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  1. Interesting. I wonder what vinegar does as compared to iced brine? JD
  2. Beautiful! Would you mind sharing your recipe? JD
  3. That looks amazing, especially the lamb. Nicely done Peter! JD
  4. I’m pretty sure mushiness is a word. If not it should be. when I return home w/ stockies, I fillet, skin, soak in bath of ice & brine. That seems to firm them up. Then I blot them off and vacuum pac and in single layer in my deep freezer. All w/ in hours of removing from water. Does a pretty good job of preserving. They don’t have much flavor to begin w/, so infusing additional flavor and texture is always a benefit. I’m going to try a brief salt, brown sugar brine, smoke as low as I can muster & make a batch of rilletes. I’ll report back. Thanks everyone! JD
  5. Oh my gosh man, that looks great! I wonder if they’re skinned if the meat (pellicle ) would pick up & hold more smoke? I’m guessing the trade off would be the risk of drying out too much, especially smallish stickies. Thanks man, JD
  6. Nice, Thanks!! Oh my, I’ve never heard of this. Thanks JD
  7. Wow, sounds like an epic day! Nice eye, love stripers as bycatch & that carp must have been fun! DE or Susky? Thanks Kid, Gonna look them up. JD
  8. Thanks again for this. I'd never heard it called "rilles", just pate. Looked up some recipes and it looks delicious. My questions is, does it really keep for months? The recipes I saw said "... keeps in refrigerator for up to 5 days". I wish I had an electric smoker. I couldn't imagine keeping my egg at 180. 225 is hard enough. I'd have to lift a tiny fire. This may be a dumb question.... How will I know when my smoked trout is done? Again, they're small 12" + stocker fillets. May I assume you do a dry brine? JD
  9. That's a nice fallfish! I like your net. I have a C & R net in that material. Love that hooks don't tangle as much as woven cord. Mine is too wide, more challenging to bushwhack, and too shallow, fish literally jump out while I'm trying to unhook. If you don't mind, where did you get it? JD
  10. Thanks. Makes sense but I still wanna try. Nice! Rilleyes!!! I always called it pate. Def gonna do that! Thanks!
  11. Thanks, Are there adjustments tat can be made to accommodate the smaller filleted stockers? JD
  12. Thanks brother! I’ll look for them. Best regards! JD
  13. Tried to figure out a way to serve stocked trout that was flavorful and appealing. After consulting w/ the chef / cooking teacher at my school I came up w/ this. It turned out rally well. It was crisp, savory w/ a hint of sweetness. The tarragon, shallot and lemon were the predominant flavors. Make clarified butter to fry fish in. Make compound butter to top the fried fish with: High quality unsalted butter Finely chopped fresh tarragon, Finley chopped fresh parsely, Finley diced shallot Zest & juice of a large lemon Zest of 1/2 an orange Fresh course ground black pepper Pinch of salt Pinch of sugar Pick of hot chili flakes splash of cream Mix thoroughly and portion out (roll in parchment paper) and freeze all you won't use in one sitting. Marinate fish: White wine Olive oil Onion powder Garlic powder Back pepper Orange and lemon zest Pick of sugar Dredge fish Dredge in flour Dip in egg Dredge in panko Fry till golden brown. Top fried fish w/ medallions of compound butter.