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    Owner of CCW - Couch's Cedar Works (look that up on FB)
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    Catching anything that will eat my plugs. Usually with my Goofy friends from up North!
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    Maintenance Manager and Custom Plug Builder
  1. One of mine. Probably 2011 or 2012.
  2. I'll get back to you after a couple years after this comes into effect.
  3. Just played this album last night!
  4. 2008 on a RI beach in front of some rental houses. Me and my son walking and looking for plugs from the bluefish invasion the day before. I see my son Max bend down and pic up a purple object. I walk over to see him holding a velvet Crown Royal bag that still has the bottle in it. As im telling him what it is we hear "Hey! That's mine!" When we look up on the porch of one of the houses there's Bernzy longingly looking at my son. Not missing a beat Max says "I'll give it back fir a plug". Bernzy grinned and said come on up young feller. That how Max got his first Bernzy Howdy.