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  1. If darters didn’t go thru I’d like them
  2. Respectfully offer $23 lot 4
  3. Lowest I can do shipped it $190 its BNIB with 20lbs aqua thank you
  4. Killer deal.... great reel!
  5. I’ll be carrying 1, a 9’4 Lamiglas Redline 10-20lbs paired with a Stradic CI4 4000. Hoping it’ll be light enough for for fun action with the perch but my main goal is stripers. Mid summer I’ll switch over to 11ft TFO GIS paired with Twin Power 5000 SW for the bigger stripers. Fall I’ll switch over to 9’6 Tsunami Airwave Elite with Slammer 3 5500 for the really big ones. Atleast that’s the plan hahah I’m new to surf fishing.
  6. A long shot....... but I have a BNIB 5000 spooled with 20lbs super slick or a slightly used 3000 spoiled with 17lbs nanofil
  7. Respectfully offer $12 shipped for the 2nd-purple 4th-blue/white 6th-slim silver 8th-bone
  8. I’m new so when you say, fresh water, these don’t have as much resistants to the salt? I rinse my lures after the couple trips I made to salt water. Would be be able to handle stripe bass up to 15lbs? i’m interested thanks
  9. I’ll pass GLWS
  10. Yea, I know I just wanted to give a try. GLWS
  11. $15 for the other shipped to west coast also? 95928
  12. Good price glws
  13. Well..... that kills a lot of deals haha
  14. Great prices. Beautiful reels. GLWS