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  1. Happy Birthday, Nam!
  2. And Wawa is definitely a place where someone will hold the door for you on the way in but run your a$$ over in the parking lot!
  3. I used to FW fish 12 months of the year and compete throughout the winter. Like all fishing, nothing is set in stone but generally, you should be throwing jerkbaits, ned rigs, hair jigs and blade baits. All worked slow is your best bet. Rattle traps and jigs have their days and also even spinner baits(usually double colorado blades). If it were me, the first 4 lures are what I would focus on. Small and big tournaments are won, across the entire country, on those 4 when the temps drop. Another thing to add to the list and works for all species is the float n fly. Don't hesitate to hit me up if you need any help To the post about Northern coves. Note: Im more so talking about bigger water, not a small pond. Another big factor as to why the North coves(south facing) come in to play are 1) they offer direct protection from the typical north and north westerly winds we get in the NE during fall and winter. 2) this does indeed help with warmer water, especially early spring. A lot of what you find during winter is where you will find them during pre-spawn and spawn. They usually just slide up and in as the water warms. A misconception is the winter fish are in a totally different area of a lake come pre-spawn but its quite the opposite and usually are the same fish. They just make adjustments in a given area providing it has the depth and structure for winter plus good cover and right bottom composition for spring
  4. I saw someone exactly like you explained to a "T", but who was afraid to get his feet wet and was running up and down the surf line as the water came in and receded back down. I'm all for fisherman, beginner or experienced, having the best gear they can possibly afford. It would be silly to think otherwise. But whats up with the surf top, simms waders plus a submersible reel if you're worried about getting your boots wet? I really thought I was seeing things at first. Hows the water looking today fellas? It was almost zero vis last friday where I fished. Tea colored and sandy. I went south looking for cleaner water and it got worse - wayyy worse
  5. Does color matter? Sure it does but its not always and IMO usually not the number 1 variable. This fall when I caught on plugs, it didnt matter if they were bone, school bus, green back etc. It was the correct presentation that was needed. Same thing with the ava jigs. For me it didnt matter if it was a white tail, red tail, black tail, green tail etc. it was the presentation that mattered and for one of my trips, actually needing the distance a jig offers. With that being said - I prefer my jigs to be a little different than the copied ava style(ill still use them too) and prefer no tail or maybe some bucktail/hair.
  6. My apologies on the very late report. Its from last week and much of the same song and dance... Im reporting it because even though the fish are small (up to 25"), Thursday I went 12 casts for 12 fish in a row. Now that was fun on a 1/2 - 2 oz rod! Lots of fish caught that day. One of the sad takeaways is the amount of trucks and casters you get crowding you - all over schoolies. Then you try to help those who are not catching and you get crap for it LOL? And the ones punting fish back. Whats going on? Its intriguing how presentations needed can vary just a couple hundred yards up or down a beach. Everyone I saw or reported on the book of faces said their fish were right in the wash. The fish I was on(all but 1) were all on the very end of a bomb cast and actually eating the diamond jig, not the teaser.
  7. Gents, thanks for all of your comments! I apologize if I started an argument with this topic but sometimes thats the way it goes for all of us passionate anglers. We show emotion. All good! I also gained some knowledge and seen points that confirm some of my initial thoughts/curiosities and in part the reason why I started this thread.
  8. One topic I would like to look into more and get a better understanding of, is the surf clam. I wanted to come here first. I remember seeing something about how far out the clammers have to go now? They used to be in close and are now going further and further offshore for them? Excuse my ignorance as I know zero about this. Can anyone chime in and give some history about the surf clam and/or its relation to the fishing on the surf? If it's true that the surf clam or beds are no longer present, in general, wouldnt that be a huge reason as to why the fish, mainly bait(besides sand eels) dont need to come in close and hang around? Habitat is still number 1 only IMO but I remember after a NE if you put on clam it was one of the times you could get bigger fish on them versus it being considered a numbers bait. Heck, I used to walk the shoreline, look for whole and busted up clams then fish right there and get into them good. I havnt noticed this in a while, although I havnt fished as much in recent years. I saw it mentioned one time(not sure if it was here on SOL) but when these topics come up, I rarely see anyone talk about it. Can someone with more knowledge on the subject fill me(us) in?
  9. Edit: creating new topic on reply was about surf clams. All I know it my great friend Andy is turning in his grave to see his favorite fishery in the shape it's in. I used to read his logs... wow. What a difference from years past. I fished some good fall runs but nothing like he has. He is the reason I got into Stripers. Miss ya partner!
  10. Edit.
  11. Just curious. When you last went back to the sp and started catching, did you fish it exactly where the other lures were fished or do you think it was more because of a move you made? Or both? With both salt n fresh, species of all kinds, I've learned sometimes it's the lure itself, color or presentation change and sometimes it's the fact that you just found where the fish are and they'd eat almost anything...time n place... Always intrigued by this. Sometimes you're on a pattern, sometimes you just put it where they are right now!
  12. Fished the outgoing in MoCo. 6 schoolies up to 24" on plugs(school bus bomber and bone sp) plus a couple on a char/white teaser. One was caught during a quick peanut blitz. Plenty of shad flippin' around as well.
  13. The fish in question is definitely a Gizzard shad. Adult threadfins are +/- 6" and gizzards can get pretty big
  14. Excellent read. Thanks for sharing!
  15. NADA. SoMoCo while apparently everyone else was catching yesterday (the reports even said I suck). Fished 12-4, nice conditions. Saw 0 birds working and found no bait. Guess I was in the wrong stretches LOL Threw avas, bombers, shad and teasers. I typically fish OCo but travel to find fish especially when its just not happening in the usual haunts. Now I am thinking that I didnt head far enough north. Hoping I can get back out there Friday and keep hunting. I am really glad to see things happening for you guys on here and some fish being caught in good numbers. Good stuff!