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  1. She and Hunter are holding the country hostage until they get a deep pockets Dem donor to write them a $100m check to walk away. Then Joe will announce that he saw the polling that he can't win, pardon Hunter, and step aside.
  2. The shrimp w/o head must be served by a married woman.
  3. I always thought "R" stood for "Roar"; "L" for "Leap".
  4. It came up on my feed the other night. The subject interested me, but when I saw that the sanctimonious bitch Ruffalo was in it, I did a u-turn and watched something else. I'll follow this to see if I should hold my nose and watch it anyway.
  5. Hmmm, I signed up for the new site; seems ok.
  6. Giselle and the kids were spotted with Pete Davidson at a Chuck E Cheese this weekend. They looked happy together...
  7. Happy New year, all. We're headed to Harbour Island in the Bahamas at the end of February/early March (1 week). This will be a family trip, but looking for any recent tips on areas, guides, etc. I was in Spanish Wells a few years ago and had some action wading the flats on the North side, but never fished Harbour I. We will probably hire a guide for a day and try to do some DIY wading the rest of the week as time allows. We've got a house with a couple of golf carts, so can travel the island as needed. I'm planning on bringing a small drone to do some scouting off of the NW and SW corners/cuts before wading aimlessly for hours. Any guide recommendations will be appreciated.
  8. Man, I use to live in Little Nahant. Spent the '78 Blizzard stuck on the island. We had just gone food shopping; it was awesome.
  9. Something's ****y here. Still can't figure out why mom packs all the kids in the car for a 7AM "coffee" run. There was a 15 year old daughter with her- why not have the kid babysit?
  10. Just got out of the theater. Awesome move; lots of clever plot/time shifts. FYI, the fishing scenes were filmed on the Kern River near Bakersfield, CA. Awesome place if you ever get the chance to visit. It deserves to win big.
  11. I'll take 10, please. Send me your PP.
  12. Man, with all of the reports of scads of small fish, things look promising for the future! Thanks for the report.
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