I have an extra 4000 spool at home buried away. JAL
  15. Maybe I mis-understood your reply. Was the offer price for the pair, or each? Also, is the 3000 the same body and rotor as a 4000, but with a smaller spool, or a different design altogether? JAL