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  1. Hello M and friends, So I got the BFG Ko2s mounted. They look mean. Looking forward to challenging them on some terrain. They certianly inspire confidance. As far as the spare, you saved me the cost of a new rim. The old cooper fit on the rim of the old spare & it bolted up, just barley. Thanks again Modlecitizen. JD
  2. Nice! Agreed, they really are a lot of fun on light tackle. JD Okay thanks! Awesome, great news. I'll be working hard to find and entice one of those little beauties. Thanks! JD
  3. Congrats! Did they bite lure off of leader! or did they bit swivel? 5Olb, so seems lb test doesn’t really matter? im trying to figure these Spanish out. Looking tomorrow through Monday in OC. Hope I’m not too far S. Best Regards everyone JD
  4. Great info here. Move got to get a hold of a few of these, along w/ keel weighed hooks. JD
  5. Nice. What a cool looking fish. I’m christening my new 10’ Suzuki Surf tomorrow. Best Regards JD
  6. Hey folks, I know many like and catch a variety of fish on Albi Snax. I also see & like the fact they have some weight to them (i.e. 1/2 oz). I'm wondering if a fluke or super fluke on a 1/2 oz bullet head bucktail (died white or pink, whatever coloer Fluke is) would be as effective for albies etc? I see people use weighted swim bait hook, probably makes it swim more level & if so, wondering why same wouldn't work w/ Zoom fluke or super fluke? I'm asking beacuse I've heard when thes fish get really pickey, like Albies or Spanish, a soft bait fished a little slower & jerkey can get strikes. I've also heard that they sometimes pop up righ next to jetty, in which case, it would be easier to work, no? Love to hear your thoughts and expereince please. JD
  7. Will do. I'm a tad concerned as I heard mixed reviews. JD
  8. Great job. Nice looking fish. JD
  9. Nice! JD
  10. Lightly toasted yellow corn tortilla.
  11. Thanks a ton Bud! In your original replies, you gave sme really great points that i didn't think about. They had them mounted and balanced. Now sending back for KO2 LT 285 70R17. My spare is P265 70R17. Very different from LT 285 70R17 no, too different to run in 4X4 off beach? Now my only concern is the spare. I'm going to contact FR wheels about getting a 5th wheel, if it would fit under vehicle, I could do a 5 way rotation. If it dosen't fit, uh oh. Can't put it on roof because I have surf rod rack up there. That means I need to spend more $ swing out spare holder on rear gate. JD
  12. Is that becuase of diffculty unhooking fish & or because you don't trust strenght of them? JD
  13. I have heard after bleeding out throughly, removing gills and guts imporves quality and helps keep longer. Yes I know what you mean. I read of a various techniques of removeing gills and guts w/out filleting. Perhaps cutting head off or cutting throat and pulling guts out that way? Then rinse in seawater? JD
  14. Cool. Loved those Mitchells. Used to use them in fresh water too, waaaaay back in the day. The little ultralights were so smooth. JD