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  1. Nice, what fun & pretty fish. JD
  2. Do you guys "inoculate" your bean and pea seeds before planting them? Everything I've read about it says it's worth it. JD
  3. Thanks Jim & Steve. As of now, they're both looking iffy. I'm gonna order some seeds and plant them just in case. JD
  4. Thanks. Next winter I’ll need to figure out what seed to order & when to sow them. Buying Arcady started plants to too expensive. It was my only choice this year as just decided to build the boxes. Glad I did. Should have done this a long time ago. i believe we’ll have better, fresher produce and save a good bit over buying them at the grocery, which don’t have great produce anyway. JD
  5. Too late. Asked lady at farm & garden distributors this morning. She said if I put in in last night, today is okay. Like the 5 second rule. I lightened the soil way up w/ a raised bed mix w/ vermiculite, added a little compost, garden tone & mixed it up well. Made a hill, indentation, put a little plant starter that’s supposed to prevent shock. Watered well. I’ll report back in a week or so and let you know how they’re doing. Fingers crossed. I was ecstatic to find the Burpee butter bush & crimson sweet water melon plants stared, as it’s late to start from seed. Next year I’ll be starting seeds months early. Should save a ton of $ too. I’m new to this veggi garden thing. JD
  6. I've got a question. How hard is it on young water mellon and burpee butter bush plants to be transplanted? I ask this because I planted them last evening. Upon further thought, the soil was kind of heavy and clumpy. I am considering pulling them, building up a hill amending the native soil /manure-compost w/some lighter raised bed soil and some added fertilizer. I'll build up a mound / hill as I should have done to start. Is this a good idea, or would moving / disturbing them again be counterproductive? Thanks in advance. JD
  7. Wow, sounds like a PIA. Thanks
  8. How would you use Neem Oil? i just put mine in the ground, along w/ a water Mellon. Should I start using neem oil?
  9. Thanks for that. Didn't know the fruit needed to cure. Yes for sure. I only have one, it's a Burpee Butter Bush as I'm short on space. Should be interesting.
  10. Hello, Lately I’ve been frustrated trying to post pics from my phone here. I say lately because this is a relatively new situation. It must have changed w/ an iOS update. How can I convert my iPhone pics to a format that I can post here? Thanks in advance. JD
  11. Prayers for healing, curing, strength and peace. JD
  12. Thanks Bob. What brand / model is that? JD
  13. Found this article on NPR. A BYOB backyard gathering with one other household: Low to medium risk Meeting in a spacious outdoor area with only a small group isn't too risky. But our experts say that safety here depends on who you invite and what their behaviors have been. "If you have a gathering with one other household that [has] followed social distancing, this would be a low-risk activity," says Dr. Judith Guzman-Cottrill, a pediatric infectious disease expert at Oregon Health & Science University. What alters risk? To lower risk, avoid sharing food, drinks or utensils — make it a BYO everything party. Dr. Andrew Janowski, a pediatric infectious diseases expert at Washington University in St. Louis, notes the food itself isn't the risk, but touching shared dishes or utensils could be. Watch out for drinking, says Dr. Abraar Karan, a physician and public health researcher at Harvard Medical School, as it can make people sloppy about social distancing. It also increases the odds that people will want to use your bathroom. "Once you move into the house with others, the risk profile goes up," he says. Some experts suggest wearing a face covering, but Landon points out that you can't realistically stay masked while eating and drinking. She suggests an alternative to a meal would be a backyard lawn tournament: That way, "the kids can play together, but still with their masks on." It could be fun for the grownups too.