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  1. Congrats dude! That's sweet
  2. Kerry that is sweet!
  3. that's cool
  4. I had been away from the site for a week or two and am saddened to hear this. I never met Dick but he was always helpful, the consummate gentleman. They don't make em like that anymore. RIP BFD - what a guy.
  5. @villeman which type of cat is that? I think they're pretty fun on the fly rod
  6. Last night I tied up some sz. 4 streamers with higher quality hooks with larger gaps than before. These should help with the hookup-to-land ratio. Thanks guys
  7. First it's a Power Wheels, soon enough it'll be an ATV in Baja...
  8. Floated 10 miles of the Colorado R. over the weekend for a friend's bachelor party. Water was way higher than usual, as to be expected with the snow/rain we've gotten. We caught nice browns and rainbows on Pat's Rubber Legs and streamers; I even got a hit on top of my hopper-dropper rig, lost the fish. My friend (in first pic) got a sweet brownie on a streamer, sink tip. Awesome time, things are about to get real good here I think.
  9. "Running Down The Man" might have been the first or second fly fishing video I ever watched, and was always intrigued. Nice trip
  10. Yea this is really great feedback, I appreciate it. I am going to continue to try to improve with this because it is not only a fun way to fish, it's a great way to attract big fish. Thanks guys
  11. Yesterday morning I headed down the street to the South Platte to check out some water that I know does not get much pressure, partly because I've never seen anyone in this stretch and also because it's not that easy to get to. Waded in and pretty quickly found a nice run. Sat at the top, tied on a sz. 10, home-tied, black, beadhead, marabou streamer, cast it quartering down into the fast water, swung it out to the seam, made a few small strips and wham, it got slammed. Fish didn't move much in its location but was offering big head shakes as the 5-wt pulsed up and down. Fish ended up jumping and spitting the hook, and I saw that it had to be one of the biggest trout I've ever hooked, big rainbow. Adrenaline pumping, I sat there and tried to make the magic happen again to no avail, in that run at least. I've fished swung streamers only a little bit, but when I have, I have hooked big fish - probably need to do it more often. But here's my question - is there any good way to improve downstream hookups on the swing (I fish barbless, which doesn't help)? A better strip set would probably have gotten the job done. I was already keeping the rod tip low, in the water. Might just be part of the downstream game.
  12. Yea I'm looking for the same rec for what it's worth.
  13. That's awesome...
  14. If you're in Keystone, I would fish the Blue River, a tailwater. I've pulled some good fish out of there. Stop in at Cutthroat Anglers in Silverthorne (right around the corner) and ask them what's up. A lot of the rivers are blown out right now but the Blue should be fine.
  15. Went camping with the wife and dog for the first time together this past week in central CO, along the banks of the Arkansas R. Flows were around 4k CFS, many times the typical flows for this time of year. There were occasional pockets of slack water along the banks, and some fish were caught though not by me or anyone in my party. It was incredible to see how powerful that water was - I haven't really seen much of this Western run-off as I seem to fish a lot of tailwaters.