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  1. Yes looks like a castrated fag .
  2. Find this guy he can help you
  3. Expand on h S age , that 14 - 18 . Some differences there.
  4. YEA you and Matt Lauer
  5. Are Frank and the dude with you ?
  6. Shared ? Did he hit you in the seat ?
  7. Who gets over 100$ an hour and gets tipped ?
  8. I agree , love the look of the challenger and it's a beast esp the hellcat
  9. They did the camaro a dud.
  10. Can Val Kilmer fit in a fighter plane ?
  11. What no Kelly Mcgullis ?
  12. I think your posts were tolerable right up to here and your response to John P who was there . You were on the edge and now you stepped off . No one here I agreeing with you , we can only tell us what we believe. I'm not sure why you keep posting asking the same questions ? Perhaps you should consult a structural engineer, or take some classes yourself to answer your questions .
  13. I have two p t decks they are not covered so after a few rainy days I pressure wash it with a high pressure gas unit . I do handrails and spindles first . When you p wash the planks/boards do them one at a time and work your way across . Depending on the tip you may have to make more than one pass on each board , till you get the full width done . I start at one end and spray and walk down the board without starting and stopping . If you start and stop you will see steaks . I would let it dry really well before staining , sealing
  14. Yea ok , except it pumps out "hot" dry air .