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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are still cleaning things up internally.
  2. You might want to check out the low profile reels. I have shimano Calcuttas (like them a lot) but don’t need fish them as much as my currado and chronarch. I like the easy access to the brakes and they are pretty comfortable. Maybe not as durable.
  3. This conversation bodes well for liberals and democrats. "We have failed as a party by most measures, but we are going to slap some lipstick on this pig and try to sell it again." The GOP needs look no further than this forum to see the anchor (their base) that is dragging them into the abyss of irrelevancy. Good for democrats but maybe not best for the country.
  4. good stuff here. I cut a round disk of expanded stainless steel to retain the coals. I like the low and slow book, but I started with a Maverick thermometer, so I am forever cursed having eaten the forbidden fruit. I now have a guru. On occasion I go au natural (as weber intended) if I am worried that my guests would think I am a geek with the all electrics. The main thing I have found is to give the cooker plenty of time to settle down before you put the meat in, and not to panic at any time during the cook.
  5. really...pics next time.
  6. This is a clear headed essay. http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/2012/11/11/how-the-republicans-got-stuck-in-the-past.html?obref=obinsite
  7. If you really are a libertarian, you would have no problem recognizing that in fact the republican party has no ideas. Instead of supporting them, you could be critical. Maybe they would change if more people stopped enabling them. Where do you think cap and a trade came from. And Romney care. And the auto bail out? And tarp? And two unfunded foriegn invasions? And on and on. What kind of libertarian are you? And you think stupid women and lazy blacks and Mexicans are the problem? I think confused conservatives are the problem. The ones who refuse to be held accountable.
  8. [VIDEO][/VIDEO] Most everyone I know voted for democrats and an independent. I don't know anyone that is unemployed and not paying taxes. Many of my friends are "job creators". This notion of that people who voted against the Republicans just "want stuff" is ignorant and disables the Republican mind from being able to see the reality. Reasonable people don't vote for dick heads. Republicans should try to join the human race or give up.
  9. This is EXACTLY what I mean. No accountability from this guy. Everyone is an idiot but him. This is how losers walk away from defeat. Winners look at their failures, address them and go on to win. Losers blame everyone but themselves. "Blacks, kids hispanics, and single women are stupid and lazy. They want free stuff." Welcome to Histories Dust Bin of Failed Ideas. The GOP is finished if they continue with this pathetic fantasy.
  10. So when do Republicans take responsibility for their defeat? When do they take an honest look and identify their failures? Blaming the electorate for the GOP loss is a pretty shallow analysis. It's like when some Geek asks a Hottie for a date and she declines and the Geek tells himself that the Hottie is a "b!tch".
  11. Most of my family were Reagan Democrats. Voted GOP through the W administration. They mostly switched over to D during the last presidential election and the rest of them followed suit for this one. The claims that they "want stuff" and that is why they are now voting for democrats and independents is part of the reason they left the republican party. Republicans really need to reconsider their direction. The "win at all costs" will cost them everything eventually. Palin was the last straw.
  12. This x10
  13. This doesn't really make sense. If both candidates are not so different and the popular vote is close, where is the sharp divide? It seems as if America was choosing between shades of grey (fine differences between the size of government). Romney said a bunch of different things in the course of his career, but if you judge him on his actions, he's pretty moderate. Same with the president. I think the divide is between the hysterics on the fringe and everyone else holds their nose while they wade through the BS trying to find the middle ground.
  14. This...hysteria, drove many away from the GOP this time around.
  15. A classy sentiment.