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  1. Lots of pogies schooled up on the backside squid getting hammered on the bayside Truro to ptown
  2. Don’t do it GED. You might break a time off !!
  3. As a kid more than 35 years ago. Thousands washing up on corporation beach.
  4. Deer bones? spine and hip
  5. The best we ever made was with 25% beef trimmings.
  6. Turtle D-day
  7. Can’t use them in ma without a permit now....sucks
  8. Try crushing the barbs on your trebles during a good blitz. Your hooking a ton of fish anyway so...
  9. Looks like you scared her away
  10. Check near mulched beds. They seem to last close to a week. Very easy to identify
  11. Draggers are out this morning i count 7
  12. Sorry. I meant to ask what the cost would be installed. So labor plus materials. The original old cedar shingles would need to be stripped as well. I know how to do it but I do not have the time anymore
  13. Does anyone know a ballpark of the current rate per square foot or square??
  14. Just cut it crosswise into 1inch thick medallions. Season both sides cook on iron skillet with butter at medium heat. Cook one side for a few minutes flip over and cook until the blood comes up. Done