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    Owner of CCW - Couch's Cedar Works (look that up on FB)
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    Catching anything that will eat my plugs. Usually with my Goofy friends from up North!
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    Maintenance Manager and Custom Plug Builder
  1. I have 2 size 7 and a size 5 first gens. Most dependable reels for surf that I've owned. Had them all.
  2. Some small stuff.
  3. My hole digging in the yard brothers. Bullmastiffs.
  4. Yes. New this year.
  5. I've made a handful years ago that caught a few fish but never spent the time on fixtures to mass produce. Someday maybe lol.
  6. You can throw plugs up to 5ozs all day with minimal effort.
  7. Nice flags
  8. One of mine. Probably 2011 or 2012.