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  1. Dumb and dumber. But when you're young you're invincible. I was!
  2. BFD, will add you to my Easter prayers that you are out there fishing soon after!
  3. Yep, our guide is a tester for Shimano, the reel we used was reported to retail at 1200 clams.
  4. I'll pm you, gets most of his clients via referral.
  5. Recognize what look like a couple of Gibbs and a few Super Strikes. One up in the bottom pic looks like a Mirrolure.
  6. His name is Bill.
  7. There is no limit to the ridiculousness of our elected representatives and appointed officials. Just tell em you were fishing for bluefish and the damn striper didn't read the rules!
  8. Old Bushmills > Jamesons and no hangover.
  9. Good trip. Spent one day with a pro and was it worth it! 2 nice tarpon, multiple jacks, couple grouper and mangrove snappers for the table. My buddy had a nice jack and then almost got pulled off the boat. He reeled up half a fish! Last stop I raised a small tarpon on an artificial but was so surprised I didn't set the hook. Damn. But great day in the Keys.
  10. Wow, that red head is awesome!
  11. Closed season when/where they spawn. Slot limit as mentioned. Maybe 26-34/day as smaller fish taste better anyway, and are probably healthier to eat. Bigger fish are likely female and lay more eggs. Could issue tags as they do for tarpon in FL, 1 trophy fish >34" per year, use tag funds collected (lockbox em) for more research and law enforcement on stripers. These could be used by sportsmen/women when they catch a big girl and cannot revive her. Work to standardize fines across states to $100/fish applicable to both comms and recs for shorts/out-of-season/over limit. The balancing act is to keep sportsmen/women interested in pursuing stripers, as we are the ones with most to lose when the population collapses. That makes us the stripers' best guardians.
  12. Hobo's on the main drag, hogfish key lime style, to die for. Buzzards Roost which we ate at last night, watching the manatee overlooking the canal, was really sweet. Not cheap plan to drop 100 for a couple including a drink (or 2). But really great food/atmosphere.
  13. Me too! Or, I'm in!