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  1. Maybe the other side is 98.
  2. Atlanta Fed has 2Q as neg GDP. I guess official first read comes out later in July, but it it stays below the waterline we are technically in a recession. Not to mention 1st half of 2022 was the worst for stocks in 50 years. Oh boy, here we go!
  3. Just simple for me. Snook, a nice tide runner, permit, of course a 50 - 7 liner...
  4. Yep, this is the one that gets me. "Your call is important to us". Not. Put people to work. Let them answer the phone.
  5. My wife wants to use the remote starter for the oven. I say no way will I sign up for that. Burn the friggin house down.
  6. Any word on 2Q GDP? I've been trying to find it but no luck. Just bought some Google today, less than the strike price I missed by .01C on Monday.
  7. They need to be trained. I used to fish Churchville Reservoir in SE Pa. They had some big ass carp in there. Had I thought of it then as a kid I wudda trained them on cheerios or milkbones! These were 10-15 lb carp, so they would give you a tussle!
  8. I painted all my walls with water repellent paint in the first year. Safe sits on a couple pressure treated 2x 4s to keep it off the cement floor. I got a new 35 pint dehumidifier and set it up to drain into the pump for the central air, pumps into the septic. So far keeps at 55% RH, kicks on at 60. Also got a 4 year Amazon extended warranty as these bastids crap out after 2 years based on experience. Cost 29 bucks. So long as they honor it I think Im good2go!
  9. True that. Luck of the draw. But regardless they were all heroes to me.
  10. Couple baby monsters on the coneflowers. Glad to see them around again.
  11. Did what he had to do. May he Rest In Peace.
  12. Harsh that girl is, harsh!
  13. My first boat was a 21' CC. Learned a lot with that boat. I did have slips (3 different marinas) because I didn't want the hassle of putting it in, taking it out, yada, yada. If you're a newbie and plan on trailering my suggestion would be to look for an 18-19 foot boat. I know you say you're staying in bays/harbors but trust me, you will get the urge to go out front before long. A bigger boat will take you (and a couple buddies) there, of course always need to keep your eye on the weather. 19' with a 90-115 HP 4 stroke oughta do it well. Good luck and keep us posted!
  14. Had one of these too. Sounded like a jet airplane taking off when it ran, and dumped it for something more quiet. Sorry I did.
  15. Skunk Whisperer...