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  1. Thanks
  2. Understood. I did have a concern about that I will explore some local bait when arrive Thx
  3. And where would they be located ? Name of the shop ? Thx
  4. I'd be interested in the T Handel
  5. Would this fit on a lefty (right hand retrieve) 150
  6. Is anyone aware where I can but whole rainbow smelt to be used as fishing bait ? NOT Peruvian smelt, RAINBOW SMELT... To be used in an upcomming Vermont trout trip Thanks
  7. I had thought of this but couldn't find anyone with a 3d machine. Would your friend be interested in making me a copy of something I already have ? I want to resin pour but i need a good quality 3d copy to make my molds.
  8. Look into the Larry Dahlberg alumalite kits. if you Google make a lure, it will come up with some responses. they are very good beginner kits. they are a little pricey at $79.99 but it will get you learning quick and somewhat ahead of the learning curve.
  9. Last year I bought this blue stuff called wet it and forget it at Costco. It was $20 for 2 gallons. Like it said, wet it...... And forget it. It re activates every time it rains and re cleans the area you sprayed. On my deck I scrubbed it in with a deck brush and on about a week it was spotless
  10. I think almost every greenpoint/sharpeye/sharplet/hcl/blueshark i have has some type of epoxy discoloring stains. If I recall, these were made in an apartment in Brooklyn, NY so I'm sure there was no hi tech shop work being done. None the less they are great plugs that produce. I have paid between 15 for a used, 25-35 for new blems like yours and numbers I am not proud to say for some of the rare stuff. One thing I will say, list them here and they do sell quick
  11. Ok, I'll ge the pp out later today. Thx
  12. Would you be interested in a trade for a size large used korkers or I will offer $50 for them shipped Thanks
  13. WouInterested. Do you ever come out to NJ ? And does this have the self righting feature ?
  14. Interested. Do you ever come out to NJ ? And does this have the self righting feature ?