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  1. I bought one used here on BST. Even though they told me it didn't have enough use on it to warrent service, I sent it to The Reel Seat in Brielle NJ. They're a Maxel dealer and official service center. They know Maxel's very well and have a direct line to supplier. They told me that the problems were def w/ older models and those problems got fixed. They told me that these are solid reels and are great for light jigging and bottom fishing. I matched mine to a Black Hole Challanger 7'3"m. I'll use it for big deep fluke, haddock and smal shallow cod. I put 325 yds of 30 lb maxcuatro w/ a 10' 25lb mono topshot. Wow, what a light and comfortable set up to use. I've messed with it, test cast it, etc. At this point I'm pleased w/ it. Hopefully I'll feel the same way at the end of this season. Good luck! JD
  2. Sold, Please close thread. Thank you NYChaz & TimS JD
  3. So this is what I did, 4 frozen chicken breast halves in slow cooker. Added a good amount of chicken stock, garlic powder, onion flackes, McCormic barbeque seasoning, liquid smoke, and barbeque sauce. Cooked for about 6 hours on low / medium. Flaked apart / shredded w/ fork. Served on toased buns, buttered, w/ French's crispy fried onions for added crunch. Home made coleslaw on side. It was was I was shooting for. Thanks folks. I'd never done that before. Quite easy & dummy proof. JD
  4. Sold, You've got them for $70 shipped. How do you want to pay? Please pm me your shipping address. JD
  5. Yes congratz. That's a beautiful plug! Looks like it will catch! JD
  6. Just checked on the boots and the Muckboot site. No width or letter associated w/ them. Just regular size 12. Interested? JD
  7. Regular, I’ll try to figure out if there is a letter / size associated w/ their width & get back a little latter this morning. JD
  8. So are you saying the slow cooker is a bad idea?
  9. Hey folks, Wife has some frozen chicken breasts I’d like to use. She’s not a dark meat fan, but to me it’s a challenge to not have breast be dry & bland. I’m considering a pulled pork style in slow cooker w/ chicken stock, garlic powder, onion flakes & BBQ sauce. Any suggests? JD
  10. I agree. this is my go to ground fishing rods for cod & pollock. Dam nice rod. Light, sensitive & very strong. Not to mention, cool looking. JD
  11. Yes. Bony but tasty. JD
  12. Must have been a bad arse dude. Lucky too. Those cats can take down a steer. JD
  13. I have tne itch to fish. thanks for the chance! JD