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  1. Thank you for the offer, but $125 is lowest with shipping and PayPal fees thank you for the interest
  2. Weekend bump 575 still available $125 tyd
  3. I seen that around Christmas/New Years i spent $200 and got $40 off, got the Tsunami Airwave Elite $160 with $40 of lures
  4. 940-2 is sold to Chitala, thank you
  5. $123 and it’s all yours
  6. $130 each TYD 575 is new, used to sliced paper only 940-2 got back from LifeSharp and just sitting around Only interested in Esse 6 fix blade
  7. I have 3 knives I’d like to sell as a set for $210 TYD New BK7 and BK2 used to slice some papers User BK2 with stamped logo on blade (please look at photo) Would like to keep as a set for $210
  8. I agree with fish being much bigger in late 80’s to 90’s. I fished stripers since 7 years old in the 80’s with my pop and he would ALWAYS get 15+ pounders. Since the 2000’s I’ve seen maybe 3-4 in that range. My personal best was only around 11lbs
  9. Yea, I’ve never caught any stripers from the surf, yet. But fishing in the Delta, I use size 3000/4000 Shimano Stradics with 20lbs PP. It’s pretty rare for 20lbs+
  10. Got anymore GhostHunter Spinning?
  11. No, I was hoping to get it shipped $170 95111
  12. I’d like to get 2nd on the TFO if deal doesn’t fall thru
  13. Respectfully Offer 19 shipped with the others
  14. is this lip stamped?
  15. Beautiful piece.