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  1. Hello everyone, I was wondering if you all are familiar with this lure and what hook size is recommended? Thank you
  2. The new set up came out really nice. Paired it with a Vanstaal vxs100 30lbs braid. The rod is very light and good backbone power. I believe the sweat spot for this rod is 2-2.5oz
  3. I use the 10'6 surf legend St. Croix and the ZX27 fits very nice to this rod I am sure it will do with your 11 ft.
  4. Hello guys, Just wanted to share with you all. We went offshore for Marlins and we where missing a rod for the shotgun (The long line spread) so I used a 9ft st. surf legend and a ZB22. I thought it was going to catch only small fish. Marlin hit the line and reel started screaming like crazy, at the end of the line a 300lbs estimated Blue Marlin of from Salvadorian waters. The fight was thought since it was 40lb braid and a small line capacity compared with those big trolling reels.
  5. I own a 20 and 22 ZB, I prefer the 22 for my 9ft
  6. I had a chance to use mine last week, they cast really well and looks great I have the redhead one sinking it believe is 2 3/4 oz. The action wasnt that good, it doesn't have same explosion of water as the SS I changed the hooks for some 66 ST owners. I am going to give it a try this coming weekend
  7. Hello guys, Does anyone knows if the spools of the Vanstaal vsx100 and the vsx150 are interchangeable? Thank you all in advance for the input
  8. I am fishing in Central America, the pacific in El Salvador I am currently using 30lbs braid on my VS100 I am planning on spooling my reel with 40 lbs for heavier gear. But all depends on which reel should I use to pair with this 8ft rod
  9. Hello everyone, I am interested in getting this rod, the St croix legend surf 8 ft seems a nice length for surf fishing. I am wondering which reel with be the a good fit and balance for this rod? And if you have any personal experience using this rod please leave a comment. P.D I was thinking in pairing this rod with a VS100 40lbs braid...
  10. If you need a travel rod 7´6 is a good size, I do fish roosters as well. I live in El Salvador Central America. I have 2 St.croix Legend trek, my to go rod is the heavy action fast. You can cast rangers, poppers, up to 2.5 oz. I use 40 lbs braid with a zeebaas ZX20
  11. Hello guys, So I bought a vanstaal vx100, I am using 30 lbs line. Main lures I will be using is sp minnows but also 2 oz lure. Which rod can fit to this specs with a length of 7’8 and 2 pieces. I appreciate your comments.
  12. I my opinion I believe we learn something new every day we go fishing, sometimes the hard way... but honestly the hardest experience are the ones with more value. Ive learned through time: Double check your equipment a night before your trip Check the sharpness of the hooks before going fishing Check your line and shock leader if you use one Check the drag of your reel Little things we give for granted and for some reason are the ones that we always forget to keep and eye on.
  13. I bought some power ducktail from 1.5 oz to 3 oz, let see how they work. I like the fact of a stronger hooks, big roosters or snooks can easily bent those single hooks with these 4x strong not an issue any more. Its a shame they only have two colors. .
  14. Thanks for the input, any specific Bucktail brand or model? how about trailers?
  15. Ive seen some youtube videos on the surfcaster journal TV show and Ive learn some good tips from him.