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  1. I've never fished a squid pattern but it looked like it would be fun to tie one. Here's my version.
  2. I travel several times a year with a 4-pc spey rod in a 42" tube that I always carry on. Out of a couple dozen flights I have only had one occasion where they made me check it as baggage, and that was at the baggage counter, not at the gate. I was checking another bag and the agent saw the rod case and told me I needed to check it. I have a feeling that if I had taken it to the gate the agents would have let me carry it on.
  3. I started learning TH spey casting a couple of seasons ago to fish for great lakes steelhead. A side benefit is that SH spey casts have been a really good addition to my regular casting arsenal.
  4. $125 for the TFO 890-6?
  5. I fish for LMB in my local water. When I see a spin fisherman, inevitably he (it's always a guy) will step up to the water's edge and throw a lure as far as he can, often to the opposite bank. I'm always amused because I've pulled fish out right where he is standing. I don't know why these guys always think the fish are against the opposite bank and not at the near bank. One of the smartest pieces of fishing advice I ever read was to fish close in first. I understand the temptation in the salt, because there's so much water, but I don't know that it's much different.
  6. To add one thing, socks make a big difference. I've been wearing alpaca ski socks the past couple of seasons.
  7. If cold water wading is the main requirement than I think you should look at neoprene waders. In my experience neoprene, with proper layering, will keep you warmer than conventional waders.
  8. Last fall there was an article in the NY Times about an oyster that was found by workers in the Hudson. The oyster was 1.93 pounds and was thought to be the largest oyster found in New York harbor in 100 years. They think it may have been 15-20 years old, or even older. From the article ("Big" is the name of the oyster): "For years, naturalists have been installing artificial reefs in the harbor for oysters to live on, but Big was not a farm-raised baby transplanted to a reef. Big was a native who grew up on a piling in the River Project’s front yard, the wide water at Pier 40, just beyond West Houston Street."
  9. Does anyone know the medical facts regarding eye damage from exposure to UV light? Will reflected UV light cause damage, or do you have to look directly into the light? In other words, if I'm shining the light away from me but it bounces or scatters off nearby objects, is that a problem? Will ordinary glasses protect from UV or do you need sunglasses or something similar? How much exposure is harmful? Are we talking immediate or prolonged exposure?
  10. I bought this lamp off the auction site for less than $10: 3W UltraFire WF-502B UV 395NM LED Bulb Flashlight Torch 18650 Lamp It takes the same rechargeable battery that is used in a lot of vaping devices. The lamp works great, it's a lot stronger than the CCG lamp which I used previously.
  11. I've fly domestically often with a 42" rod tube and have only had one occasion when I had to check it. This happened when I was checking my big duffle at the ticket counter and the agent saw me carrying the tube and told me I had to check it. I'm sure that if she had not noticed it I would have been able to take it onboard. There is a small closet compartment by the cockpit for the crew's jackets, etc, and I frequently have been allowed to store the rod there (the trick is to remember to pick it up when I de-plane). Otherwise the tube fits in the overhead bins. My other rods are all travel rods that are small enough to fit in my checked luggage. I never carry on flies, hooks, or any sharp pointed object or tools -- I always pack those in my checked bag. I have a small rolling backpack that I carry on that has my waders, boots, rain gear, and a few other soft items.
  12. Most of my streamers/intruders are between 3-4". I also fish a mini intruder that's 1.5-2". My mini-intruder is tied on a tube and is basically just the front half of a typical intruder, but simpler. I have run into fishermen who do well with small streamers, 1.5-2". Another technique that works is to dead-drift small streamers below an indicator. There are so many ways to catch these fish, but that's what makes it interesting. As Steve Culton's signature line says, "We fish for pleasure; I for Mine, you for yours."
  13. One more thought Mike. There's a handy website called Riverboss. It's at riverboss dot com. It's a collection of U.S. stream data. It gives you quick access to streamflows, trends, weather, etc, and you can create a custom list of the rivers you fish.Very handy.
  14. I fish intruder style flies on the Lake Erie tribs in Ohio and they catch fish. My intruders are much simpler (and cheaper) to tie than the textbook versions. I also fish some simple smelt patterns. I would bring some streamer-type flies just in case you get bored with drifting eggs and want to swing some flies for steel. Nothing beats the take of a steelhead on a swinging fly. I'll be interested to hear from you after you've fished egg flies and how it compares to flinging streamers into the surf at Montauk.
  15. And there's always the auction site and Craigs list.