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    retired physician, raised 3 Sons to be avid fishermen,
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    Fishing, model airplane building and flying, fly tying.
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    Retired physician, Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology
  1. Is this the way to reply?
  2. sounds good
  3. Striper fishing memories make good dreams! Nantucket is best!!!
  4. only thing bourbon needs is ice!
  5. . After 40 years of fishing my conclusion is "whenever"! The big fish is out there all year & hungry all year! So go when you can! If you get a really big one take a picture and let it go. I had a nice wooden carving made and it hangs over the TV for all to enjoy!
  6. thank you
  7. I will try that, thanks
  8. Any word on Nantucket fishing ?
  9. . Any options on multi section surf rod?