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    Owner of CCW - Couch's Cedar Works (look that up on FB)
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    Catching anything that will eat my plugs. Usually with my Goofy friends from up North!
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    Maintenance Manager and Custom Plug Builder
  1. My Giant Danny jointeds and JJ3's will get down to 15ft when trolled. When I have them.
  2. I like my joints near the ass. Bass seem to like it too.
  3. Thank you! So do the bass!
  4. J2 Divers
  5. I use regular Power Pro on everything I own. Haven't found a reason to switch.
  6. Look up Gambler 12". Bread and butter with a 3/8 or 1/2oz jig head that sports a stout hook. Been using them for a long time.
  7. Yes the 400 is next to the Calcutta and the others are 300's. Awesome combo for fluke, very light and sensitive. Mine are HG's. I go by the fact that you can reel a fast reel slow but you cannot reel a slow reel fast.
  8. Not sure about 3 but number 1 is Wahoo on the grill.
  9. Going into season 3 with mine. I use them for fluking, casting 5oz plugs and bass fishing. Well made product that worth every penny. The 400 size is my favorite but I have the 300 and 500 also.
  10. Original Jetty Swimmers.
  11. Freshwater Jointed Jetty Swimmers with Slopeheads.
  12. Awesome to see a weakie! Nice plug too!