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  1. Looks good. It's one of my staples. So easy & can do so much with it. Pulled beef BBQ, tacos & burritos, chili, etc... JD
  2. Yes I like the addition of peas. Panchetta in stead of guanciale? JD
  3. Thanks but I already made a purchase. I appreciate the offer. Best regards. JD
  4. Thanks! Oh wow, did you make all of that? That’s amazing! Clearly you’re on a whole other level. Respect! JD
  5. Yes, It was delicious. I did add one shallot and a handful of green peas. The pancetta did not render enough fat & I needed to add more moisture, e.g. a dab of butter, a splash of milk and more pasta water. Next time I wii be sure to use guanciale. My source was out. Cheers! JD
  6. Interesting, I'd always heard that fresh water on saltwater fish was a no no, other than last min rinse before preparing. Can you please explain what you mean by "curing"? Hummm, sake. Seems that would take a good bit of sake. I like the idea of ice packs and paper towels. Can you please also explain what your mean by searing before serving raw? Thanks again everyone. JD
  7. Hello friends, I’m going to make carbonara fir guests tonight. I’m blown away at how simple the ingredients are, i.e., eggs, Romano & guanciale, over bucatini. My question to you all is do you prefer the authentic version or do you adjust or include additional ingredients? I’m considering adding some green peas, & or potentially leaks or shallots. Your thoughts? How do you like it? JD
  8. Hello folks, I am looking for a used two speed 100 lb heavy framed reed. It will be on a rail rod used for SoCal night time tuna jigging, which is up and down, drop & reel knife jigs. I was offered an Okuma Andros 16ii. How does that compare w/ the Makaira? Is it a capable reel and up for that job? Thanks in advance! JD
  9. Thanks Eric, That's a good deal & I appreciate that. It's a tad small for my uses, but thanks anyway. JD
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