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  1. That was the first generation rod... these retail for 400 purchased at j and h recently
  2. I have one. Barely used. $350
  3. I have the skinner rod I’ve only used a handful of times. $350 i am on Long Island, I can meet you in orient point where the RI ferry goes
  4. funny, cuomo said walls didn’t work and were racist...
  5. I have a 6000 brand new with box, kit installed with 30 lbs power pro. $115 shipped to you
  6. No I do work in Brooklyn and si occasionally but I’m not working right now. If I can sell some of my items I may be interested. Thanks
  7. No traffic an hour, I can meet at Jones beach area if you’re familiar
  8. Do you ever come out to Long Island? Willing to trade for anything? I have a for sale/trade post on here
  9. 1361? I haven’t heard of it. How is t different than the 1321m? Is it 11’3”?
  10. Bump skinner rod: $350 VR200: $450 $700 for both 1201M for trade only for regular version, 1201L, 1321M or in combination for vsx200
  11. If I can sell some stuff I’ll buy
  12. That’s a good deal but I can’t. It’s just not what I’m looking for
  13. It looks like a nice set up and I’ve been eyeing that reel but i have to decline.
  14. What’s the model number of the rod? I have no interest in the GoPro I have the same one