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  1. Interesting thread , I know and have fished with more than a few on this list , mostly Long Island guys . Some are very talented and I am humbled to fish with them , but some others mentioned here are self promoting grandstanders . I am lucky enough to have been "tutored" by some greats , many are often happy to pass on good techniques and tips if you can be trusted and have earned their respect . I have learned the biggest secret in surfcasting isn't a secret at all . Fish hard , fish smart and you will be rewarded .
  2. Definitely cool , but are we supposed to feel bad for a guy continuing to work to pay his taxes on a 2 million dollar pad ?
  3. So your neighbors inherited a 2 mill pad and lived in it , never buying something of their own , and never collecting rent on said property . Sorry no pity here .
  4. That's the important question. When the executives soak up theirs the rest will be down to minimum wage . But reporting the "average " salary will be 150k looks and sounds great .
  5. I see a lot of posts about tire pressure and size , but no mention of how many speeds these bikes should be . I've seen a few with only one speed , no derailleur and only one sprocket on the crank . That can't be good . I would imagine that you would need some lower gearing to buzz the sand , no ?
  6. Looks,like,your kitchen / living room wall . I would build the sides of the opening in Andy dress it out in both rooms with some nice casing .
  7. Bump
  8. But do they really want to separate sex and gender ? New style birth certificates now have three options , male female or x . Doesn't seem like separation to me , seems like inclusion. Like all species you must be male or female , what then is x ?
  9. Great pic , looks like Penny can feel a bulge in his pants .
  10. Thanks for the info
  11. Has anyone been out to smith point recently? Is the dredging project complete? I was thinking of heading out there and want to know what to expect .
  12. Ok do you take PayPal ?
  13. Ss if you split
  14. That's a steal