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  1. Sold to wazu02 thank you Tim and SOL
  2. I appreciate it, let’s give Jason 24hrs to respond
  3. It’s like $223 or $226 Ill double check when I get home
  4. Thirsty Thursday bump $220 gift card for $190
  5. Following i plan to be there mid September on a Monday my set up Shimano Tiralejo 10ft up to 5oz paired with Gossa 8k 50lbs braid
  6. Looking for a great pristine to new condition Shimano Twinpower 14k thank you
  7. Weekend bump $220 gift card for $200
  8. Darnit, ok ill pass, thanks though
  9. Is it the 7’6 spinning model? I might be interested, really looking for a 150g. Do you have photos?
  10. I have $220 Bass Pro Shop gift card I’m selling for $200
  11. That’s a bit too heavy duty for me.... thanks though
  12. Looking to save from buying a new GH PRO 150gram, if anyone has one available
  13. PM incoming for PP info
  14. Looking for a Brand New Bubba filet knife as a gift if anyone has one laying around. Amazon has them for about $45, I’m hoping to find a better deal on here if possible. thank you for your time