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  1. 21 hours ago, albacized said:

    I actually ran into an ‘alternate’ bears den site a week or so ago…wasn’t sure whether it was possibly a scam..gave ‘new directions’ to the store…got out of it quick.

    Hmmm, I signed up for the new site; seems ok.

  2. Happy New year, all. We're headed to Harbour Island in the Bahamas at the end of February/early March (1 week). This will be a family trip, but looking for any recent tips on areas, guides, etc. 


    I was in Spanish Wells a few years ago and had some action wading the flats on the North side, but never fished Harbour I. We will probably hire a guide for a day and try to do some DIY wading the rest of the week as time allows. We've got a house with a couple of golf carts, so can travel the island as needed. I'm planning on bringing a small drone to do some scouting off of the NW and SW corners/cuts before wading aimlessly for hours.


    Any guide recommendations will be appreciated.

  3. Just got out of the theater. Awesome move; lots of clever plot/time shifts. FYI, the fishing scenes were filmed on the Kern River near Bakersfield, CA. Awesome place if you ever get the chance to visit.


    It deserves to win big.

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