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  1. I started experimenting with plasti dip (rubber spray and dip) during the spring run. Resealed all of the seams in my stocking foot waders as a preventive measure. Noticed that it’s a little harder to slide the boots on. Maybe during the fall run I’ll reseal remaining seams. It’s too early to judge but i figured it will add an extra protection to the high wear areas. So far no leaks.
  2. Yes. I believe it happens to all of them actually. It’s purely cosmetic.
  3. Their 7’6 squadron is a great rod for the price. I mainly use it to target kingfish and snappers. Love the action.
  4. Crocs. Ive been seeing more people using them while wading sandy west end beaches. I still refuse to wear them but in any other water shoe that i know of you’ll accumulate some sand and smaller rocks. It also depends where you fish obviously. Most water shoes drain pretty well but mesh inside a sole and insert will partially or temporarily trap sand.
  5. Well this post is a major spot burn. I feel that spot has been under the radar for the past few years and the high nonresidents fees and enforcement at night kept it somewhat uncrowded and managble during summer time. However, this post won’t help it much especially during the off season. Anyway, last time I visited, the beach seemed to be dead anyway due to an inlet being dreged a few miles down and the sand that was being deposited at a certain beach making it’s way down and filling all of the good holes and killing off surf zone habitat. Too bad, it was a spot where I learned to surf and surfcast. Now it’s going to take years to get it back.
  6. Great baits and service.
  7. My first snapped rod and ...yep, user error. Does not do well fighting rocks. Love the rod though.
  8. Not until after next week Jkorgood.
  9. Thanks Slipperyrock. Daiwa and Tsunami are sold.
  10. Sold to HKJonathan. Pleasure to deal with. Thanks for the interest guys and thanks SOL!
  11. Offer accepted Slipperyrock. I’ll send you a message.
  12. Pricise and bluebass, I will let you know pending Drew’s and HK’s decision.
  13. Hey Drew. Would rather skip the Verrezano toll. If you can meet me in Brooklyn or the city the rod is yours. Otherwise it will pass to HK. Let me know what you decide.
  14. See below for description. Local pickup / meet up. No shipping. I am located in Brooklyn, Park Slope area and travel to Long Island, Nassau County quite often. For sale are the following rods: 7’0 Shimano Sojourn SJS-70HA Price: $15 Condition: Very good, lightly used 7’0 Tsunami TFSS-701MH Five Star Spinning Rod Price: $15 Condition: Very good, never used and never paired 7’6” Penn Squadron SQDIN815S76 Squadron Inshore Spinning Rod Price: $25 Condition: Good, normal wear and tear from use, one of the guides was slightly bent, which was corrected. 7’ Daiwa Laguna LAG702MFS Laguna Spinning Rod Price: $25 Condition: Very good, used approximately 3 times.