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  1. Some acceptable attire for the next march . . .
  2. Did you still not see the video of the Indian behind the drummer ? The one telling the kids to go back to Europe , that they stole his land , that they don't belong in america .
  3. Thread of the year !
  4. The black Israeli Hebrews would be laughing their asses off at this thread , it's coming down to a hat ? The BIH guys were spewing hate for over an hour and the kids get all the grief ? Where the hell do I live ?
  5. The best part of the whole situation is that this outright blatant racism is not reported ! Racist and speaking down and threatening to every person that passes by them .
  6. Now you ask after belching your TDS for pages now , everything goes back to trump right ? Watch the Israeli Africans for over an hour and get the real story
  7. Dude that's a moped with no motor .
  8. Nice bike , your son is gonna love it . Good memories from years ago .
  9. Funny I searched countless ways on google and couldn't find this video , only the original . But this seems worse to me , outright racism , yet couldnt find it on google . Doesn't fit their agenda ?
  10. Although I don't agree with the smug face on this kid ( I did see the video ) what can the school do ? It's a catholic school and they teach morals and respect , but this kid will simply say he was smiling at the guy . I'm interested to see how this plays out , no violence in fact no words from the kid . We will see
  11. Full metal jacket , epic performance. Interesting backstory to how he got the part .
  12. Pics ?
  13. Splitting hairs once again . Funny you can't even come to terms that dems supported it and are now backtracking.