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  1. Got 75 of these within a hour this last weekend ...... huuuge fishes
  2. Got skunked with the stripers but got limit on blue gills. Fishing around Hwy 12 in NorCal
  3. Hi, I’m new to the Bay Area and surf fishing. Came from Stockton where I usually fish 8 mile or Highway 12 for Stripers. What are some spots around here you guys can recommend for a newbie like myself. Any ‘fish on’ spots would be appreciated. thank you
  4. I fish in the beach with a Stradic FK 5000 for over a year. Always rinsed it before I leave and it’s been fine. Smooth casting and very light weight
  5. Take the time to care for your gears.... they’ll last you a long time. A quick rinse is most affordable
  6. I like to use lightweight rods/reels. I have Penn Spinfisher V 5500 and Shimano Socorro 6000, but prefer a lighter set up
  7. I use a Sustain FG 5000 for my sturgeon fishing, never caught one yet but each time I bring it out I was always told it’s not sufficient since it’s so small. I spooled it with 30lbs Power Pro. Has anybody had any experience using this reel for sturgeon? My other reel is a Stradic FB 4000 CI4. I pair these rods with the Shimano Trevala Thank you for inputs/insights
  8. I have a similar set up. Stradic CI4 4000 paired with Lamiglas 9’6. Awesome light set up, a 3000 is about 2oz lighter so you’re good to go.
  9. Thank you for the info ...... much appreciate it
  10. Any particular kind/brand you prefer?
  11. Wow..... nice catch on spinning gear :0)
  12. Thank you for adding inputs. I was looking for a long distance spinning reel as well I’m new. Been fishing off a boat drifting/trolling along the bank and really enjoy my Shimano.