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  1. She and Hunter are holding the country hostage until they get a deep pockets Dem donor to write them a $100m check to walk away. Then Joe will announce that he saw the polling that he can't win, pardon Hunter, and step aside.
  2. The shrimp w/o head must be served by a married woman.
  3. I always thought "R" stood for "Roar"; "L" for "Leap".
  4. It came up on my feed the other night. The subject interested me, but when I saw that the sanctimonious bitch Ruffalo was in it, I did a u-turn and watched something else. I'll follow this to see if I should hold my nose and watch it anyway.
  5. Hmmm, I signed up for the new site; seems ok.
  6. Giselle and the kids were spotted with Pete Davidson at a Chuck E Cheese this weekend. They looked happy together...
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