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  1. I would guess, mostly those who work, pay taxes, and are fed up with the states increasingly obvious schemes to separate us from our hard earned money. Too bad. It's a nice state with a lot to offer. But the camels back is getting tired...
  2. If both are new, deal.
  3. Offer 60 for the pair. Immediate paypal.
  4. Assuming they can read in any language.
  5. I think all carp are Asian in origin. Imported into US when we started damming up rivers and streams for power and killing off our brookies and bronze backs. Carp can live and flourish in standing water. Using them as bait would give the hook and line types an outlet for them, and help control their numbers. If they are specifically talking about the "flying" carp, well, I haven't heard of any on the east coast.
  6. Now cleaning up the carp would be a win-win.
  7. Andrew Tipler in Cudjoe Key, Last Cast Charters, put me and my buddy on tarpon, grouper, mangrove snapper, and jack crevalle in March. An awesome trip and he worked hard to get us the tarpon which were our primary target. 2 x 60 pounders, and one smaller one under a bridge I missed the hook set on. Don't know if he does fly fishing or not but worth a check to see if he does.
  8. Partypooper.
  9. 1.You 2. You 3.You 4. You 5. Any one else bitchin about a site they frequent. Don't like it start your own.
  10. Internal meat is generally sterile until it's cut. Having said that under optimum conditions bacteria will double in count every 20 minutes. I'd wash the filets well in salted water, put them in a baggie in the fridge. Smell them the next day, if there's no odor detectable you're probably good to go. If you smell ammonia or decay either chuck them or plant them under the rose bushes.
  11. Considering a boat with a Yami with 1600 hours on it. Am I crazy or does this motor have another 1600 in it? Appreciate any ones experience with this size/hours.
  12. All I wonder is who's going to clean up the mess they made in that store! Give the little cop a lotta credit to take on someone who looks twice his size. Maybe his middle name is Napoleon!
  13. I guess to survive in a frigid, barren no mans land you'd probably eat just about anything! Just curious if seal is anything like chicken...
  14. Jersey pine barren devil.