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  1. So they're catching "phony" striped bass
  2. I say we BRING BACK all of the above animal (aren't fox cute) that we REMOVED from Fire Island last year, let them roam the beaches, and when he finishes with the tasty morsel, look for any kind of band associated with said plover, and send it to the feds. ..... If the fox' doesn't bring back either a band or carcass, nothing lost....at least the fox ate well
  3. Sometimes I wonder why you guys bother with all this re-work.....no matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it's still a pig.....
  4. Cone head or plain? Caught my biggest rainbow on a cone head olive wooly....on the Ausable River up by Lake Placid....21 inches. I always pack several....plain and cone headed.
  5. What he said......buy it!!!!!!! $250 for one of Billy's rod's is a no-brainer.......
  6. I;ve been running General Grabber HTS on my 2000 Escalade for 2 years now.....never a problem with them.
  7. Any lure that has a red head and a white body......just can't get them to work for me...I dunno why????
  8. I just looked at my stash and I have a 1970 6000C, and it's in a black box.....
  9. I concur John....I'll be pulling for the same teams as you..... ANYBODY but Calipari. Won't like UConn winning it all (going back to the Okafor days ...gotta admit, K was out-coached that game)
  10. Callipari sucks moose nuts....really can't stand the little prick.......but what do you expect, I'm a Duke fan Shocked that Izzo's team is gone. I had them going to the final 4....
  11. UConn in the final 4?????? Who would have thunk it????
  12. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have become friends with Charlie Ruger, Vito, and Don Musso thru Willy Young and MSA......i learned a lot from those 3 men. Charlie and I used to fish Caumsett together also, but that wasn't as long ago as you Bill. Vito and Don used to fish down there too. We had our own picket line on the north end of the beach (Diamond Point)....it was a lot of fun. The only thing I didn't do was walk down to the entrance to the swamp.....too far for me
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