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  1. Need 2 hooks if you want a double...did it once with a knife jig, both keepers. That was cool.
  2. Good advice, thanks guys!
  3. Well, wifey went to the garden center and came home with a 3 cell of butternut squash. Label says they grow 7-11 inches. How do you tell when they’re ready for picking, since they are so dam hard to begin with? Wait till the vine dies? And should I rest the growing squash on something to keep the nematodes or other borers from ruining it? This will be a first (and maybe last!) for me.
  4. Reports said he had mental issues for years. My guess is he is a schizophrenic who went off his meds because he didn’t like the side effects. Scary that he lived on the same street as the Newtown killer. Something in the water?
  5. Own an acre off site. Then you can do whatever you want to short of building, without a permit, or pay someone for storage in a garage or outdoor site. I was at one marina that charged me for storing my trailer on their location, after I paid for a slip in their marina! My suggestion would be to just drive around the shoreline where your boat will be and stop at every marina or house with a big yard, and ask what they would charge to store your trailer. With the latter, if you’re lucky, they’d be happy to have a day or 2 in the summer where they could go out with you to fish. Or you could ask one of your buddies if they have the land. They get to fish for free!
  6. Who cares? 8 pages on this? No offense to OP.
  7. Flipping mullet?
  8. You are no more than meat to a shark. “Accidental” attacks are not accidental. If you’re in their element you’re fair game. They are apex predators. Just saw in the last month a surfer in CA was attacked 100 yds off shore, was declared dead on the beach. Likely a great white. The Marine Mammal Protection Act had the unintended consequence of bringing more GWs closer to shore for their favorite food, seal. On both coasts. Good luck out there buddy. But not for me. I like a boat!
  9. If this is shipped, PayPal, I’ll do a bone and a pink.
  10. Adding Mary and her family to my prayers. God bless.
  11. Dam I thought electricity would be involved.
  12. Cmon bud, 48 and you re just gettin warmed up. No soaking up the rays like an old dog yet!
  13. Agree with Steve. I planted some herbs (chives, oregano, and sage for my wife in a small area before I built raised beds. It got 4-6 hours a day. These plants have survived 3 winters and come back well every year. So the leafy veggies can take more shade. The plants that want the sun are the tomatoes, cukes, melons,etc that are putting out large fruits. For them the more sun the better as it takes a lot of energy to grow a large fruit. That said, most of us are not living on a 50 acre farm, we have buildings near us, trees that we can’t or don’t want to cut down and so forth so what I’ve always done is try different things. If it works, bingo! If not, try something different in that spot next year. Good luck and happy gardening!
  14. Beaver Cleaver. What a name. Sorry Eddie, we loved to hate you but you played your role well. RIP.