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  1. Yup that be me.
  2. Just bought some Trokar worm hooks from them. Ordered on Friday and got them yesterday. Including about 5 notifications in between.
  3. Figure I'll give this a shot. I'm looking for some discontinued Batson blanks. IMU70M-TC IMU710-MH If anyone has any in a corner covered in dust please let me know
  4. Spoke to Kerry. I found what I was looking for.
  5. They put the shaft upgrade in I'm assuming.
  6. Hi I am a happy customer of the 2 Penn Torque 7's that I own but very disappointed in my size 5. I have had the reel sitting on a rod for a couple of yrs unused. I spoiled it with 40lb PP just like I do with my other 2 dozen reels. Went fishing last night and spent more time cutting out wind knots than fishing. Losing 2 lures in the process. I removed the spool this morning hoping to be able to remove a washer so the line doesn't pile up at the bottom of the spool but found no washers. I read about a shaft upgrade that gives me the option to attempt a better line lay. Is this true? I would like to fix this reel and continue to support Penn but if I cannot get this fixed I will go with another reel. Thanks Pic attached of line lay.
  7. All fixed up! Thank you Penn for taking care of my issue. Great service!
  9. There are no washers to remove. I stated that in my original post.
  10. I'm pretty sure that's where we are now.
  11. The roller moves a little. Has some play back and forth on its shaft but doesn't wobble.
  12. I use a short leader that is no where near the spool. If I put the line on so its cylindrical and then cast the plug then reel in the line that ends up in a cone at the bottom of the spool it has nothing to do with the line.
  13. Knots all were within 30ft of the leader and some were within 4ft of the leader. I have different surf setups. This is the only reel I'm having an issue with so if the way I install the line on it matters, I'm selling the reel.
  14. Like I said I've never been one to keep quiet, right or wrong. This whole thing could be a misunderstanding but it was mentioned that I sold a Jetty Jetty Swimmer at a show for $40 and that is absolutely not true no matter what year it was. Keep collecting. Lots of builders these days.
  15. Every builder that gets their stuff flipped on a regular basis ends up having their business getting f@%&^*! I will always have something to say weather I'm right or wrong when someone let's me know that my plugs are getting flipped. Better get used to it.
  16. I'm also not sure how PayPal fees and shipping come into the equation if you're buying plugs at a show.
  17. I publicly said that I was sorry if he paid that much from someone else. Yes the Pikes and DP4'S are $50 but I only did one show this year at Asbury and every plug I normally sell for $27 I sold for $25 at the show.
  18. Ccw

    These we $50 each.