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  1. What happened to the good old days pulling over and peeing behind a tree talk about keeping it simple
  2. Most older Penn's have that problem, greenies and Z series as well. I give em a tooth brush scrub, back with mono and top with fore line or braid. Fresh water rinse after use and Off season strip down and clean real well. If you try to cover it up it will still react and you won't l ow what's you g on under the cover up Reels are 50 years old and have held up for a reason. Fish em
  3. Heading to Florida in March. Looking for lures to target peacock bass. Bakers, x raps, ect. Thx.
  4. Heading to Florida in March. Looking for lures to target peacock bass.
  5. Either check the spool or remove the braid and get new line when you get home. It's much cheaper to replace the line then it will be the spool if it goes missing
  6. The good thing about people from Florida is they are friendly and don't mind to talk. like already mentioned what you can observe from your own eyes is probably the best advice for what you want to do. You may get a better deal from a big box store but sometimes shopping local pays off in the long run. the advice tips and spots to Target are worth the extra money in itself. You could always start out with a inexpensive Rod such as an ugly stick and upgrade accordingly like said keep the questions simple and give it a shot Good luck and have fun....
  7. Understood on the no-trade. I have 4 myself (3 vs, 1Z) which is why I decided to possibly trade up and not buy another reel which I probably don't need to begin with. Thank you for your time, good luck with your sale.
  8. Do you have the box, bag, and, paperwork? Any interest on a trade + $ for a black 150 Lefty, with box bag and paperwork in excellent condition? And where are you located for a visual inspection?
  9. The wife just booked our trip to visit the in-laws between March 6th and 16th. She lives in a gated complex in Naples, 4 miles from the beach. The backyard ponds are full of large mouth bass and the occasional peacocks, however I want more PEAS!!!!. Can anyone shed some Intel on peacock bass in the Naples area. Any other freshwater Exotics will also fill the need. I have raised snakeheads in Oscars in a fish tank however catching them in nature would be quite the experience. Thanks.....
  10. That's very common with the old penn reels, once you fill that spool you will never know the paint wasn't there I use mono as backing and then I tie it too fireline or braid. It's a pretty big spool you'll never need that much line. Those old reels have been around for 50 plus years for a reason super simple and they function well
  11. Fished a few of the beaches at the hook yesterday. It was warm and sunny. Dropped a micro bass in the wash. Surprisingly there were decent sized pods of peanut around as i snagged a few but they had no fish on em. Water was slightly stained but not to dirty. Happy New Year to all!!
  12. I dowse my entire bag with a freshwater rinse is all i do with the garden hose or kitchen sink when the outside water is off. The plugs dry in the bag on my rear deck in the sun and the bag afterwords goes in the garage. Rods get hosed off, in the winter they take a shower with me or just wiped down with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge and drip dry. Waders get hosed off. In the winter they get rinsed from the remaining water I sponge the rods off with and drip dry. End of the season and sometimes mid season or when a reel gets rebuilt I give the reel seat and eyes a soapy tooth brush scrubing. If boat fishing and there is a freshwater hose I rinse em before going in the truck. I used to add a paste wax to the rods once a year but i have gotten away from that for whatever reson. It was nice, the salt spray would bead up and blow off while moving. Works for me
  13. Wow, nice pick up !!! Ill take it, Seconds if falls thru......
  14. I found these they're 2 and a 3 oz I believe
  15. Who makes the bottom one ? I'd offer $10 cash or check so no pay pal fees