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  1. I find it difficult to believe Trump would even do an interview with NPR.
  2. They wouldn't. I can't envision a bi-partisan ticket in day in age for a Presidential election... I believe it's systemic issue with our current two party system. In a fantasy U.S., it would be interesting for two moderate candidates of different parties lead the country. Certainly an improvement over the current administration.
  3. How about a Hogan - Manchin ticket? I don't see either one team up with the Clinton's regardless of party.
  4. SL30SH or SL20SH and 17# Tritanium. the 20's go on 11' rods, and the 30's go on the 12' 8+bait Heavers. All you need for DelMarVA surf.
  5. In the past, Chesapeake Bay style (braided line to inline weight, long mono leader)... Tomic plugs. Vary the weight on the inline and distance out back to fish deep along the channel or holes in the Bay.
  6. CNN, lol. ONCE they actually do meet, please report back the outcome.
  7. Makes sense... that's a reason I wrapped one, plus I can't stand split grips and/or foam grips.
  8. I see your from Lewes... what type of fishing did you intend to use the rod for? I have the 8' blank I wrapped... awesome rod for my application.
  9. Agreed. Trump has some good ideas, and it was nice to not have a career politician... but he sucks at leadership. He is an instigator, which is why he appeals to a certain portion of the conservative party. They like to get fired up, but never lead to solving any issues. Trump had his first two years, pre-covid, with House and Senate controlled by the Republicans, and couldn't lead them into getting anything accomplished. We need new blood in the conservative party.
  10. ^^^ This. That's the way to do it, and have been a redneck my hole life. Beach driving is easy... logging roads are fun.
  11. I don't think the name brand stuff if any better, just more money. A $35 Harbor Freight Recovery strap is perfect, 30ft, 3" wide nylon web, 9,000 lb rating. I carry couple short (6') heavy chain and some screw pin clevises, which helps for attachments. The fold-able military shovel as mentioned is great. Another indispensable tool for me is a high lift jack... having front and rear receivers, I can lift the hole end of my Taco up. I've never needed it on the beach, but it has come in handy on deeply rutted logging roads where I hunt.
  12. He needs to stay out of it... he will tear the party apart, and we'll have four more years of liberal insanity. If he needs to be in politics, he could do more good running for State Representative, and become speaker of the house and replace Pelosi... that would be the ultimate slap in the face. As for the pole, I would like to see DeSantis as of now, but it's still early to see his agenda. I will credit Manchin, he would be 1,000X better than Biden or Harris if the Dims keep the Presidency.
  13. I'm not familiar with the rod on the Battle III combo... however, the Batallion II rods are nice bang for the buck. They offer two models for the 9' (ML 1/2-2 oz or MED 3/4-3 oz) which would work nicely. I personally have never seen the need for a 10' rod to tog from shore, but they offer 10' models if that's your liking. Supply is limited, but search around online, and you generally can find someone with one in stock- unfortunately, locally I think only Dicks carries them unless one of the Beach shops has them.
  14. That was about the size of the one I saw, your bird maybe a tad smaller. Is this a Screech Owl?