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  1. Everything is like new. Nothing has been fished more than twice. Long Island pick up only tsunami shield 6000. Converted to bailless. I don’t have the bail. 30 lbs power pro. $80 shimano stradic FL 3000. Power handle added. 15 lbs j braid grand. Only fished once if at all. $200 tsunami slimwave SWSPS641-MH. 6’4” 10-25 lbs line. 1/2-2.5 lure. Like new. $90
  2. I’ll take it but can’t pick up until Tuesday
  3. Looking over the reel all is see are some minor scratches on the stem. Reel is in pretty good condition. See below. Thanks
  4. $400 will ship if you pay for shipping (Venmo only)
  5. 706Z With power knob. Spooled with brand new 30 lbs spiderwire camo braid. Plastic side plate (about 5 years old). Some cosmetic wear, reel is an absolute workhorse. Mechanics seem perfect. $110. Long Island local pick up only.
  6. Van staal VR200. Just serviced at whitewaters tackle, the line roller was replaced. I believe is spooled with 30lbs j braid. Box and bail included. $425. Long Island local pick up only
  7. Plovers are no longer federally endangered. My point is why only restrictions at night? It’s bs and it’s bellones decision 100%. there are no more foxes at smith point. They killed them all. cant fish demo. Can’t fish Smith point. You can riot and loot tho
  8. It’s absolute bs. It’s ok to be there during the day but not at night. It’s total discrimination against fishermen. Where’s libba where msa? Too busy fighting with each other. Instead of stepping up patrol at night they just close the beach. Steve bellone is a freaking clown. Keep voting Democrat folks!
  9. I’m looking for a heavier rod, do you have any boat rods that can throw like 6 oz?
  10. Interested in 9. Any idea how much weight it could handle?
  11. I had a 16 subie forester and I took it on many Long Island beaches. I got stuck once but I didn’t air down like a dumbass. for 80% of the beaches I drive it handles the sand no problem. There were a couple I wouldn’t attempt. Rocky beaches in particular, my only concern was ground clearance, which was pretty good but not like trucks I’ve driven in the past. i now have a 17 grand Cherokee and the difference is tremendous, I have the confidence to take it pretty much anywhere i drive 40k plus miles a year and the forester was a great compromise and also saved my life when I was rear ended by a tractor trailer. And I never had a problem getting any permits because its Awd not 4x4. i have nothing bad to say about Subaru... but I love my Jeep
  12. No idea. It does have the cork handle tho, which I like. this is the newest version I believe.
  13. I’ll drop price to $315
  14. Skinner rod. Like new. 350