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  1. Had 15 bass the other morning in a bay so they are around
  2. If you want to cut the learning curve down a great deal;

    Think about my guiding service, Light Lines Guiding, I go out with you on your boat for the day and show you the where, how, and when’s of the fishing of your choice (except Giant Tuna, people get weird about the money involved) so you can go out and do it on your own. I charge $325 for the day. We start as early as you are willing to get going and end when you say you are done. The day is all about instruction, so I like to keep the number of anglers to myself and two others, more than that and it's more a fishing trip with less instruction. Every trip comes with a guarantee that you will catch fish, but the real goal of the day is to show you how to go out and do it on your own.

  3. Just picked up a MB 108 3M that I am going to rewrap this winter. Seems like a perfect rod for small plugs and bucktails
  4. Again thanks for the great advice! This is a great thread. I am curious as to what rods everyones using. I think I am going to upgrade. What does everyone think will throw a redfin and bombers the best?
  5. This is so true about the bluefish. Up until about 5 years ago, I remember any outgoing tide I could go into the back bays or sound and find bluefish of all sizes very consistently. Have not seen that in a long time. Has almost become a struggle to find fish during the summer months in the sound.
  6. The fall information makes sense and I will keep at it until it clicks for me lol. The comment about reading the surf here is so true. There is usually little wave action, not a lot of moving water, and the typical things you look for when fishing. Definitely takes some figuring out
  7. I live on the central north shore and have always focused most of my fishing inside our various harbors and from my boat. Recently I've been trying to figure out our beaches on the sound with boulder fields. My success has been pretty limited though. I have caught fish but it has always been a very slow pick. I fish mostly at dusk and into the night with minnow-style plugs. I am not looking for any spots or stuff like that. Just some general advice from people who have more experience surf fishing in this area. Thank you as always!
  8. Are there organizations or a way to get involved in these issues?
  9. I live in Miller Place and there are no train tracks in the Sound Beach that we are talking about lol. Are you thinking of the Sound Beach central north shore?
  10. I am not looking for any secret access to this property. If anyone has a special way to access it that's fine and I do not need to know about it. Its more of an issue that this is public property that the public currently does not have viable access too. I am just looking for any information regarding history of the property or previous attempts to get parking so all of us in the community could enjoy the area.
  11. Hi everyone! Haven't posted much, but I have always gotten good information from this forum. I have a question regarding fishing access in Rocky Point and Sound Beach. I know parking is a disaster for this area of the island. My issue is Hagerman Landing and the Brookhaven Parkland that is adjacent to it. Google maps says its Suffolk County parkland, but the the tax parcel map on GIS says the Town of Brookhaven owns it. I was driving around that area before, and there seems to be no access to this land even though its public property. The only parking has a 2 hour limit on the far side of Lower Rocky Point Road. This piece of land is public and we should have access to it. Any additional information on this property would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!