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  1. It's this guys arm right ?
  2. Never mind , sorry didn't see shipping was not included .
  3. Can you do the 4 / 4oz white and the 3 / 5 oz white for 40$ ?
  4. As far as the bucktails who made them ? How many red and white are 4 & 5 oz ?
  5. Exactly, and with most cars coolant running between 195-220 degrees, just a few minutes stuck with spinning tires and your overheating your fluid . The thing is your radiator can only cool the trans fluid to the lowest temp the radiator cools the coolant to . The trans cooler in the radiator is a small coil that's bathed in coolant in the tank of the radiator. This is why an auxiliary cooler is so helpful . After the trans fluid leaves the radiator it would pass through the aux cooler and cool it significantly more .
  6. As a mechanic for over 20 years I would add a trans cooler to any beach vehicle . Get stuck once for five minutes trying to get out and that trans is cooking . Heat kills transmissions more than anything else . I would do the cooler with an electric fan if possible especially if your using a cooler rack .
  7. Your coolant gauge does not accurately reflect trans temp .
  8. Wow you guys are good , mind readers even !
  9. I haven't used this function yet and im wondering the extent of this . If I start a thread and I'm ignoring a user can he/she still post in the thread ? If that's not the case maybe the mods could look into it ? I read a lot of threads in the p g and I read a lot of frustrating derails from certain members . Any info would help .
  10. I'm not saying I can't handle the p g forum , it's just funny how a few guys can fuq up a whole thread .
  11. Ok Supp thanks keep me posted , hope it works out .
  12. If you could go to 250$ I will meet up and check it out . I'm anal I would have to have the guide fixed .
  13. I'm in Amityville, I'm interested . How is the condition besides the loose guide ? Any scrapes or scratches?
  14. He always seemed shy to pull the trigger on a shot , just waited too effing Long .
  15. Where on Long Island ?
  16. Sure that shows not about Reds a/c repairs ?
  17. Yea we need more of this . . .
  18. Them dems , cry about the deficit yet invent a new program every election cycle . Free college , college debt forgiveness , reparations, free medical for beaners . Does it ever end ?
  19. Isn't it effing awesome , and an epi pen is about 300$ . But of course they won't give those away .
  20. Wish you were on Long Island
  21. From what I understand you just need a single or double roller flyer . Remove your spool remove the three screws on the flyer and swap it out.
  22. First off funny you can only post when getting paid at work , I guess otherwise were not worth your time . Any living Jew should be appalled at her phrasing. So disrespectful of the suffering and extermination of millions of innocent people , ripped from their homes who did not willingly go unlike illegals. But you knew that right ? Such a humanitarian you are . Do the conditions include cattle cars and zyklon b ? You truly are the queen troll .
  23. If you'll spilt it up I'm interested in the redfins
  24. That's sweet , best mini I've seen .