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  1. Sooo, cut cross hatches. Pured bourbon, patted w/ kosher salt, fresh course ground black pepper & brown sugar (at 5:30 pm Friday 4/19). Wrapped tightly w/ plastic wrap. Prolly gonna smoke w/ hickory early Sunday morning (4/21). My question is at what temp & for how long. Dinner is at 4:00 pm Sunday. my wife wants sweet pineapple, brown sugar & bourbon glaze. I’m guessing I’ll need to baste?
  2. Ok so I like my local butcher, & he must be a great salesman & or I must have wanted to be sold. I want in expecting to come out w/ a 10lb skin off 1/2 ham. I came out w/ a 22lb whole skin on bone in fresh ham (rump). i wanna smoke it for this Sunday at 4:00 pm. i barely have a clue how to take this on. Cut cross hatches & pack w/ kosher salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, wrap for 32 hours. I have fake Big Green Egg. I need advice for how to smoke this thing (basic / for dummies) please!!!!! Thanks much in advance! JD
  3. See above
  4. I just got outta butcher shop. OMG, I NEED to start a new thread! Smoking a whole 22lb fresh ham (rump) w/ skin on. I gotta figure this out. JD
  5. Should I keep skin & all fat on? First off, thank you all very much for this info. Like I said, I’ve never done spork toast, Peter O sounds good, though I can not imagine oregano on pork, kind of Italian style pork roast? I kind of like Jase’s suggestion of salt, pepper low & slow on smoker to 150. any idea how long that would take . I’m guessing it’ll be about 10 lbs. For that smoker method, should I lease skin on? Cut crest hatches through skin & fat into meat? Should it be smoked direct or indirect? I’m guessing hickory? Thanks again everyone! JD
  6. Yes, I want the shank 1/2 for maximum bone. I'll use that, along w/ some of the left over meat (seared for more umami) for soup afrewards. I'll roast the bone, along w/ a couple additional smoked ham hocks and cut them open and make stock, along w/ mirepoix, garlic and some bay leaves. Any other suggestions? Thank you, please see below. Don't know the diff between city, suburban and county hams. Now Jase, that looks beautiful! Anyway here's what I got yesteday. I spoke w/ the foods teacher in my school yesterday. He's a classicly trained chef and has owned several resturants and been a chef in many. Now he teaches for fun, he likes teens and feels like he offering an alternative oppratunity to those who might be drawn to cooking. He's a great guy. A lot of teens who don't love school and traditional R & R & R colege bound curriculum, really thrive in his class. Not to mention, they love having the oppratunity to eat, not always an option at home (& if so, unfortunatly it comes out of a package or drive through). Anyway here's what he said. First he was clear that this was only his opinion and other will differ. He siad when ever and his family eats any quanitity of grocery store bought cured hams, they don't feel good afterwards. He says he slao dosen't like the over saltyness and chemical flavor, He sas he believes the aditives are what makes the feel off and the flavprs he doesn't like, e.g. nitrates, too much salt and what he claimes to be artificial smoke flavor. He also says it's challanging to heat these through w/ out drying some of it out or over cooking, because basiclly they are cooked/cured. He suggested farm fresh, uncured ham. I called my local butcher shop and told them what I was looking for. He is cutting me a shank 1/2 of a whole fresh uncured ham. He said the same that many of you said, it's not realy ham-like, more of a pork roast. I'm okay w. that. Now I need to figure out how to cook a shank in port roast (is this a country ham?). Any suggestions? Thanks! JD
  7. Cool, thanks. I'll prolly go w/ double surgeon loop then. I like the clip because I believe it allows jig more movement. Even though I do not recall any of my loop knots failing, I still believe a uni knot to a strong clip is more secure than a loop. That is of course just my opinion & I could certanly be wrong. I appreciate you reply & understand why you said that. It's not a mater of him being lazy. He has damaged fingers form working decades in constrution and carpentry. Artritis, injuries, wear & tear, combined w/ cold slimy hands make knot tying slow and challanging for him, especially when it's cold. We're planning on fishing in ME in GOM next week. He's a good guy who has done pleanty of favors for me. Tying him a few rigs is the least I can do. Thanks for the replies! JD
  8. Thanks Salt, What are the noticable differances? I'm not sure if I ever had a ham that wasn't smoked or cured. JD
