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  1. How do you know it’s at 4-7lbs of drag? I’m trying to figure that out. Learning still. thanks in advance
  2. I understand 10KG is 22lbs Freshwater models 24lbs
  3. Pardon my newbie ness...... why does the 5/6k on the new Gosa have less drag than the smaller fresh water reels (Stradic, Ultegra, etc) i always thought more drag equals more stopping power for bigger fishes. I’m still new to the drag understanding.
  4. Bump any available?
  5. I have a brand new Clash 5k, I’m interested But won’t be home for a week, vacation
  6. Looking for a good price on Lamiglas Infinity or SI spinning model. 9ft or longer. thank you
  7. Awesome article....thank you
  8. Nice reels. Who makes the Trophy II? I’m always looking for light gears
  9. Looking for a great condition size 4K. Wanting to save $ from eBay or Amazon. also, got a BNIB Penn Clash 4K for trade if interested. thank you
  10. BPS is beautiful, I live like 10 minutes away. I used to live like 20 minutes away from BPS in Manteca also. I jist starter fishIng Monterey beach for Stripers 2 months ago. Dunked 6 reels over there, 1 needs to get sent in (Sustain FG) for repairs, other 5 (Twinpower SW, Sustain FE, Stradic CI4, Socorro SW and Ultegra XTC still fine.
  11. No Stradic FL In the line up?
  12. Any trades? BNIB Penn Clash 4K or 5k and I’ll toss on 300yds Yellow Super Slick