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  1. Thanks JTR, but specifically looking for VS 5"...anybody? Nobody wants to part with theirs?
  2. Will Pay $$ The newer the more $$ I am willing to pay! Upload pics
  3. just hold it upside down and the handle is on the left!
  4. Sounds good !
  5. Looking to buy VS100 in Gold...needs to have been cared for if it is not new.
  6. I’m going to intentionally not/low tip a charter I have booked and show the guy your response just to show you my way!
  7. I know guides in Montauk who charge $600-$800 for a full day (8 hours) with no mate aboard and expect a tip. I feel like it totally depends and is up to you. What are they actually doing above and beyond the price off the trip? Lot's of guides are on their phones booking other clients (telling the customer they are getting fish intel) and texting their buddies. These jokers don't get tips from me. 800 bucks and then another 20% on top of that. I'm not sure... I know plenty of well-off people that don't tip on top of the high charter price!
  8. Im just curious...they didn't go for $100 each new? These are used...offer $211
  9. Sorry bout that...yes, was on vacation this week...sold to Jason coming, thread closed, thanks Tim and sol
  10. $125 Last offer
  11. Rare color...$130 shipped (US ONLY) and includes all fees...IMMEDIATE PP Only.
  12. Andrew Who? Rosen?
  13. that could literally be anyone on here bro!!!
  14. the person who is own charge of making that change on the website probably just can't get to it...and it's also probably low priority to them. what do you care?