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  1. This comes to mind. JD
  2. I've heard Shimano Lucanus and similar knock offs also catch BSB pretty well. Perhaps that fits under the catagory of "they hit pretty much anything"? That being siad, I've caught pretty well on hammered diamonds silver and gold tipped w/ pink and chart Gulp. JD
  3. That didn’t Yup, me too. I called them. They do not stock Shickhaus either. JD
  4. Thanks, I googled the news Shop-Rite near Point Pleasent NJ. I called them & they don’t stock them. I think the one in Long Branch has them but that’s pretty far outta the way. JD
  5. Hey folks, I’m on a quest to find Schickhaus dogs. They’re not available anywhere around my home town of West Chester PA. We’re headed to Point Pleasent NJ this Thursday afternoon as we’re sailing on Voyager. Is there anywhere between here & there that sells them? JD
  6. Hahaha, You know me too well & that’s pretty hilarious. OCD, the struggle is real...... I’m drawing the line, no more questions. Now, where the OCD is really a struggle is tryin to limit the amount of tackle to a reasonable amount that won’t throw my back out JD
  7. 1st off, thanks for your patience w/ all of these Nantucket fluke questions. I know I over compliacte simple things, It's pathological. The boat will provide stripped out squid and I'm not sure what else. 6" Gulp grubs will be my main bait in pick shine, glow and chartruce. I'm trying to decide what other bait to bring. Mostly thinking of bait for harness - Fluke Bomb, Crazy rig w/ spoon, so big biats. Was probably going to get some whole squid. Would frozen bait shop squid be good enough? Also, was thinking about mackerel. I spoke w/ someone who was up there early this week. Their biggest were on whole fresh jigged macs on rigs. I don't really want to take the time to jig for bait while were on the fluke grounds. Was considering trying to obtain some fresh (local fish monger) and cut them onto big strips and salt them. Does this sound like a good idea? Other alternative was frozen spearing. What would you take? JD
  8. Soooo, The Dietz & Watson hot smomed sauages were pretty good, not great. The smoked Kielbasa from local meat specialty store was really great. The Kielbasa: 1/2 lb bacon rendered & removed, 2 good double IPAs, few cups of chicken stock, 3 bay leaves, krout & it's liquid, brown horse raddish mustard, simmered to marry flavors, added 6 lbs of Keilbasa cut into club roll size portions. Simmered for 30 mins, added crumbeled bacon back in. Browned kielbasa on griil w/ some hickery chips, back in pan. Excellent and huge hit The Dietz & Watson hot smomed sauages: In pan, rendered 1/2 lb bacon, removed. added 3 sliced onions & 3 aloha peppers (bell pepper that was striped orange, yellow), and carlemized. Added 2 beers, few cups chicken broth, 2 bay leaves, a little horse raddish mustard, few shakes of tobasco sauce, simmered to marry flavors. Added dogs & simmered for 20 mins (they started to split and swell so I took them out). Browned and back in pan. They were pretty good, but not great. The peppers and onions were a nice adition to the fresh rolls though. Next time my sights are set on Schickhaus. They're not available near me so it's either shiiped overnight in cooler (added expense) or pick them on on next trip to Voyager in Pt. Pleasent. Thanks folks. JD
  9. Thanks for all your help everyone, JD
  10. Is this stuff useful? JD
  11. Thanks everyone I needed to know that. i was considering crazy glue. i think I bought the wrong Sally H stuff. See pic. I think I just bought “clear nail paint” instead of topcoat protection- sealer.
  12. The good news is I just got some nice looking bucktails that look perfect for my application. The bad news is the thread wraps are not coated & the paint finish looks a little thin / vulnerable. Would it increase their durability to dip them in Sally Hansen Hard as Nails (i.e head & wrap)? Any downsides or cautions? Any helpful hints on how to do this for best results? Thanks in advance. JD
  13. So the Dietz and Watson Hot Smoked Sausages were okay. Made much better by the stuff they were cooked in. I'm on a mission to obtain some Schikhaus. They're aren't available aorund my way. I'll either mail order a box of 40, or pick one on my next trip to Voyager in Pt. Pleasent NJ. JD
  14. I’m used to NJ surf fluke where keepers are few & far between. 2 over 10 is amazing. Full disclosure, I did pick up 2 spoon rigs. Not sure if or when I’d deploy them. I sighed up early so should be among 1st few to board & pick rail spot, My goto if current will allow will be jig on bottom (Swing hook buck tail or simply a ball head jig w/ Gulp), & small jig up top. If 6 jig won’t hold, I’ll switch to hi- lo ( aka chicken or popcorn rig) w/ 2 light jigs & sinker on bottom. If drift is too much for 6 oz jig, but not crazy, & I have room w/ out fear of tangle, & big fish are coming up, I may drop a spoon rig. Our trips are 6/20 & 7/07. Seeing we only get one NJ possession limit, the majority of the trip will be jigging for ground fish. Gotta be selective of what fluke we retain. Certainly looking forward to to it. Though I have significant grad work, curriculum writing, workshops & plenty of committe work, my last full day at school is 6/19. This will be my official kick off of summer. Regards, JD
  15. Yes, Jimmy the Greek. I know, big diff between charter that fishes area on a regular basis & super cruiser from outta area. I'm still looking forward to our trips. i wouldn’t be too upset w/ one or three 1/2 that size. JD