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  1. How is the guy behind her not looking at that azzzzz?
  2. “Everybody I mean everybody should be treated with dignity and respect “ except my one grandchild Navy Joan .What a zero !
  3. You are beyond help . The majority work off the books , and the greater percentage of the money they make is sent home. They also stagnate wages of Americans who would take the jobs . Keep your rose colored glasses on .
  4. Maybe this crypt keeper can save it? He can’t dress himself but who knows , maybe he can.
  5. ^ this bag is going to save democracy. While she destroys her own state.
  6. Convicted yet? Who’s threatening democracy? Looks like you are.
  7. Save our democracy. This has become the lefts battle cry over the last few years. Can any of you soft shells tell me from what? What’s destroying or threatening democracy? Is it all the aborted fetuses? Is it the billions in aid to other countries? is it the hundreds of thousands of illegals pouring over the border? I find it hard to believe that any even moderately educated American can believe that phrase holds any water. Scare tactics at best. Try harder democrats.
  8. We don’t need a wall, we need a massive mine field. Post warning signs in multiple languages. That will stop the coyotes and the drugs. Apply for asylum in Mexico as you should. Wait seven to ten years for your trial. We need a hard stance on this. We are becoming the mockery of the world.
  9. I bought it as a kit. The guy advertised in the back pages of 4wd magazines. I will try to send you a link . Don’t think he’s in business anymore . But he made a great product. I fish montauk , sometimes a week at a time . And never wanted to be far from my gear. Wetsuiting all night so it’s hard to sleep at hotels, and the rates are insane anyway. Showering is a must if your going to last any length of time.
  10. 2007 Surburban. Legit hot water heat exchanger run off the heater core hoses. Pump, shower head , great for coming out of a wetsuit in the middle of the night in Montauk.
  11. Why drive when you can use your corvette for classified document file cabinet ?
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