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  1. Now we see how deep the pockets are
  2. Who cares , it's like guys who tell me they caught a few 30#s , unless they carry a scale I never believe them . Let them think what they want ." I caught a lot more 30s before I started carrying a scale " my mentor told me . How right he was .I have to live up to my standard no one else's .
  3. My wrist hurts just looking at that . Have fun I know you'll do a nice job
  4. Interested in a few of the 8" if you wind up splitting .
  5. Ok thanks , was looking for the other style .
  6. Are they sailcloth ? Felt type inside ?
  7. Ok I'll see if I can dig up anything else .
  8. Interested in a few , hunter express set , the blue trans green bottle , and the pink purple darter .
  9. Not your exact colors but maybe they will do .
  10. In Florida for work ? You dog . Hope you get some fishing in ! Sure Friday is fine .
  11. I believe it is molded into the body , I know the darters and needles are . If it's plastic I don't think you can rewire it .
  12. Can you post some pics ?
  13. Kinda like that Anna Nicole thickness
  14. You wouldn't know anything about this bag , would you ? Lol