  9. Hey folks, My bud wants me to tie him a few jigging rigs for ground fishing in the GOM. I have switched from a terminal loop to attach jig to a paper clip style clip, e.g. tactical anglers clip. I feel that the conection is stronger, it's easier to switch jigs and the clip allows more movement. That being said, my bud is old school and stubborn & he is my bud so I agreed. Specificlly, this is for putting the loop through the eye of the jig, and pulling the jig through the loop. This is for haddock, redfish, pollack (cod - bycatch that must be released), potentially halibut), etc. I used to use tripple surgeon's loop knot. Someone convinced me that this was too weak of a knot (not sure if that's the case, it sure was quick & easy to tie). After that I started using a spyder hitch, bulky, a bit of a PIA to tie, but I do believe it's pretty strong. I never was good at the perfection loop knot and have a hard time trusting it. Plus, I'm not sure if it's the appropriate knot for this purpose. What loop knot do you folks like for this purpose? By the way, I am going to tie him a couple w/ the clip also to try to convince him that's a better option for next time. Thanks in advance! JD
  10. I've had the honey backed & spiral cut. They were okay, but got dried out. I love real smoked flavor. When you say fresh, do you mean smoked? I do have a good local butcher. I'll call them today. I agree about the shank for the bone. Would the 14 lb give me enough for the 1/4 lb per person (8 - 10 people) plus left-overs? What temp should I bake it at and to what internal temp to be fully heaed / cooked safely? Thanks againe! JD
  11. Hey everyone, We're having between 8 & 10 peeps for Easter Dinner. I want to do a really nice ham. I'd like some left overs and a nice bone & stock for soup (ham & beans). I am asking for advice on what kind of ham to look for and how to cook it for maximum flavor & for great ham & beans soup afterwards. Thanks in advance! JD
  12. Yes a local brick & mortar is a loss. My condolences for those local to it who frequented it. Will they in-fact contiune on-line? They've been my go-to for rigging and jigging odds and ends and do-dads (e.g. ball chain swivels). I hope they continue on line, can anyone please confirm that? If not, what is a plan B place for that stuff? JD
  13. I only get out for trout 3 - 5 times a year. I've been doing since I was a kid and I'm old so I have a decent feel for it. I generally fish in put & take stocked areas that get fished heavly, I also fish in artificial only, no harvest or delayed harvest. I fish these areas differently Gotta experiment w/ different baits, types of water (i.e speed & depth) along w/ size, speed and angle of presentation. Water temp, clarity, amount and type of natural food available and how hard area gets fished are all important factors to keep in mind. In my last two outtings (put & take stocked heavily fished streams) the three biggest factors were water temp (the colder it is, the less active the fish are), baits and clarity / fising pressure. My 1st outting it was cold. None of my group could get a sniff on a lure. Only thing anyone caught on was Berkley Power Bait. It was cloudy so line didn't matter much (thought my one bud w/ 6 lb stren didn't get a bite, I got 9 and I had 4lb Trilens XL). Yesterady it was cold and clear and fish were spooky because of all the pressure. I tied on a 6X Orvis Mirage 3lb flouro leader. Used the tinest shot that would keep me in the strike zone. They wouldn't touch power bait. Butter worms and live minnows (only the liveliest would get bit) did the trick. Once they got spooked (e.g. someone throwing a rattle trap and wadding too deep, or a fish getting caught in a spot), it took a while for them to calm down and bite again. In both of the last two outtings, as the sun came up and the water warmed, the fished moved from deeper to more shallow faster water (pool tail-outs) where ther was hatching insect activity. Also important is what type of trout. Bows like faster brighter presentations. Browns tend to be deeper and go for more natural baits. Hope this was helpful. JD
  14. Honestly don’t wanna hi-jack this interesting thread. How does beef aged 50 days NOT spoil? JD
  15. Just got off phone w/ Shimano Custmer Service. They said, “those do sometimes fall off. The only time anyone would need to access that screw is if they wanted to change out knob. Don’t need to lube because there are two bushings & all lube would do is attract grime. Lube wouldn’t get inside bushings. Put a couple drops of super glue on the pastiche piece & snap it on. Shouldn’t ever be a problem.” Done & Done! JD