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  1. Kind of left us hanging
  2. Great program. I wish they didn’t cancel it.
  3. Lady fish. Jim here. I will take the 3 wt legend. Pm coming
  4. No rush. Many thanks. Jim 

  5. Lady fish. I would like to see the 3 wt legend if possible? sending a pm. Jim
  6. Have what your looking for. Have a pair of new with warranty fenwick fenlight streamflex 6.6 3 wts I am keeping one. 145. Plus shipping.
  7. No worries. Glad to help. There were a bunch of reels left from last yrs canceled programs. Be well
  8. Anthony, Jim here so he has a couple of pictures what we have is at the bottom up and a new Silver Lamson guru 1.5. Has new Orvis wff4 loop end clearwater line. no line 139. With line 159. next a Galvan rush Lt. #3. For 3/4 wt. reel was one of two demos ,,these have not been fished. 199 Add Orvis all rounder Sunset line. Or clearwater. Yellow with backing add 27.00 finally Redington As it’s marked 56, but I would definitely use it on the 4 wt. reel has never been lined. It also was a backup to one I use. 99.00 no line. Add line same as above. I think we covered all the bases. Lol. Here’s some pics
  9. I can help you out with a reel and line. But not on the rod.
  10. They were great rods. ,, I havve Lighter weight one, I wonder why been stopped making them quite a few people after I bought mine on the buying them
  11. Thanks. Yes. There is a Lamson hard alox. V. 3.0. But I can’t get to 100.00 on it. best I can do 149. The reel was used for 4 hrs. I needed a 3.5. the bodhi is 3.5 inches. I have been using a couple for a couple yrs. I should have bought a few more.
  12. A few. New. In box. Lamson g5 3.5. 229 ea hardy. S 6000. 239 Plus shipping reels were too large for myn8 wt
  13. Don’t mean to overload. But in the process off cleaning out my sons shop. there is a new bodhi. Prototype. 56. Sealed drag ,anodized ,cnc 6061 alum. Have one left. Purchased these from the fellow next to us at the icast show. I use one myself Best reel ever under 100.00. He was selling them for 129. I bought a few for 89.00 last day they make a click pawl reel. This is not it. This is fully sealed carbon fiber drag
  14. Thanks. We used them in the school for yrs. I wish I had bought more. I have one on my 6 wt for small mouths. And another on a 7 wt I use for school ie. the are a #3. Which is suppose to be 78. But. It’s more a 67. Here’s some pics. With the specs. Machined. Ross USA made. Sealed drag ,same drag that’s on my evo LT. From the web Extreme angler yeah it is the old ross rythem reel i dont personally own one but it is a sweet reel i have been in there and played with is quite a bit. its fully sealed and machined. i would imagine that it they carry parts for it because it is claimed under the lifetime warranty because it is a ross,, I have a Watershed #2 and fish it with 6wt line. It is a very nice reel and as mentioned, is most likely made by Ross. Watch for them on sale as they have been as reasonable as $125, if you are vigilant. Watersheds are not in danger of being discontinued and will be a nice addition to the L-Tec rod.
  15. I have a konic 3.5 Been used but drag is great. Ah. Wait. I have a cabelas watershed. Ross USA. New in box. We had a few for the school. 100.00 wood work. Machined. Like a ross cim