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  1. Your Japanese is impeccable.
  2. Well, it was cool in Tokyo some 20 years ago. Not sure who has taken it over since.
  3. Kill Bill Mad Max
  4. Then you are uneducated. They are all great!
  5. Or are you all liberal progressive socialists, err, democrats?
  6. Getting back to the original question, can I get any buy in on Nancy Pelosi?????
  7. You have not lived until you have sung karaoke in Japan with a bunch of Japanese colleagues. It's a big deal for them, they love it. And the beer and whiskey are flowing. Good times.
  8. If for all 5 and the others are new I'll take for asking.
  9. P.S. frankly the scientists are always changing the nomenclature, keeps them busy (and employed) I guess. Next thing we'll hear otters are in the same family as hippos.
  10. National Geographic agrees with me. So there! "The wolverine is a powerful animal that resembles a small bear but is actually the largest member of the weasel family." Just what I heard. I do like otters though. Very tough yet sociable animals. If you piss them off tho I hear they can bite to the bone. Never saw them in the wild so anyone who has is very lucky in that regard.
  11. I understand that mullet are plankton/filter feeders. Heard to use a fly rod with a small piece of white rubber worn (or gulp?) and throw out some wet oat meal as chum. When the mullet start eating the oatmeal, toss your piece of white worm in amongst the school. Let me know if this works.
  12. Actually, I think the wolverine is the largest (and meanest) weasel.