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  1. I'll take this
  2. I thought all the libs were defining genders ? Aren't we all the same according to them , more double speak .
  3. I like to think the media and liberals keep racism alive and fuel the fires every chance they get . Even if some issues are not racist they try like hell to spin it in that direction. So sad , so shallow the media today .
  4. Why not she stole the nomination.
  5. No disrespect but I have no use for the poppers , offer 110 if you decide to split for the darters .
  6. Sounds "fishy" lol
  7. At inlets with strong current I've used drails with a lot of success . Gets the eel down in the strike zone quickly , and you can change the weight as needed depending on current conditions. The drails have a snap on one side and an eyelet on the other . Just clip it on the front of your leader.
  8. Medal of freedom meaning , to Trump and Tiger , the freedom to bang as many broads as possible .
  9. Time to change that avatar pic ! Congrats glad you have the pics and video to relive the moment .
  10. Sorry but sometimes I hear so much negative about people who go out east . Some guys have a lot of angst for those that feed the local economy . Maybe I have a different perspective.
  11. Last I heard Mel became a cabinet maker and donated a finger to two to the trade . The book was entertaining, but don't let it fool you . Not many more grandstanding than he , not humble at all , and not very skilled . Sure he could catch when they were thick , but who can't ? I don't think the locals ever warmed up to him too much , too outspoken for them . There are some much higher skilled locals that you never hear boo from .
  12. Yea you guys must hate when they lay out wadds of cash at your local establishments?
  13. I'm with drapoza, I jumped on board and bought a pair , first time cutting a hook the cutter snapped off the pliers . Overrated in my opinion . I've had manleys last over 10 years with occasional oil and still cut hooks .just my 2 cents .
  14. Thanks I'm going to hold on to mine for now.
  15. Yea I see , I was looking at the nose in the third pic , there's hair on it or a split