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  1. Thanks guys. I'm going to add more fresh ethynol free fuel today & some fuel stabilizer & run it again for a while with an electric fan plugged in. Do you also recomend adding some type of deturgent fuel additive? It has a carberator not injectors. Thanks again! JD
  2. Awesome. Nothing beats a well bread, well balanced & well trained GSD. He's beautiful! I always liked the long hairs, especially the redish ones. A neighbor had one. Regular mail man would bring him treats every day and he would lay in the driveway waiting. He would run to greet him enthusiasticly. When a sub was deliveing, he would always scare the hell of of them, by the time they reached for their pepper spray, he'd be sitting in front of them wagging his tail waiting for his treat. Pretty hilarious. JD
  3. This is an interetsing thread. I appreciate everyone's respectful opinions & perspectives. THanks. JD
  4. Perhaps for those who cast from land to hard structure, e.g. jetty? JD
  5. Hey bud, Thanks for the reply. Sorry I lost touch. Hope you're doing well. Are you still doing what you were last time we spoke? Yes, I forgot to plug something in. It did run suprisingly well. Even thought I drained out the old fuel, used ethynol free fuel & ran well, should I use some type of fuel aditive (i.e. injector cleaner & or fuel stabilizer)? Thanks in advance. JD
  6. Good questions. Interesting idea w/ split shot. I'd have never thought of that. Big, I probably asked this before. Is that dog in the pic a Belgian Shepherd? It's head, muzzle & neck look thick, almost like a Shiloh Shepherd. It looks too big & thick to be a Belgian Tervuren, though coloring sure looks it. It's really beautiful. Every time I see your posts, I miss our German Shepherd dogs. We lost last two last year to old age & cancer. They left an empty spot but good memories. Now we travel to visit grand kids so a puppy, especially a large breed, is not in the near future unfortunatly. Best Regards. JD
  7. Wow those are good looking lures right there. I've never used anything that looks like that. How would you work it in the surf? Also, is the original hardwear sufficient? Thanks in advance! JD
  8. Wow, I really wish I'd have read this thread before buying them. I bought a couple in 4.25" 1.25 oz in silver, along w/ an epoxy jig 1 1/4oz 4" in black / silver. I thought they looked like a good mullet imitations. Is someone willing to post a pic of how the weighted sluggo is rigged please? People are saying they don't like the Pro Tail because the tail dosen't paddle, does the Sluggo have any action? Thanks! JD
  9. This is interesting. Why do you think this is true? Here's my best guess: Schools of blues are on the move following the bait. Bass are picking the scraps behind and underneath schools of feeding bluefish. Bass (individuals or small groups) that aren't on a school of bait, are staging waiting for bait or in ambush mode. Bluefish seem to always be on the move, not always the case with bass. Their breeding and seaonal migrations are different too. Does this seem accurate? JD
  10. Hey is that salmon red? Now that's a great September morning! Awesome job Mike. Thanks you for posting. It gives us hope for fall. Even cooler that you caught on your creations! Kept it up! JD
  11. I do most of the cooking in our home. Like many of us, I have a very busy job that consumes a lot of time & energy. Many nights I know I won't have the time or energy to cook. When I do cook, usually on a Sunday, I like to make a lot & freeze some. I try to keep a good variety of meals in the freezer. I also like to share it with freinds, neighbors (doing favors for neighbors maes them more likley to help you out when needed) & especially those who are in need, or ill & can not cook. Sounds great Steve. My oldest son's wife is a great cook & very frugal (I should really say wise). She does this & it works out great for her & her family. My challange is I don't buy many whole chickens, buy obviously I should. Do you ever roast a bird just to make stock? JD
  12. Just received an order from Hogy. Looking forward to tossing these around mullet. JD
  13. Wow, Excellent work figuring out what they wanted! JD
  14. Well that looks down right frightning : 0 JD