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  1. Got em today. Thx
  2. Lefty's are funny reels on here, sometimes they pop up, stick around and have no movement at all. Othert time they pop up and disappear instantly. I picked up Lefty's here when I needed one and pay the price, I've also picked up Lefty's here when no one wanted them and got a great price.
  3. I'll take a white and a blurple
  4. Looks nice
  5. Just don't flip a hamburger on your grill and let it hit the floor. Trek stains, ask me how I know
  6. I found his address, ill shoot you a pm with it. Mabey send him a letter.
  7. Naples Florida. Spoke to him last March, elderly man pointed me in a few good directions. Hope all is well with him
  8. Ok, gotcha. So you have the skills to build it I see. Like said, any of the mentioned ideas will work. I would vinyl side it and shingle it to match the tool shed but add a small gutter to divert the rain water from splashing mud onto your hard work. And mabey some chicken wire on the bottom to keep put the critters. Nice job
  9. How about you buy a small plastic Rubbermaid shed which will last a lifetime and never rot out or leak. Easy peasy
  10. There were some issues in the past were pop-ups would completely block your browser page. It seems to have been fixed by now but since using the ad pop-up blocker I haven't had any issues.
  11. I assume you run an android. I do and used to get the pop ups. Install a free add pop up blocker and browse thru there. It will stop
  12. If tou have the skills amd tools modify cigar boxes. You can get them free at cigar shops
  13. Not a bad idea although I like the fact of can put them on and take them off when not in use. They would be mounted on factory oval bars which are not as strong as the Thule bars I think. The wind noise on the highway is a bit loud with them on so id like to have the ability to take them off when not in use As for the car wash, my first pair got caught up in the system and one was broken off on my rack. It is an option though Thanks
  14. Anyone........
  15. Sounds like this thread is ready to be locked