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  1. If you use tippet rings test them before fishing. I bought some no-name rings awhile ago and the edges of the rings were sharp and would cut the tippet well under their rated strength. Test your knots before fishing them!
  2. Keep posting about your outings. I was hoping this thread would pick up again.
  3. Google "The Dishonest Caddis." It's an interesting article in Hatch Magazine online about Tom Rosenbauer's advice for fishing caddis.
  4. In my experience a triple surgeon's knot (three turns) is stronger than a blood knot on 5x and finer tippets. Here is a version of the blood knot called the speed blood knot that is easier to tie and seems to be just as strong as a regular blood knot:
  5. HillTop, Thanks for the explanation, it's very clear. I think that kind of hair iron is called a crimping iron. I looked online and you can get them with several different types of heat plates, from a tight curl to a looser curl. With the direction this thread is going, before long we'll be posting about lipsticks and mascaras (not that there's anything wrong with that). S
  6. The Feather Emporium lists Jungle Cock on their site.
  7. HillTop, can you give us some more detail about this process? Are you saying you can start with straight wig hair and make it frizzy? Thanks.
  8. I would add one thing to this discussion, always keep the line under a finger or two of your rod hand. That way you'll always have a tight line between you and the fish. I developed a bad habit early on of trying to control the line with my non-rod hand, and I would often have too much slack in the line between the stripper guide and my left hand and I lost fish as a result.
  9. Actually, Orvis does involve people who buy their products. A couple of years ago I was asked to take part in an Orvis survey about their website. I went to a midtown office for a useability session. They showed me various web pages and asked for my reactions. I have no idea if they used any of my suggestions, but it seemed an honest effort to me. It was several years ago so I don't remember any details but I seem to recall it was more about the design of the web pages for clothing sales than fishing gear.
  10. There's good fishing on the west coast of the Yucatan. There is an article in yesterday's Washington Post about tarpon fishing in Campeche. Google "A majestic game fish draws anglers to the waters off Campeche, Mexico." I fished there just before covid hit and there were plenty of fish but they were very skittish. I did manage one nice juvenile fish.
  11. I first saw Peter's work when he screened one of his films at the Orvis store in NYC several years ago. As a retired documentary filmmaker I can tell you that it takes a tremendous amount of time and a very high level of skill to produce at the level he does. As an aside, I'm surprised u tube didn't flag the tune you use in the clip above. Ronnie Spector used to do an autobiographical show called "Beyond the Beehive" and there's quite a story about that song.
  12. If you want proof that form is the most important element of fly casting, google Maxine McCormick, who can out-cast most men and who won fly casting championships when she was a teen-ager.
  13. The best money you can spend is to go out with a good guide -- you'll learn more in one day on the water with a good guide than you will in an entire season fishing alone. And if you're new to the game a guide will provide gear so that you can get a sense of what you might like without spending a pile on gear that may not suit you. You can even ask the guide to bring a couple of rigs for you to try on the water, which will tell you a lot more than wiggling the rods in a store.
  14. There's a series of exercises designed for baseball pitchers called "Throwers' Ten." I've found several versions available online that are all similar. I've been doing them for the past couple seasons and they seem perfect for what we do.
  15. Don't buy a cheap pair of scissors.