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  1. Still looking for ideas.
  2. Gorgeous pup. Since they use them to hunt lions, maybe "Simba"?
  3. Whatever you decide on, a dog just fills out your life. There's a reason they call them man's best friend. Big or small. Good luck on your selection!
  4. Damn, was ready to do the Paul Revere thing based on the topic title!
  5. Good memories last forever. And hope he catches a monster when he's out with the guys. he'll always remember that and it may help to keep him outta some of the troubles a lot of kids get into.
  6. Been thinking about what I could do to create a safe back stop for pistol and rifle shooting. I don't live on 100 acres in the middle of a Texas desert, but do have some room around me with with woods and no immediate neighbors within 100 yards. I just cut a large white oak down (friggin gypsy moths killed it a year ago) and was thinking I could stack the rounds or 1/2 splits and that would provide a good backstop. Any thoughts/experience on this approach? Pistols would be 22 or 9 mm, rifles 22 or .308. No M-79s. Too bad!
  7. I'll take the RM rainbow giant.
  8. This was in March in the Keys.
  9. I'd like to offer 65, if not, GLWS.
  10. Sounds like everyones hormones are flowing.
  11. Good to try new things, but not to be stupid. I think woodchucks carry hepatitis too. Wow, gimmee some of that!
  12. Man, that looks good! Just need to know where I can catch a 7 lb rainbow...
  13. I suspect these people are still living in the dark ages. I mean the Mongolians, not Red. Although the jury may still be out on that one.