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  1. Sorry. I meant to ask what the cost would be installed. So labor plus materials. The original old cedar shingles would need to be stripped as well. I know how to do it but I do not have the time anymore
  2. Does anyone know a ballpark of the current rate per square foot or square??
  3. Just cut it crosswise into 1inch thick medallions. Season both sides cook on iron skillet with butter at medium heat. Cook one side for a few minutes flip over and cook until the blood comes up. Done
  4. That’s ok. I’m just glad to see that it’s available thank you
  5. I cannot find it online. So far I can only find last years. Anyone know if it’s available online anymore??
  6. Haha. That wrasse was so ugly we let it go 10 years ago we kept a pout and ate it. It was good. It’s stomach was full of razor clams so we figured it (the fish) had to be tasty.
  7. Found the pic.
  8. I think I caught one years ago near fishing ledge. Do these fish have sunken eyes?? ill try to find a pic
  9. A view from the aerial lift Beach point, Barnstable
  10. I’m will to try so long as you freeze the carcass first
  11. There wasn’t any insulating snow on the cape. I’ve seen March colder than this and the peepers were out sooner
  12. They were late this year for some reason
  13. Lot lizard
  14. Looks good for now.