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  1. She already needs Botox, barely 30 and has two marks chiseled under her eyes.
  2. Are you surprised? The kid was not a cop, and the perp is black. Not newsworthy to the msm.
  3. I would get some opinions from certified financial advisers. I for one would not have the knowledge to direct my own portfolio, those guys are experts and could possibly get you 6-8% on your money.
  4. So I’ve been told .
  5. Trump does more in a day then you do in a month Frank, you do have him beat on sitting behind a keyboard and posting though.
  6. Ohh rah! Semper Fi
  7. Ok then .
  8. Not saying you said those words , you did however mention “quick cheap babies” and have been less than respectful in some of your posts. I am familiar with China’s hidden children , and I would not deny corruption in some adoptions.
  9. Not sure who your posting this to? Not to be disrespectful but you don’t seem to know to much about this subject, but are not holding back with your jabs. People don’t adopt children to be considered “honorable “, we find that insulting. Adopting a child is a life changing experience, for all involved, we don’t get up in the morning and decide to adopt, it is a long invasive process. The background records you speak of are discussed , many times before even booking the flights to China. There are some tight knit groups that will be traveling together that discuss those things before hand. Most of the Chinese adoptions are closed adoptions, meaning the little info you received on the child before hand is all you will ever receive. The vast majority of the girls are abandoned in public places , so they are found and will go to an orphanage. It was / is an enormous problem in China. If you want a little more insight watch “ one child nation” on Netflix.
  10. Sounds like he enjoyed you as much as you did him. Sorry Tim.
  11. So asking a legit question about appropriate spending is being an advocate for the other side. Pathetic.
  12. Mark I’m happy there are some other adoptive dads on here. You have my support as well, “the invisible red thread”. It hits a nerve to see the sarcasm on this , but some can’t really understand what adoptive family’s go through. We both know the reality of what can happen in foreign country. And as I’m sure they cannot wipe out all the corruption, I know the adoption agencies do their due diligence.
  13. Mark as an adoptive dad of a girl from China, thanks for trying to politely educate some of these guys. Well done .
  14. Would you trade for another campo?
  15. I don’t believe billionaires should be talking about privilege to anyone, that’s almost funny. Not to mention Oprah is as white as you can get, and black when it’s convenient.