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  1. Looks like fun...nice man
  2. I've been out with Dan before, good guy. We had weather issues and he still put me on a bunch of sea trout. Have fun
  3. Hey Kerry, is that a Calico?
  4. Farmington is a great spot, I've spent a good number of days fishing there. You may get a little action on the streamers, but I would say it's going to be a small midge sorta deal for best odds of success. Surely Steve is the authority on this though
  5. I'm interested to give it a shot this season. My nymph fishing can't get much worse, so...
  6. How are you liking the Czech style?
  7. Yea, general question, why do we see so much pink and purple in the steelhead game?
  8. I know Will Vallely and he is one fishy dude, highly recommended. Check out his social media @bonefishunlimited
  9. I have a good buddy who has done it a bit, let me know if you want me to put him in touch with you
  10. I've done this tournament a few times. For me it's almost more of a social thing than a fishing thing, fun nevertheless. We never caught anything to write home about at that time of year, but that was surely our angling prowess speaking
  11. Steve, how are you coming to determine the fish's approx. age?
  12. Which guide? I've fished w/ Dan Malzone out of TB, liked him
  13. Gosh Philly, realllly nice! Congrats
  14. I only started fishing in 2008, so it was an entry level Ross trout reel for me, forget the exact model, still have it at home and still use it occasionally. With a little TLC, it's fully functional. Very cool to see some older reels here though
  15. DIY tarpon, very nice man