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  1. What a fish! Sweet
  2. Amazing fish. Well done
  3. @tomkaz that hopper pic is so cool, awesome coloring
  4. Awesome info, thanks guys. I will be primarily targeting them in still water it seems.
  5. After having landed my first pike yesterday, I am interested in delving into flies a bit. What are your favorite pike flies? And what are, in your opinion, the best flies for a beginner fly tyer for pike?
  6. Got my first pike yesterday on a black deceiver. These things are fun, will definitely be going back to try to get one on top water
  7. Sweet!
  8. It's a heck of a lot of fun! Takes pressure off trout streams, super challenging, and can be some of the biggest fish you can catch in freshwater
  9. Honestly not many - the clouds were moving over the sun pretty often which made finding them tough, but when we did get those moments of sunshine we were able to find a few. Coolest part was seeing them (common carp, not even grass carp, i.e., the common have the recessed mouths) eating willow seeds right off the top of the water. We actually threw imitations of those seeds that looked perfect on the water, but got no takers. Common carp on top - now that is something you don't see every day.
  10. I look pretty stupid in this hat, but I went to a public park in Denver last night and caught my first carp in CO (and only maybe my 4th or 5th ever). Went out with Arthur from Orvis in Cherry Creek, great guy. This was on a 9-ft, 8-weight, old Orvis HLS rod from the early 90s (garage sale). The fish actually took a rust colored, sz. 10 Gotcha, bonefish fly, and this was the first carp I've hooked that really ran on me and put a big bend in the 8-weight, pretty fun stuff, all sight fishing.
  11. @PhillyPhisher I can't believe they took something that big. Amazing
  12. @sardean how long is that fly?
  13. This is very interesting; curious to hear the replys.
  14. My younger brother Sean came to visit last week. He has only fly fished a couple times, and only once for trout. Our last outing was last summer when we got skunked on the Blue here in CO. I really wanted to get him on some fish this year, so to try to increase our odds, I invited a friend who is a former guide. With the two of us guiding him along, he hooked up several times around 10 AM but kept quickly losing the fish, all on small nymphs, probably due to poor/inexperienced hook setting. It finally came together after a couple hours of thoroughly working a run when he hooked up with about a foot-long brown trout on a sz. 20 red JuJu Baetis. He was elated and went on to hook a number of other awesome fish that day, including a 20+" fish that was on for a few seconds. He was shaking with excitement. I am so happy for my little bro!
  15. Incredible fish. Has me missing the salt. Good on you for getting the fish in quickly and releasing it healthily. You're right, fish of a lifetime. Congrats!