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  1. Rats Lol. Had to laugh. I’ve been looking for a 9 wt ticrx. Was hoping you were not going to take it!!!!, HAVE A Couple 5 wt reels that will work slightly used. Like once. S.a Mastery 4/5. Made by hardy. These were the top of the line. Reels. 100 for the reel. 150. For the the reel and spare spool 8.89 shipping. PayPal is fine. Classic style with a drag that will stop a striper —. Also classic reel. J ryall. New in the box. I tucked a few away. 159. Shipped it’s a #6. But will be fine for a 5. Jim
  2. The 5/6 is sold. The 7/8 still available. Thx salty
  3. Yes. Shipping to Canada is fine. I ship all the time. USPS is the best way. 1st class international I will provide proof of shipper. Jim. If you send me your zip will send shipping price. I guess 14.00
  4. Thanks for looking. I had these for backups. To the ones I use. .. but really don’t need them. They are islander ..Abel..clones ... cork drag. Neither has been fished. both come with pouch And without line. 100. Ea is a steal. They were 250. I bought them on sale for 175. Add 9.89. For shipping. PayPal. Venmo. Many thanks. Jim
  5. I will take the bohemoth. Jim. Pm coming
  6. I heard that it was circle only. But. I can’t see that to be true. Live in n h. Doesn’t seem the law ?
  7. I imported fly reels. The last 2 tariffs put me out of business Would have been ok. But the USA Manufacturer’s raised their prices. Tariffs
  8. Wow. I thought holdovers were a urban legend
  9. I’m away won’t be back till Friday
  10. Nj. I have a tfo ticrx I’ve used a couple times. And a new redbone 9; wt. I need one ,,, lol. I say that very yr and wind up never needing a 9. Your welcome to either one
  11. It sold. 10 wt. 240. Brand new, plastic still on cork. Had this ready for musky - but no longer have the reel, and I won't be chasing those anytime soon. Great rod. Still clearing out this damn closet... US Shipping included in price I've had only good experiences on here - let me know what questions you may have. http://echoflyfishing.com/project/echoepr-2/ Paypal only, US shipping only.
  12. Let me see
  13. There is one for sale on the fb flynfishing site. Very reputable seller
  14. Joe. Jim here. I will take it. If you can ship it to New Hampshire. Sending p.m
  15. Many thanks. Great point