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    US Army Vietnam Vet, former FDA investigator, currently looking forward to retirement
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    Fishing, grandkids, hunting, boating
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    amateur financial advisor for myself and family/friends.

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  1. Good name for these would be "corncobs". Have you had any luck fishing them?
  2. Thanks for the interest, but shipping one plug is just not worth it.
  3. Thank you sir. Will get this out asap.
  4. But for real, I think fisherman works fine. It's kinda a generic term. Male, female, or whatever.
  5. Not that I'm aware of but stay tuned, never know what will turn up!
  6. I think my plugs are multiplying. I hardly put a dent in the supply. Have to put a couple CCWs and GRSs together in a box and see what results. Anyway, 3 lots, PP F&F preferred but can do check/MO if you prefer. I'll provide 3/0 VMC trebles for any plugs without hooks or if they look rusted. Lot 1 - RM Smith swimmer, BM (circa 1990's I was told), AH swimmer, Sebile 155 stick shad suspending, Maverick. The 3 middle plugs are new, ends are thrown. 90 + 5 shipping Lot 2 - Red Heads United! Top AH pencil has been tossed. Others new includes Roberts Ranger, Hook'R flat bottom popper, ink needle (nicely made), unk polaris popper. 70 + 5 shipping Lot 3- Mag darter, unk slope head swimmer, Gibbs Polaris popper, BM (I think) Danny, Bomber NIP. All but the Bomber are thrown. 50 + 5 shipping.
  7. New plug, no package. I tried to learn what model this plug was but it's not as large as the Commander, although it appears similar in design. The body is 6.5 inches long. Nice plug, very well made. Asking 80 + 5 towards shipping, PP F&F.
  8. At least you don't have to worry about getting your car hijacked! Run it to the ground, then give it away to a charity for parts.
  9. Good to know. Thanks. Seems to work fine in my Ruger 9, so I'll just use them up in it.
  10. Gonna close this up now. Will post more later in the week. Thanks Tim and SOL.
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