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  1. Are they all sinkers? Will take all the sinkers. I think you had a bm, a choopy and a couple AH?
  2. Any update? And what is the price you are asking?
  3. All slow sinking? Preferably from the rear? And if so, what would you consider doing for all? Thanks
  4. Ok. Will do. Do you have any of the smaller eelskin needles? Looking for slow sinkers.
  5. Any interest in selling for cash?
  6. Anyone have any of these? Looking for 4-5 if possible. Thanks!
  7. $100 is the most I can do on these. I managed to grab a few on other forums that are new, but would still like to purchase these if you’re still willing. If that works, please let me know how you’d like payment, etc.
  8. Any chance of moving on that price? No disrespect but 31+ for four mass production lures is not what I had anticipated, one of which I’m not even interested in. But I do understand that you have to make some. Would you consider $85 shipped?
  9. I have a ton in black. Looking specifically for blurple 16a with three trebles. Used is fine. Please let me know what you both have. Thank you!
  10. Hi All, Looking for as many blurple bomber 16a (three sets of trebles) as I can find. About a dozen years ago, I had sourced about 50 or so and realized the other day I had depleted my stash. If you have them, I'm willing to buy them all. Please let me know!
  11. Lost a couple last season and looking to replace. Please let me know what you have available! Thanks!
  12. Do you have Venmo so we can chip some off the price for the whole lot? Definitely interested, but was hoping you'd move off 50 per. I'd definitely be okay with 280.
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