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  1. +1 on des and crunch the doc ford novels always have fishing-usually flyfishing
  2. Whether an intermediate line or floating line really depends on what other areas you intend to fish with the set up. Either line will work in the outflow you described. If you intend to use the outfit in freshwater, I would go with a floating line. If you envision fishing tidal waters more, I would go with an intermediate.
  3. Nice fish Local66! I am leaning towards the Neats foot oil being the culprit. What lube are you using are your drag?
  4. The water I use to wash it is not hard. There may be soap residue, but at one point Abel recommended rinsing the reel in soapy water. And I wash my other reels in the same basin and haven't had any issue with them, which I would expect to if something were in the water reacting to the neat's foot oil. It's good that Abel continues to support them; I just wish I didn't need their support.
  5. Thanks. I will definitely have to give those a look.
  6. No. It's been a year since I recieved it back.
  7. It's definitely not a good reel for the beach. If you get sand inside, good luck trying to get it out without stripping everying and removing all the grease. I guess the drag was its selling point, but I always end up setting the drag light and palming the reel when I need more drag. What reels have you found to be satisfactory?
  8. I will try it going forward. Thanks.
  9. I will try that when I get home and let you know. Do you think the sticky residue is grease from the frame? If so, I wonder if the position that I store the reel in would make a difference. Right now I tend to put them on their sides. If its on its side so that the drag knob is above the spool, the grease holding the springs in place may migrate to the spool if given enough time. Also, do you have other Abels and, if so, is the 3N the only one that exhibits this issue. ( I have a few Abels and I see the issue in only one).
  10. Thanks. I have been using the Neat's foot oil because that is what Abel recommends. I heard Bauer used to recommend Neat's foot oil and than switched to a synthetic because Neat's foot oil can become gunky over time.
  11. No corrosive substances were applied. The only thing I ever put on the reel was a little neat's foot oil on the drag (which Abel recommends). I am glad your Abel's are holding up. Other than this reel, my Abel's have also performed flawless.
  12. I am guilty on rinsing the cork. When I first got the reel many years ago, Abel was instructing people to rinse the reel in soapy water without any further qualification. (I never used soap, just fresh water). They seemed to have changed their care instructions to be more in line with what you suggest.
  13. The spool isn't pitted; the apparent pitting is an artifact of the film on the surface. The spool looked like this last year when I sent to Abel; it came back pristine.
  14. I use it in brackish water that has varying concentrations of salt depending on a number of factors (e.g., rainfall, tides, etc.) Immediately after use I will rinse the reel off with a hose, but I don't use anything that that would be described as high pressure. I deliberately avoid using anything other than low pressure, because I don't want to chase any salt in the nooks and crannies of the reel.
  15. A year ago--after taking a hiatus of about three years--I started fly fishing again. I soon discovered that the drag plate on my Abel Super 9 had adhered to the spool, so that when I pulled the spool out of the frame the drag plate came with it. Plate was stuck to the spool--it took only a little force to pop the plate off the spool with a knife, but it did take a little force. There was a tacky residue on the surface on the spool where it had come into contact with the cork on the drag plate. I had no idea what happened; as I said I had not used the reel for a few years, so I wrote it off as bad luck and counted myself fortunate that none of my other reels exhibited the issue. I sent it off to Abel and they cleaned it and sent it to back to me almost exact a year ago. I used it three or four times after receiving it back from Abel. After each time that I used it, I disassembled the reel, rinsed it off with fresh water, and let dry before reassembling it and storing it in the canvas reel pouch. I tried to use the reel this weekend and discovered that I had no drag. Took it apart and found that the drag plate had adhered to the spool again. The spool has the same tacky residue where it came into contact with the cork drag and the cork drag has a slight tacky feel to it. There's nothing indicate that this substance came from anywhere other than the reel itself. There is no residue on the pouch in which the reel was stored and I put anything on the reel since receiving it back from Abel. Anyone encounter this issue before with an Abel or other reel? Is it possible that the adhesive that holds the cork to the drag plate is somehow seeping out? A picture of the spool with the residue is below.