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    Owner of CCW - Couch's Cedar Works (look that up on FB)
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    Catching anything that will eat my plugs. Usually with my Goofy friends from up North!
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    Maintenance Manager and Custom Plug Builder
  1. Been using the Tranx's since they came out. From large plugs for striper, chunking from the beach, freshwater bass fishing and fluking. No complaints. Great tool. I have both HG and the lower ratio. I like the HG with the power handle for ocean fluking.
  2. Yup that be me.
  3. Just bought some Trokar worm hooks from them. Ordered on Friday and got them yesterday. Including about 5 notifications in between.
  4. Spoke to Kerry. I found what I was looking for.
  5. Figure I'll give this a shot. I'm looking for some discontinued Batson blanks. IMU70M-TC IMU710-MH If anyone has any in a corner covered in dust please let me know
  6. They put the shaft upgrade in I'm assuming.
  7. All fixed up! Thank you Penn for taking care of my issue. Great service!