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  1. Gotta bridle them. I've been using it for gnats and no see ums. Should work well for skeeters. Could even use a bit of .000001 copper wire to pin the beak down and wrap from there...
  2. @Gwiz did you ever choose a bag thats best for you? I only ask because I too can vouch for DSS (Dark Star Surfcasting) as I just received a 3 tube(he also makes a 2) from him recently. Triple sailcloth, other parts are made of either marine or military grade, a 'molle system'(if you wish to include) that allows the addition of 1 large or small tube, a pork rind jar or water bottle, etc. to the side of the bag. 7 good sized bucktail loops and a built in leader pouch. Will further customize if you wish. Tell him what you're looking for etc... I met him at this years Surf Day. Nice guy and although I can not yet comment on what to expect long term with his product, it sure seems like a quality build that is going to hold up and take the same abuse that many other popular bags can handle. Tight lines!
  3. This past Sunday... Same general location(OC), with the wife and kids, no rod(smack me I deserve it), bunker showing then nervous bunker, then bluefish right as we were walking on...ahhhhh!
  4. I'm really sorry for what you and your family are going through. You guys will get through this! Just like the previous comments show, I can safely speak for all and that we truly hope nothing but the best and that you get what you have asked for! God Bless!!
  5. I'm usually the "if it's not broken, dont fix it" mentality or do things for a reason, not just because. Certain tools for certain tasks... On the boat, It started with spyder hitches and uni to uni knots. Then switched to bimini twists for strength over the spyder hitch. Surf and FW I use the fg or uni(double uni for speed, fg for strength depending on the conditions/presentation needed, or simply the demand of the tactic. Ie finesse or power fishing or normal guides vs micro guides). Now, I've been using the Alberto for the speed asset (and it's a streamlined knot like fg) over the fg and overall have been happy. This 10x10 knot really intrigues me though and I might need to incorporate into my knot tying. By following the instructions, I should be able to tie in the same time as an Alberto but should be a bit stronger. Thank you for sharing(in 04!)!
  6. Just trying to help here - If you guys use any of the loctite glues(gel, super glue, etc) in the bottle that I showed a pic of, you wont have to worry about putting it in the freezer or buying more just because it dries up every 2 weeks. Give them a try I can pretty much guarantee you'll be happy.
  7. Grouper is slammin! Heres a few more white meat fish that are high up on the list in terms of 'good eatin'... 1) Wahoo 2)Hogfish 3) Tripletail 4)Yellowtail Snapper
  8. I use plastic shelving from HD (or you can make your own with pvc/plywood) which hosts plano boxes and plastic bins for bulk. I use pegboard for plugs, jigs, tins, etc. Its awesome to walk up to the pegboard and handpick what you will use or want to try for that trip. Rod rack for FW/inshore rods which also has 4 tiny drawers in it for loose items, reel cleaning supplies, anything you want really. I still need to put something on the ceiling for boat and surf rods I put spare clothes, surf belt, gloves, hats, batteries and anything else you need in a plastic tote that goes on the bench seat in the cab of my truck.
  9. I hooked a giant from the beach which took between 75 - 100 yards of line with an initial drag setting of approx. 8lbs. Drag probably increased to ~10lbs during the fight? It was about a 30 yard cast. Dropped it in the wash and still haunts me to this day, as it should 9' Ande 1-4oz Shimano Stradic 6000 50lb PP
  10. This is what you want to use. I've been using it for years and works great for a lot of fishing, archery and home needs
  11. Like many things in life, I believe not all things are black and white. But this is one instance that there is only black and white. This cant happen at all. Toss backs from a jetty is one thing but intentionally punting fish back is absurd. 2019 in OC on Thanksgiving day. Everyone was catching. I even had one of my best days(from bite to hookups in a row) but obviously not size wise. Thats not why I was there. We all knew about the sandeel bite and micro bass. If you didnt, but stopped into a shop, you knew about the bite and size of the fish. If you didnt, and you stepped onto the beach that day, you knew about the bite and the size of the fish - in general. Every person on the striper coast said the same thing. We are catching but they are all small/non keepers. In general for the surf guys, that was the word on the street. With that being said, how the heck do you show up to the beach, fortunately putting a bend in the rod but then end up punting the fish from here to Bermuda while blurting out "oh wtf its just another short Johnny" !? How? That is one person. Not an angler or fisherman that's for damn sure. It was a good day. So maybe he caught 3 or maybe he caught 33? I can only let visual evidence make me believe that every schoolie this individual caught, got kicked back after being completely breaded. WHY???
  12. With all things being equal, an initial run from a decent sized snook feels like its swimming at twice the speed of a striper...IMO. The drag SCREAMS! Sort of like a world class bonefish on the flats. The "takeoff" is flat out FAST. Generally, I believe the striped bass has an endurance advantage from mid-fight to the landing.
  13. This is why it could be looked at as worse... Short term/now = protect breeders the best we can (they will always be fished for no matter the regs) Long term/future = some of the most knowledgeable people on this subject agree that saving the 2015 class is our best and last hope being our only real chance for a strong fishery moving forward
  14. Thanks for the reply, Lou!
  15. User error. End of story. Absolutely nothing to do with fault of the company/model like the subject of this thread suggests...