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  1. O ok I thought it was a spinning model. Thanks
  2. If he passes, I’d be interested
  3. What is the rating, what reel did you pair this with? thanks
  4. I have Sebile MS, RM Smith plugs, bucktails for trade if you’re interested
  5. Yes, in about 2 hours when I get home
  6. I have to these 2 never used. Removed from box only to hold. $190 for Stradic FL 2500 $190 for Vandord 500
  7. Payment received thanks SOL
  8. Yes, 185 shipped pM coming
  9. Looking to trade BNIB Stradic FL 2500 and 125yds Spiderwire Blue Camo for New Stradic FL 5000 or $185
  10. SoRrry for late reply payment sent
  11. PM on way
  12. Meet me in the middle $370
  13. Picked this up and find no usage of it anymore since I got a boat. Reel does need a cleaning. Reel only. $390 obo tyd Priority mail with tracking.