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  1. I use a small dry bag. Its enough to fit your phone and keys to your vehicle. I hang them inside my wadders and never had a problem. Plus this wont void and of LL warantees
  2. What's your location? I have a Z25, 2 VS 150, and a VM 150, as well as Penn 711, 705, and a 707. All leftys. You can try them all out of you like
  3. I just picked up the lexa. About 10 trips in and I like it. Started to groan a bit and broke it down. Minimal grease from the factory. Packed it up and its fine. Light weight Spilled with 40 lb braid and I believe I was able to get about 190 yards plus 10 foot floro top shot A Reversed Albright knot passes fine thru the level wind
  4. Same sized reel body, the 22 just had a stronger drag
  5. I love Lavalette and have a cousin who lives there but t seemed a bit pricey. The plan is to shop off season as there will be less traffic to deal with and hopefully more egar sellers as I'm sure they don't want the house to sit all winter
  6. Mosquitos in Bergen are a nightmare but those green head flies are a pita as well. The plan is to have no lien with the flood ins as an option. The last thing I want to do is be old in a house with 99 steps to get Into, then again wouldn't want the water either.. Most people who had flood Insurance I know got such little insurance money it was a joke. Again there in NO rush to buy and no rush to retire bit the option will be there
  7. Again brigittine would put me a little further south than I ideally would like to be but it is a very nice area my dad has a timeshare there
  8. Delaware would put me a little too far from friends and family. ideally Monmouth County or the Northern end of Ocean County is where I think I would like to be
  9. Yea, that's what winter's are for... I'll leave during that time but my family is keeping me here plus I actually like the Jersey shore
  10. Currently residing in Bergen County NJ. 2 years to retire and want a beach house. I now have a 4 bedroom and want a 2, mabey 3. Bayfront for my boat is a must. I am thinking the Lavalette Brick Toms river area as it will be within 1hour plus to my family in Bergen County. Asking for advice on beach towns, taxes, crime rate, good area, ext. There is NO rush to buy but I want to begin to look. Not wanting a fix we upper, mabey a redone Sandy house. Thx.
  11. I have Yeti cups which work great but never paid full price. The coolers are heavy and the walls are so thick the internal storage is minimal. They do have great reviews tho bit so do the Rtic and pelicans. I use an older Igloo marine. Keeps ice well. My upgrade was to add expandig foam to the lid which is not insulated. How to videos are on u tube. Makes a significant difference on ice meltage
  12. The tide runner has a long Velcro end. It's a very good belt, rigid and your gear does not sag the belt. The latch has some give when you need to bend over My go to belt
  13. I do all my fresh fish this way. Rinse filets at the dock in SALT WATER. Roll up in paper towels, bag, and in cooler of ice. Once home unwrap, touch up filets for any missed bones or skin. Pat dry, re wrap in paper towels, seal in plastic bag and in fridge. Fresh water from the sink does not touch the filets and a bag of filets in a wet bag of fish slime is a no no. Change out paper towels every other day Stripers from last Fri day we had today and they were fine, that was 10 days. I usually dont go more than 7 days but they nose said they were ok and the belly agreed. Good luck
  14. What does that pump do ?
  15. You would be amazed what you can find at local garage sales.