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  1. Hey guys, lighten up. It is just a game after all. No reason to get your BP all worked up and throw a clot.
  2. He's 41. But I hear ya, hard to give up on a star and a class act to boot. He went and talked to Mahomes in private after the game. I can imagine what he said. But no one else will ever know. Classy.
  3. Looks like she's been eating plenty of breakfasts. Wonder if she gave up bangers and mash when she became muslim?
  4. still underestimated it would appear.
  5. Go Go gone!
  6. The coin must have been borrowed from Bill!
  7. Thanks for posting this. Apparently he bought the team the year after I moved my family to NE. I just lucked out!
  8. Always thought Brady is an adrenaline junkie, he seems to relish the chance to get behind and then with seconds left pull ahead. Makes the win so much sweeter!
  9. Yeah, bad calls (or non-calls) happen but in a Championship game the refs oughta bring their A game. That PI on the Saints receiver was so blatant even a half blind armchair expert like me saw it. Only remembered to turn the game on for the 4th quarter so likely missed some of the other bad calls. However I was able to watch the Patriots spank the Chiefs in their own stadium, in its entirety! Gonna be a great SB!
  10. The thing I love about the Pats is that they never give up and that they're all business. I see some of the bozos on the other teams doing their crazy victory dances after a TD, I think BB keeps that BS in check. Don't taunt your competition with a stupid dance, do it with the scoreboard. And as much as I respect Brady, I hope if they go the distance this year he will announce that he is retiring. Don't want to see him leave but would like for once to see a star athlete retire while they're on top rather than hang on for a slow decline.
  11. Unless they're as big as you are. Good news on wifey. Keeping you both in my prayers.
  12. Thanks for sharing the story. If you find any of those plugs, sure would love to see some pix of them.
  13. Yep. Paypal work or check, I can do either? PM me your detail. Thanks, G2G