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  1. This is truly heartbreaking, my condolences to you and your family.
  2. Anyone from libba working on this?
  3. If you don’t know how to sweat, call a friend or hire a plumber.
  4. And what should the mods/admins do? Pray tell.
  5. I worked on land rovers for 20 years and this was not an uncommon issue. Make sure you find and fix the leak before you reinstall everything.
  6. Inside the wall or out? Inside would be sweat only if it were me.
  7. Try a few cans of Lysol spray, we used to use on cars evaporators
  8. And you probably still moon them today.
  9. Eff the deck , rip it and go bluestone slab patio, almost maintenance free.
  10. 24’ sailboat? You may want to think chainsaw.
  11. If street pressure is 80 psi you must have a pressure reducing valve, no? That is worth a look too, unless it’s built into another component.
  12. Hell yea let’s get back to restrooms, do women and young girls have the right to relieve themselves without a swinging dick in the stall next door?
  13. Yes a garage, we don’t all want weeds and chit on our floors like y’all.
  14. That is awesome , nice addition to your collection. Any idea on the weight?