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  1. A view of barnstable harbor from behind the superior courthouse
  2. Great White perch
  3. Why don’t they ticket “wacky Jack” at the ramp that requires two stickers?? He has no stickers you know the guy
  4. I agree that there is a few problem. Before rebuilding the carb drain the bowl and replace fuel filter. See if that does it.
  5. A friend of mine sent me these pics this morning. Taken in her backyard on cape.
  6. Interesting that would be a first for zone 12
  7. No surplus in zone 12
  8. Same nest. A curious little guy
  9. Baby red tailed hawk in Cotuit
  10. Seeing lots of foxes this year
  11. Saw this truck at an air show 20 plus years ago. Amazing. RIP to the driver….