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  1. Toothbrush looks like a dewalt hammer.
  2. Probably if you ask slow Joe.
  3. Basshole proposes a “hypothetical “ Frank actually makes a sane or sensible post. Abortion has turned into birth control by sluts who refuse to use or make their partners use appropriate birth control. Pregnancy is almost completely preventable, but instead of educating people dems push the baby vac. I find it disgusting.
  4. Soak with wd40
  5. From what I know new cars are electrostaticly painted by robots. I seriously doubt any wet sanding is happening on any new production cars.
  6. It’s like celebrating a two pack a day smoker . Funny thing is they will slap her on the cover yet airbrush every pic inside !
  7. Don’t we already have June teenff?
  8. The only thing their eating is Joes pop socket. He is their high priest , can do no wrong.
  9. Free speech, why report the truth? No journalistic standards anymore.
  10. Don’t sweat it , they will continue to work together by working together.
  11. So no one bears responsibility? That’s weak. School shooting threats are taken seriously. I’m not talking about holding the kid for more than 36 hours, I’m talking about access to guns after making a threat like that. Some one should have to answer for that, police, parents . And your numbers are from where? One in a thousand? Where do you deduce that?
  12. This is yet another case that slipped through the cracks. The guy threatened to shoot up his high school last June. Politicians will scream gun control and whoever should have been keeping an eye on this kid won’t even be questioned. Who effed up ? FBI? Local police? Parents?
  13. I guess mommy told you so.
  14. Astan?
  15. I’m sad your so gullible , killed twice as many as Trump even with a vaccine. Jobs were coming back after Covid even if Hitler was in office. Total weak sauce.