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  1. That's all solid advice there! Agreed, if you get a good weather window, good fun & great eating! I wish I had time to squeeze another trip in. Hove fun and pleasee report back. JD
  2. It depends, How warm & dry do you ned to be, vs having dextarity? There are Atlas brand gloves designed for commercial deck workers that are warm and dry but dextarity suffers. JD
  3. Wow, That looks amazing. Ive never heard or seen such a thing. Does it loose any flavor w/out the bones? JD
  4. Nice! Agreed! JD
  5. Wow, that sounds great! Would have never thought of that. Next time for sure! Thanks! JD
  6. Thanks, That's what I'm gonna do. I'll slow cook in BBQ, hot ketchup, what's this here sauce, diced onion & tiny bits of bacon. While I do love a good spicy mustard, I think it'll be suace overkill. I like the idea of rolled up in 1/2 cressent w/ a little mustard. I'll report back! JD
  7. Hey folks, Someone here suggested wrapping little smokies in 1/2 cressent roll and bake. Sounds good. I'll make these but I'm looking for a way to jazz them up a tad & add a little more flavor,\. Any ideas? I searched it on the web and kept bumping into recipes for appitizers w/ little smokies wrapped in bacon and rolled in dark brown sugar. All of the reviews seemed to be good. For some reason I can not imagine how that combo of sweet, salty and greasy would tase. Has anyone here made this? Is it awkwardly too sweet? Looking ofr input. Thanks in advance! JD
  8. Oh, my, goodness, those look & sound amazing! Are you willing to share a recipe & instructions please?
  9. Thanks, gonna do this This looks awesome & elegant. Challange is it's an open house w/ people coming & goingover a couple hours. These must be eaten soon as they will most likely get mushy and soggy after a while. Also going w/ Chef John's Buffelo Chicken Dip, along w/ a shrimp cocktail tray, and a pickle tray. Thanks! JD
  10. Done, Thanks bud! JD
  11. Thanks much. I wish I had a few mins to make ahead of time. I also wish I liked Brie, cause that sounds nice. Now we’re talking! Wow! I make this w/ bacon but LOVE prosciutto. Looks elegant & tasty. Yes, veggie, fruit & shrimp trays sound right. Thanks all, please keep them coming. JD
  12. Hey folks, My wife & I planned on hosting a small holiday openhouse this Saturday. Somehow the guest list got out of hand. We have a very small cape cod & the list went form 8 to 14. We're asking everyone to bring a snak, app or desert. I was planning on grilling a couple pizzas & baking some wings, but I believe between last minuet cleaning, decorating and other prep, that'll be too much. I still want to do wings (hot & bbq). I was thinking that lots of people like spicy buffelo cheese dip & sweet swedish meatballs. What apps & dishes are your fave for entertaining? Please share your suggestions and favorites (please include recipes). Thanks! JD
  13. Thanks folks. JD
  14. Wow that looks perfect Scoob. Thanks a ton! I'm looking at the omnimount 15.0W. As you can see in the pic, I do not have a threaded insert, nor do I have a removeable back on my speaker. May I simply glue the mounting plate, reinforced w/ small wood screws onto the back of the speaker? Would that be secure enough? Is there something else I could / should be doing to secure that mount to back of speaker? Any hints of what type of glue to use to attach metal to wood? I'm so carpentry challanged! Thanks again! JD
  15. Hey folks, I picked up a slightly used Maxel 20 Hybrid from our BST forum. Shortly after I read about problems, quirks, damage & failures to gears and clutch. Can people who uses them & or knows about them please share your technique(s) to uatilize the thumbar to it's advantage & limit chance of damage or failure? Somewhere here I read that one needs to keep the bar depressed throughout the entire cast until it stops /jig hits bottom because slight movement of the handle causes gears to engage. Isn't that a set up for backlash? I'd think the thumbar would be very handy for jigging on the drift to pay out line intermittantly to stay in the strike zone. How do you use it to it while avoiding or limiting chance of damage / failure? Thanks! JD