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  1. car turtle wax
  2. yes, hand pushing at first surprisingly gets a lot unstuck.
  3. If its an aluminum wheel with clear coat, it can be removed with paint thinner, then a rattle can of clear-coat that specifically says its for aluminum wheels.
  4. Had an older one way sign, dident take up room and was bery light.
  5. Had a truck with old fluid overheat, it oozed out the filler tube like foam. Dealer Mechanic had me converet to synthetic to get a higher boiling point.
  6. VW or European Ford? might be reversed threaded.
  7. ice been making my own ice blocks. about the size of a half gallon, just have to remember to have three or four started before every trip as it takes a good two days for it to be frozen solid.
  8. I'll put them on the cap, just not the truck. Always felt putting one on The paint meant you were really dedicated th that cause.
  9. I have a 2005 Liberty Limited, an odd year 2003-4 millions made, 2006 and later is very difrendifrentth newer designs. The biggest groups for CRD's is over in Europe. That and only crds have power folding mirrors.
  10. most likely it will just reflect off the glass, if this is your only option take a photo with the flash off. just a thought, they may want a transcript or certified letter from the school, unless this is a one off class.
  11. I agree with it's to low How is the bill broken down for labor and parts thinking this shop just has 44's or it slow and they need teh work
  12. your tires look smaller than stock. Mine came with stock 31x10.5 but the door stickers shows a smaller size, Dodge told me they only made one sticker but three different size tires can be found. you have the plastic wheel well so 31's were most likely original. If you have the CV type front drive shaft, soak the boot with silicone. It is always spinning and the boots tend to catch tree branches and other road debris and get ripped. boots are $5 shafts are $200 Things that will 100% rust. The front bumper ends were not painted well all rust where they were cut and bent. The steering shaft rubber boots hold water in and the joints rust over time the steering gets looser and looser. The metal clamps on the fuel filler tank are rusted and exposed to puddles splash, just paint or do something to slow down the rust, hoses usually fall apart if new clamps are put on. the metal thing that holds the spare tire on, some day you'll notice the spare is gone and the flat metal is bent. get a group 27 battery, most get the smaller group 24, you might be ok. (I drive mine 95% beach and to work at 3am a few tims a year when its snowing. if it's 2 degrees out the smaller battery wont start it, )
  13. 1990 -1999 Mazda MPV. a slectable 4WD system is not to be confused with permanent "all-wheel-drive" systems; tMPV cae switched into 4WD with a switch mounted on the column gear selector. A dash mounted switch also allowed the driver to lock the center differential, splitting power equally between the front and rear axles. The 4WD can be engaged and disengaged while moving.
  14. I'm confused wikipedia says the largest ever was 19 1/2 inches long
  15. my two cents LBI - IBSP - Brigantine - Great Bay - Stone Harbor and maybe Sandy Hook should be fine locations as they cover at least ten or more miles of beach each. Where I fish theirs a sign that says FISHERMANS WALKWAY it kinda draws them in. Norther Ocean County and Monmouth County seam to have limited places, if you find some dead end street that the locals don't mind you parking your car and walking around with a bucket and pole late at night that should be kept to yourself as if everyone showed up I'm sure a fence with a no trespass sign would be next. all that said I've been parking my truck in pretty much the same spot since 1985