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  1. Had a great day on Saturday not in numbers of fish but got one great cutbow on a sz. 14 caddis nymph I tied. Water has been higher so we have been targeting the little pillows near the banks.
  2. Awesome!
  3. Thanks guys! It just seems sort of weird using the heavy gear on smallish water
  4. This is a sick setup. Keep the pics coming man
  5. Hey guys. Hope everyone is safe and healthy. Crazy times! I have been fishing a stretch of the South Platte that is more similar to a creek in places. Lots of oxbows and at times it gets as narrow as maybe 15 ft, and as wide as maybe 50 ft. With runoff starting here (it's been in the 90s in Denver this week), I am going to have to figure out how to navigate higher water if I want to continue to fish this particular stretch. Let's say I do - I plan to fish nymphs and streamers, and it got me thinking - would you consider using sink tips/polyleaders/sinking lines, etc. in water this small? Flow is about 100 CFS or so and rising. I just have a feeling a floating line and heavily weighted streamer is not going to do the trick. Interested on your thoughts as this is still pretty new to me. Thanks!
  6. Middle fork of the South Platte yesterday
  7. Yea Philly! A lovely time of year ain't it?
  8. Yea...
  9. I use a Cheeky for my saltwater set up, have always loved it, very smooth drag. I've had my eye on one of the trout versions but have never pulled the trigger.
  10. Nice bass, curious, what was the fly?
  11. In! Thank you for the offer
  12. I have fished for them in moving water and urban ponds. 8-wt, fly sizes 8-12, have actually had good success using a Gotcha-style bonefish fly. They are fun without a doubt
  13. Beautiful brookie. They're my personal favorite for looks on trout
  14. Is that a blue runner?
  15. That's a really beautiful brown