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  1. Couple things I did not mention. 1st a pro KBQ, while one can not dial in a specific temp like 223, you dial in to a range. The firebox fan that controls the temp keeps it in a range, e.g. 220 - 245 ish. Once you have pit temp dialed into where you want, the fans keep it there. In that sense it's set & forget. 2nd a con, because the smoke box is small and burns so hot, one needs to feed it frequently, i.e. every 20 - 30 mins. Also because the firebox is small, the wood must be between the size of a Redbull can and a brick. As far as cleaning, the builder recommends oven cleaner then spraying w/ hose. Many say they just use a power washer. You def don't need to clean after each cook and the grates are dishwasher safe. I use a disposable full size catering - hotel pan in bottom as water pan & to collect drippings. Respectfully, JD
  2. Hey folks, I've got a very rare opportunity to fish the OC surf (very popular and well known spot) latter this week. Unfortunately I'm moving to the opposite side of the county and this will very likely be my last opportunity. I want to make the best of it and appreciate a little help. I'm getting older and will be with my wife so my fishing will not be at night. The tides look like dead low at dawn and coming till mid day. Though I'll have some limited access to the back, I'll be fishing out front. While chunking is a possibility, I much rather plug. Trying to figure out drifting bugs may be a good option. That being said, what are current must haves for the plug bag? PM's are welcomed. Thanks in advance! JD
  3. Thanks Butch. Yes very well said, couldn't agree more. "...what was it." Some times one just gets lucky. Thanks bud Hey fishless. I had been poking around online and researching dedicated smokers all winter. I joined several barbecue websites and redoubled my research. I kept coming back to stick burners as having the very best smoke flavor, the being gold standard of BBQ. I also bumped into the long learning curve, the fact that good offsets are large, heavy and expensive. Then I bumped into the KBQ. It provided that gold standard real wood only flavor profile. It also was light & portable, has a small footprint, has a generous cooking capacity (volume), was relatively affordable (used), and was specifically engineered to cook with clean, clear blue smoke. Plus, it's all stainless steal so rust isn't a concern. I connected w/ and heard from many people online that use them and all were happy with them. I reached out to the owner who designed and builds them. Very nice, informative and responsive. The icing on the cake was a podcast with Meathead and Bill Karue (designer & builder). Also one w/ meathead on the science of smoke & flavor, specifically how wood combusts and how it creates flavor, and what flavors are good vs bad. Completely sold me. The only downside for me is that it does require electricity. The way I justified that was that it's the electrical aspect of it that allows one to easily dial in only clean blue smoke AND it cooks faster than other cookers due to the large amount of smoke / air flow, like a convection oven. At that point I started poking around online in the barbecue websites for used KBQs. I was lucky enough to find one reactively locally. Turned out the guy was OCD like me and just had way too many smokers and wife was making him get rid of some. They sell for $1695 new and was just under $2000 with shipping. I paid $1000 and met the guy 1/2 way to pick it up. Its in great shape. I wasn't concerned because all the parts are replaceable and the only real moving part, i.e. the electric controller w/ thermostat and fans, is easily replaceable and affordable. I hope that helped. JD
  4. Hey vce, Good topic. I think it might also depend on what type of cooker and what form the wood is in. What I mean is, when trying to cook meat on my BGE, charcoal was the heat source and I would add wood chunks I purchased. These chunks were kiln dried. that limited the wood flavor and I had to be really carful to limit the smoldering and wait till the smoke cleared up so food wouldn't biter and like creosote. When using dried chunks on my BGE, I liked hickory or pecan for beef and pork, and alder for fish and chicken. Recently I purchased some Oak "Smoking wood chunks" from Myron Mixon's website. They were the perfect size and claimed to "naturally cured". I liked the results I achieved with those a lot. On his website he sells sever different types of wood chunks. I believe that you're cooking on a pellet cooker. I've read that pellet smokers create a light smoke profile, though I also believe that some have a "super smoke" function and some people use some sort of smoke tube. I've seen all different types of wood pellet, including blends for pellet cookers, which is very convenient. For my stick burner, I need to use seasoned not kiln dried wood. So far I've only fond apple locally. I've been happy with the sweet mild flavor of the apple, but hope to find some cherry and oak soon. Respectfully, JD
