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  1. Wow interesting...
  2. Sort of autobiographical but if you haven't McGuane's "The Longest Silence," it's an incredible collection of short stories that I love.
  3. Where is li flyfisher when you need him?
  4. Steve, you're probably right. It's about time to get some proper instruction.
  5. Quonnie, I've typically fished a weighted, larger nymph as point and a smaller fly with split shot as the trail. Why would you go un-weighted with the point fly, is it to cover another section of the water column?
  6. Sweet!
  7. Last time I trout fished was on a small creek. There were occasionally very deep pools (the normal current was only maybe 2 feet deep, but the pools were about 20 feet long and at places, 8 feet deep as an estimate). The water was clear enough that I could see cutthroats eating off the bottom. I had issues, as an admittedly horrendous nymph fisher, getting my nymphs to the fish. I had to put on enough weight that the flies got to the fish, but not so much that the flies would not be able to drift down to the fish in a drag-free presentation. At one point I had put on enough weight and beaded flies that I cast and the rig just sort of sat there, unwilling to move in the current. I tried going below the pool and casting streamers, but that didn't work so well either. I eventually just moved on, frustrated. What should I do differently next time?
  8. cool story! that's awesome
  9. wow really nice fish man
  10. I really don't know - Greenback? Anybody?
  11. BFD you got this!
  12. Cutthroats on light gear yesterday (pic of buddy's fish)
  13. ha you know me
  14. Nice Bill! Smallies on the fly are a blast
  15. Gotcha thanks guys. I ended up order a couple, they were cheap on Amazon, so figured I'd give it a try. I usually use a Camelback and this seems like a more elegant solution