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  1. My Giant Danny jointeds and JJ3's will get down to 15ft when trolled. When I have them.
  2. I like my joints near the ass. Bass seem to like it too.
  3. Thank you! So do the bass!
  4. J2 Divers
  5. I use regular Power Pro on everything I own. Haven't found a reason to switch.
  6. Look up Gambler 12". Bread and butter with a 3/8 or 1/2oz jig head that sports a stout hook. Been using them for a long time.
  7. Yes the 400 is next to the Calcutta and the others are 300's. Awesome combo for fluke, very light and sensitive. Mine are HG's. I go by the fact that you can reel a fast reel slow but you cannot reel a slow reel fast.
  8. Not sure about 3 but number 1 is Wahoo on the grill.
  9. Going into season 3 with mine. I use them for fluking, casting 5oz plugs and bass fishing. Well made product that worth every penny. The 400 size is my favorite but I have the 300 and 500 also.
  10. Original Jetty Swimmers.
  11. Freshwater Jointed Jetty Swimmers with Slopeheads.
  12. Awesome to see a weakie! Nice plug too!
  13. What type of rod? My hook setting changes depending on which rod I'm throwing. My fast rods I use a quick short hooksett but my softer rods require a more forceful and possibly an additional hook set. Especially with Owners or 5x Mustads.
  14. Getting spoiled by mom.
  15. I'm patiently wait for criminal referrals for the media that bribed FBI officials to come out too.
  16. The people that spread them like Shifty and Clapper and media hosts should be put in front of a firing squad!
  17. The fiasco is just beginning and this political circus is pissing me off! 2 gosh darn yrs of spewing lies on our dime! It took two yrs to find nothing? These fake ass politicians are doing the same s*^t demanding the info in the entire report as they did telling us the president committed treason! Barr follow the law and tell these scumbags in government to f*^$ off!
  18. I think the millions of people that were mentally poisoned by the media should wise up and sue to get honest journalism back.
  19. Now that this fiasco is wrapping up, hopefully we get moving on the real criminals that most media outlets are part of. Looks like creepy uncle Joe has some answering to do about his Ukraine dealings too.
  20. I have 2 size 7 and a size 5 first gens. Most dependable reels for surf that I've owned. Had them all.