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  1. From north to south NYC Sportfishing out of Jersey City, Captain Steve puts on one hell of a striper show Lady M out of Highlands, an excellent black fishing boat which will mix in stripers Last lady out of Neptune, another great bottom boat who will Target stripers late fall fish stix out of Belmar, another great boat for mixed bag and stripers or fish monger out of point who will Target and catch anything that swims however getting on this boat is very tough.
  2. I bought a hand crank one from Harbor Freight I think it only holds about 25 ft but I want to say it was about $20
  3. Looks like someone is giving up fishing, i guess I need to find a new fishing partner
  4. I'll take this please
  5. Snook bait
  6. Same here. A lefty in gold is a tuff find and the reel is in decent shape except the silver hub. If I didn't have 4 of em..... GLWS
  7. Looks like a square object was against it possibly an olive oil-can ?Granite is very porous and oil will penetrate it and stain it
  8. Sorry, I did not want to post the place or link but since you asked and you are the boss, *
  9. $4.49 for 1 oz
  10. I can provide some testing and research for you, just have to send me free jigs. Lol
  11. If anything try to bend it into the mold and cast around it. Cutting it off would only leave a straight shank holding on to the pour and will weaken and pull out in time. I as well prefer the smaller length jig hooks. Should be an easy fix, bend em in a vice
  12. Exactally, hence why that little eye would not be a bother.