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  1. Same here and have noticed this on many outings as well. Sometimes when they are feeding heavily it doesn't seem to matter at all. While certain times, especially the calmer <1ft nights, after a decent fish has been thrashing on the surface in shallow water all goes quiet for a while. Add to that you keep trying, time moves on and the fish could also have repositioned and now you're just "too late"... Exception would be bomb casts to shallow rip lines yet the thrashing happens closer to the angler. I've had those fish keep firing as if nothing happened even in slick conditions. But if they make a ton of commotion way out than it too sometimes shuts down. Not a seasoned vet but definitely notice this and too chalk it up as blowing the spot out(multiple things/scenarios can do this not just a boat so to speak)
  2. Ill bite... Both. Your eyes adjust rather well in almost all conditions at night. Takes a good while though. One bright light to wide open pupils could have you seeing stars for 30 minutes. Getting "hit" is no fun. And I've seen my own light not controlled, my own fault, change a bite for sure. A lot different than a consistent light source though.
  3. Got my spot!
  4. Should have asked if he could tell you how deep your plugs were running. NVM, his SI unit was probably trying to look through the bank versus the water column.
  5. Couldn't imagine Dad's feelings...
  6. Took a trip last morningnight to what I thought was going to be rain and "normal" wind. Ended up being gusts over 20 easy, lightning... So I waited, tried, waited, just couldnt do it. Son of a. Upon arrival 2 gents were leaving and said it was pretty rough n dirty but conditions were getting decent enough as I was waiting it out. All besides those non headlamp flashes of light.
  7. After a short mia from fishing, I was able to give it a shot during the slight onshore blow Wednesday. It was nice to be back on the sand. I caved in and went to throwing snot for some reason. Nada for my efforts besides someone else's braid and a balloon I chased down in the wash. Gladly brought back with me. Saw some bait in the corner of a rip but couldn't identify. Appeared to be bunkah. The hoses were nicely coiled and next time I'm sticking to pencil poppin'.
  8. I had similar outings as pres(sorry for your loss!) and as someone else reported, a couple weeks ago. Would add small worms to the white bait discussion. Atleast around the last moon. I noticed something strange and was also getting more misses (than usual) on the wood. Made a presentation switch and it was a steady pick every 45-60 minutes of within the slot fish. Really finicky and tricky but fun of course!
  9. I've thought about it. And that's enough for me. Really don't worry when I'm using 40lb leader and up though. So maninly for "lighter leaders"... I attach the clip to the braid. Just grab the clip and run the line/leader under the reel handle. Instead of clipping right there to the keader, keep running it up to the stripper guide and clip to the braid. For those using the bands and hair ties. No need for terminal. There's a couple ways but easiest being to run it through the clip and hook BOTH ends to the reel handle. (For those taking apart 2 piece rods for travel instead of leaving them in the rack. Those same hair ties or small rubber gear ties work simply at reducing/removing the rattling.)
  10. Glad to see I'm not the only one. Different color...sure. Same shade/pattern though. "A couple yellow, a couple white and a few black or blurple" is a line I'd say. Lumping the two together... Honestly would love to hear what SC and DZ have on that in particular. How they see black/blurple... If they are going to react to blurple, they should react black, GENERALLY?Every instance is unique and really don't know until seeing what the fish want. Understanding that...
  11. NB flying squid, googoo pencil(both sizes!) are what first come to mind. In the summer when I get mad at the flounder, I grab my 10' and I too like to chuck a Robert's Ranger into the abyss. Every now and then get lucky with a bluefish
  12. For me it kind of goes two ways for where they end up being hooked. Some nights color doesn't matter and they are just eating it, hooked in the mouth. Sometimes they are reacting to the presentation(we found them) but not getting hooked in the mouth. That's when I either a) try to drill down a color they will eat versus just react to and b) if that doesn't change results pretty quickly, I will cycle through the bag and try to fine tune the presentation they want(which is USUALLY what does it for me). Typically starting with what I believe to be next best or closest to what presentation and water column drew the first strikes to begin with. For example, I've had success switching from a surfster to z lip or from an A-40 to a Danny or Pikie, a SS darter to a mag darters, bottle to bottle darter, etc. My last few outings(and last spring similar conditions) Ive tried this as its become my routine. Only color has made the most difference, it seems. It's still weird to me when my bag is typically yellow. In my case currently, I think presentation is the leader but color is the deal sealer. I'm throwing the same plugs! Two weeks ago it was all white and yellow as usual. I can't get them to touch that recently. It goes against my own beliefs, I'm just listening to the fish! Also as a fault of my own within this thread. I was sorta looping blurple and black into the same (dark) category. But they are different for sure. However, going back to color and shades. I still look at it general like that. Dark, bright, light. I use grayscale on my phone a lot to see for myself. Blurple does come in lighter than black usually...a dark gray. And it provides belly/back contrast on the plug. Where as yellow and white look light. Chartreuse seems to be white with a bright glow.
  13. Good points made here. Not all of us fish for the same reasons. Not all of us share for the same reasons. I don't even have many spots, I fish all over and keep hunting... but we have to do what we can to avoid giving away the locations. Shoreline shrinks fast!!
  14. I agree. What wicked conditions we had for spring with so much NE and NW wind. It was good for certain areas/anglers but I don't really venture "up there" and I wasn't out front much for the NW. I'm holding faith that the backside of this moon will treat us all good still for stripes...hopefully. I skunked last outing but the pattern from previous trips seemed to hold true. I'm sure it's waning though. First cast fish on, fish off. Next cast fish rolled. Then couldnt reach. Fish kept pushing further and further away... I think because I was highbeamed w/a 1,000,000 candlepower headlamp immediately and alllll over the water, sky, blinded etc. I really witnessed the power of light killing a bite. It was extremely obvious. I know things are changing and I'm going to give it a push this week if family and work allow. We'll see... Best of luck to you as well, Goldy!
  15. Didn't get to make it. We had a family emergency so I had to alter plans unfortunately. Bummed about it. Always next year I suppose/hope!