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  1. Dear People, Excuseme first for my english! I am Spanish, and I am new user here. I found this forum in internet trying to find information about a historical reel. I would like to post som pictures also of 2 of the reels, thjat I have right now home, maybe are some of the spanish reels more specials for you than me because the market. Nice to be here people. The secondone is a Sagarra, for me one of the best quality of historical reels, easy and cheap to find it in spain because was a Spanish company as you know. I like to make a coleccion of this kind of pieces, also, if you are interested to exchange reels to make our coleccion bigger, I can get Sagrra reels really oft, and I can exchange it for models that are easy to find in your countries Nice to meet you, Ricardo
  2. From the album Wierdest spinning reel

  3. From the album Wierdest spinning reel