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  1. Thanks for looking I purchased this and it’s the incorrect line for what I need I need a little longer cent tip I already have a 10 foot slow sinking tip line, great line, just not what I need in my area I can return it to the store but figured I’d throw it on here see if anybody else needs it $39 shipped. paypal Venmo.
  2. Many thanks
  3. I tied a bunch of cray fish patterns. When I freshen water fished. ,,I don’t see a heck of a lot that can be purchased that I like ??
  4. Thanks. I’m going to try it. Sighting these fish in. The small ones will take a fish pattern. The large ones won’t. Going to try a lobster pattern
  5. Thanks for looking, I bought this set up for 9 wt rod. .. Put backing on both spools , then never bought line. Long story ....never used, they are in mint condition, other than sitting on my desk they haven’t moved So reel. with backing and spare spool with backing, 169, picked up in New Hampshire, or add 8.89 for shipping PayPal or Venmo. Hope somebody can use them....Jim
  6. Thanks for looking, you’ll see in the picture I put this on a real last end of last year. Planned to go on a 9 wt project scraped. Wound up going to a 550. Line was cast once in the yard Great line 1/2 price. Was 80.00. 39.00. Picked up n h. Or add 4.89 to cover the cost. Many thx
  7. Experience we were looking at these big fish on the sand but they would not take any fly Patton the small fish will take the fly. ...Do you speak of fish did not want what we had, then it dawned on me, the larger fish in years past that I did keep always seem to have baby lobsters in their stomachs, so I’m wondering is if these bigger fish, are cruising for crustaceans, over sand eels
  8. Sauce and amazing fish the other day, cruising the beach in just several feet of water also do you were on a rocky typical southern Maine ledge again very shallow water, Has anybody had success using lobster patterns on stripers....And if so where would one by some .??? many thx. Jim
  9. So finally got to test the lure against competition. Well I had two guys out with me on Saturday, both were fishing smack it, and I was fishing or Yozuri three d. on purpose ...Obviously we fished within 10 yards of one another the smack it’s out fish me 8 to one all day....And I mean all day. So it was proof positive that it is something about the rattle in that popper .. they caught 8 fish to my one. And we were blind casting ! So it was getting the fish to respond .. today I used the smack it jr. caught a to. Of fish that were lazy. Nobody hates spending 15.00 a lure more than me. But I’m convinced
  10. Many thanks to all. Scored some at surf land. Dah. 20 miles away ...they were great. What an iconic place. I used to go there as a kid 55 yrs. ago.
  11. Yes. It appears. Many places have them till you place an order. Then on b o .. I kick myself. Gave a few away last yr....fisherman’s hq had one. Yes 1 ..
  12. Thx Mac. Good idea. They are close by
  13. MNy thanks. It’s a good start for me.
  14. Hey thanks Jim here, smack juniors Stillwater lures. Anyone point to someone who might have them ? Down to my last one. Or suggestion one comparable ?? I’ve been using these for decades. But seem to have disappeared
  15. Hello. Jim here. I can use the ticrx .. it’s a back up rod for me ..could we make 150 work ?? thank you for considering my offer. Jim