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  1. RM’s no longer available. I can send the rest your way for $40 if you want. thank you
  2. Payment received for the RM’s and it’s been shipped. thank you atsea247
  3. Hello, the other individual didn’t want them, they’re yours. For $25 more I can send everything in package tomorrow if you want. or just $75 for the 3 RM. let me know thank you
  4. Someone had asked first, about the 3 RM. If they pass, I’ll shoot them your way thank you
  5. Hi, I was offered $75 for the 3 RM, I’d like to extend that offer to you first since you asked about the split, if you’re still interested, for $75
  6. Besides the grease replacement, is it fish ready?
  7. Meet me at $135 and I can have it sent your way. thank you for your interested
  8. I can put hooks on ALL of them if you were to purchase them. Shoot me a recommendation on hooks you would like. thank you for your interest
  9. I the top 3 are sinking, they’re quite heavy IMO. I purchased these awhile back, on this forum. Never used them.
  10. I’m not too sure. I can send you up close photos of it later on this evening. I purchased these awhile back and never even used them.
  11. Hello, thank you for your interest. Not at the moment, I’d like to keep everything together. If I do plan to split, I’ll reach out to you.
  12. Everything for $165 shipped USPS Priority RM Smith jointed and Yozuri Twitch never touched water. Sebile, Super Strike, Afterhour, Tsunami, Rapala, etc….. all have been used. please ask any questions, SALE is final Thank you
  13. Hello Dan, can I get 2 of each please in the Ultra Minnow and Teardrop please 1oz 1.5oz 2oz 2.5oz Thank you
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