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  1. Seafood SAMs near the bulkhead excellent fried clams
  2. (if the answer is yes) Does a bear sh*t in the woods? Does a fat baby fart? Does a hobby horse have a hickory d*ck?
  3. What time is it? -Half past the monkeys ass -Quarter to his balls
  4. I agree completely on this. Most days I am towing a 10k trailer for work and people entering the highway from the on ramp usually cut me off. It’s like they expect me to switch lanes for them to merge. The law says that I don’t have to. Also, a lot of times I can’t switch lanes because someone is next to me in the left lane.
  5. A good dog’s life is way too short. So sorry for your loss.
  6. Just replace old fuel with fresh. Then give a small spray of starter fluid into the carb. Should work
  7. I didn’t know they were gone. Terrible news
  8. I’m pretty sure that catatonic caught one from one of the outer cape beaches a few years ago. Pretty cool catch.
  9. That won’t straighten up on its own.