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  1. Looks like Mickey Rourkes sister
  2. Thanks for the replies guys, always appreciate everyone’s advice .
  3. Always has to have some political tie right? Anyway not what I read. I read an ntsb intern supplied the names.
  4. Quite correct. Remember when you were a kid and you wondered if Walter Kronkite was a republican or a democrat? You had no idea what party they supported. Now they just read from the teleprompter.
  5. Priming some old doors and moldings that were stripped. Looking for some ideas on what type/ brand of primer and paint. Considerable work went into stripping and sanding and I want a quality job. So oil or latex primer? Maybe impervo for a topcoat?
  6. Wait till these “Ex Men” start taking civil service test, can they take the easier female physical tests ?
  7. This is the hump who’s kids will get tuition reimbursement from our government.
  8. Goebbels would be proud.
  9. Mail in voting is an effing disgrace! It could not cheapen the process more, like a mail in poll of what’s your favorite pizza joint. Our founding fathers would be ashamed and disgraced.
  10. Post a pic
  11. That’s funny, he acts like it’s groundbreaking. First off our fastest train goes a mere 150 mph, while at least ten other countries have trains that go well over 200 mph. Some one get him some ensure.
  12. Yes the government and other agencies never reward responsible behavior, only the irresponsible and those not wise enough to plan for the future are.
  13. I’m not surprised, yours are much more refined. Some of the details looked similar, the way the threads are finished and such. Also had some similarities to Alfred Anuzuskies bag.
  14. Looks like it may be one of Campos first prototypes.