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  1. Cardinals
  2. My neighbor used to fish with him. Heard some good stories. Definitely “colorful”
  3. Just purchased a new dump truck and cannot get it registered. The Mass RMV is by appointment only (in person) and the website says minimum 7 day wait for appointments. My truck dealer hasn’t been able to get through to make an appointment. Just a heads up if you are planning to purchase a vehicle. Make sure your dealer can get the registration done!
  4. Wow that is great news I’ve only shucked bay scallops.
  5. Is that mutha fuggin watermelon???
  6. Rob. Do fishermen sell “un- shucked” sea scallops off their boats?
  7. Big perch in triangle. Never caught a trout there
  8. Thank you!
  9. They keep well in the freezer too!
  10. Same here on the Cape. I saw more late winter into spring. Less now
  11. Rainbow smelt