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  1. Understood. Going to pass GLWS
  2. I would be interested at 40 for the pair what part of New Jersey are you in maybe we can arrange a pickup
  3. I'll take it but am giving Mag first choice as he inquired first
  4. Interested if MagDarter is not, who is that maker of this knob ?
  5. Understood and I agree on that. I do plan to do some more salt exploring. We shall see. Thx.
  6. No one on this entire form can recommend a boat to fish in Florida.....Jeeeeeeezzzz!!!
  7. Or an Inshore sheepshead trip would be a blast. Trout, snook and baby tarpon I wouldn't mind either
  8. I wouldn't say there would be a high demand but they would definitely sell. Comb through the BST page and see how many people go crazy looking for Lefty Van Stalls.
  9. I don't turn but I am going to start pouring some resin plugs this spring. The idea has been bouncing around my head for the past year and I am finally going to make it happen
  10. It's nice that Penn still continues the 704 and 706 series reels. the question, why is there no love for us true lefties..... bring back the 707. And don't just bring it back, bring it back right. Seal it, waterproof it, do it right . Step up to the plate with a nice waterproof reel. Compete with Van Staal, compete Zee Baas, and keep the same great Penn quality. These series reels have been around for many many years for a reason.
  11. I will be down in Naples Florida from March 5th through the 16th. I'm interested in a fishing charter boat, preferably head type boats as I am more or less solo. I have fished a six-pack called Cuda a few years ago which was decent but i dont have crew to fill it this trip. I'm looking for recommendations of a good boat in the general area to fish that will not a tourist boat ride or a sightseeing trip. I would like to catch fish. I would also be interested in joining on or splitting a charter with someone if they are fishing during this time frame as my schedule is quite flexible as I am on vacation Thanks
  12. I found the N J place. Prices seem fair and why not support the local guy. Thanks again for your help. Now let's see how long my building takes to figure out...
  13. Like a warehouse or somewhere direct...... gotcha
  14. Right after the wall is complete I'll start the ban..... Yea..... Ban recreational fishing so the commercial netters and long liners could have even more. This is AMERICA!!!!
  15. Ok, suggestions where to buy the wire from ? I am looking for a one side pre bent or pre tied wire. Thanks