  5. Very nicely done. Boy that looks really good, and super healthy too. JD
  6. Hello Butch, I don't want to over state this, & can not take credit for technique and recipe because they're pretty much Myron's. It is quite simply the most juicy, & flavorful barbecued pulled pork we've ever tasted, including my wife who previously asserted she didn't like smoke flavor. The layers of flavor, juicy porkiness of injected Duroc, the seasoning and spices from the rub, the crisp smokiness of the bark and the sweet and spicy glaze. I'm not much for experimenting but in retrospect, I kind of wish I done one the way I did, and one straight out of the package w/ no injection and only SPG. Being bathed in fully ignited, all wood, sweet clean seasoned (not kiln dried) apple smoke, is a whole other thing. The smell had the all of the neighbors and passers by peaking in to see what I was cooking. One of my neighbors is now in the market for a KBQ. Best regards, JD
  7. Hi Butch. Soon enough, though I’m hoping, really hard, that we’ll hold off for one more year. Thanks. Was grateful we only had some light showers and very little wind. Gusty thunderstorms would have been a dealbreaker. Best regards! JD
  8. 167 internal, ready to wrap & finish in oven. The bark is insane! Lovin’ the KBQ! JD
  9. Hey folks, I got two 8 - 9lb Duroc pork butts from Compare Family Farms. They needed zero trimming. I scored the fat cap & injected them Thursday morning w/ Myron Mixon's recipe of apple juice, Minor's Porkbase & Myron's Clear Hot sauce. This morning I drained of the liquid and toweled it dry. I rubbed some oil over it as a binder and help w/ browning. I gave it a light coating of Myron's Hickory Salt, some smoked paprika and fresh course ground black pepper, Than a coating of Meat Church Dees Nuts honey pecan rub. Let rub sweat in a bit while I fired up the Karubecue. I filled a whole catering pan at bottom of pit w/ boiling water. Once pit was stabilized between 230 & 260 (the thermostat & fan keeps it a range), gave it another light coating of rub & I placed meat at 8:00 ish. I'm using seasoned apple wood I got from local orchard. At 9:30 bark was firm and started spritzing w/ 1/2 apple juice & 1/2 apple cider vinegar every 45 mins. After 2nd spritz I saw the bark was well on its way and butts were at 128 I cranked up pit to 245 - 275 range. The bark this KBQ crates is impressive. At 165 internal, I'll place on cooling racks in full pan, w/ a cup of apple juice. I'll cover them w/ butter paper then wrap tightly in foil. I'll finish in oven preheated to 300. I'd like them to reach probe tender (200 - 205) at least two and a half hours before dinner time (5:30) so I can give them a good rest. Then I'll crank up oven to 325. I glaze the butts w/ combo of Myron's Hog Sauce and Sweet & Tangy Sauce. I'll put back in oven to caramelize the sauce. I'll keep you posted and include pics if finished butts. Best regards! JD
  10. Very nice! I didn't know they got that big. Quite a fish! The things can really fight can't they? Strength & endurance... JD
  11. Hey superuser, Thanks for posting and thank you to those who've answered. Good info here. XBMX, I plan on acquiring one of these reels. I am a tinkerer. Can you please share how one would "...reduce the under-spool washer by .008-.010in."? Thanks! JD
  12. I don’t know if you should be concerned. It sure doesn’t look very smooth. I was considering one of those. I’d sure like to see how people respond. JD
  13. Yes, makes sense. Thanks
  14. Great ideas, thanks! Checking outlet & unplugging. I do have a kill switch at the plug on tbe KBQ controller. I always turn it off before I “fluff” the coals / embers to keep the coal bed fresh and red-hot. Would the kill switch have the same protective effect as unplugging? JD
  15. Thanks brother. Putting tent up again the house is a great idea. Putting it next to kitchen will allow a straight line from outlet to plug w/ out touching the ground. And yes…. Overthinking it is what I do. OCD, the struggle’s real. Best regards, JD