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  1. First time I’ve sent my 2 cents in but a couple weeks ago I asked the question about replacing my Daiwa baitrunner with a reel sub 150. 4000 size the penn fierce lll LL. Was suggested...something I would have not thought of Finally got to fishing it. With a little shopping help ... and some discount..looking at sub 90 bucks so so much better then Daiwa. Although the daiwa was a good reel for 5 yrs. it’s been sent back twice at the tune of 40.00 each time for repair. And this time it was retired Many thanks to the community for the help ....
  2. Thanks dan ...I wil;send a pm. Now. Jim
  3. Fro. If you can ship it. ,,to n h. USPS. Cost is 10.00. I would like to buy it. USPS provides priority mail tubes for free. Thanks Jim.
  4. Many thanks. As always this forum is a great help. I was lost on this subject .the penn fierce III. Liveliner looks just great. I would not have thought of it , I agree on the okuma. Although I have a couple of the original epixor that seem to be bombproof .. this Daiwa served me well ,, the all metal body on the penn will be an upgrade
  5. I like the wt on the penn @15 oz
  6. That penn fierce 3 sounds great. Checking it out
  7. Olvart. Thanks. That’s a great help. The reviews on line point me to cheap junk ..off brands.
  8. Budget. 100-150.oo
  9. Hello and help I’ve had a Daiwa opus plus 4000 baitrunner. For many yrs. it had been a great reel .. however last yr it went to Daiwa for service..and again the baitrunner switch has frozen.. frustrating .. I think it’s time to switch ..... im not up,on the lastest equipment..and somehow I think the reviews are slanted ... so I need a relatively small bait runner reel 400o to 4500 size. ,,,,any suggestions would be appreciated....
  10. Tide runner nailed it. Maybe Freeport. LL bean is worth a trip.
  11. Been keeping records for 27 yrs. n h. Worst yr I’ve experienced in the last 6 both lack of fish ,,and size,, Don’t get me wrong. Caught many 16-24 inch fish only 3 over 30. Where did all those 27 inch fish from last yr go
  12. Thanks John. I was trying to help you out. More than I need it. The reels cost me 75 ..with my guide discount ... some one will,pick it up.
  13. John. I live in Kittery. I could go 100 on the reel.