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  1. Black Hole Suzuki or Okuma Rockaway 10footers
  2. Great price.
  3. Interest in trade for New Penn Slammer 3 6500 or 5500 and cash on my end?
  4. How much does something like this cost? I love the weight on this
  5. I’ll take the other 2 for $25 shipped :0)
  6. Hello, I’m ready to purchase can you send me PayPal info for $100 thank you
  7. I’m new So, you’re saying I can trade in my old user Mojo for a Legend..... and pay the difference?
  8. It’s a great price but I can’t right now. If it’s still available on January 18th, I’ll get it for sure at that price.
  9. I’ll pass on $110, thank you though
  10. Was this purchased for $130 not too long ago? I’ll respectfully offer $95 shipped if so.
  11. ThNk you for your info Totoro
  12. Hello, im checking out the site and see there is a ‘ blank weight’ and a ‘rod weight’ , what is the difference? i would like to pair it with Shimano Stradic FK 5000 or Ultegra 5000 New to surf fishing, and current live in the San Francisco Bay Area
  13. Thanks for asking this question as I’m curios as well. Also, is there a recommendation of sites or sellers for the rod?
  14. O ok thanks, good luck with sale