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  1. There is a series of exercises for baseball pitchers that might help you. Google "Throwers Ten." There are different versions of these exercises, but they seem to be mostly similar. They use light weights and exercise bands to strengthen the throwing muscles, which are the same muscles we use when casting.
  2. Now I have to add an x-ray machine to my fly-tying bench
  3. Scandi lines have a longer front taper and are best for throwing smaller, lighter flies, like nymphs, soft hackles, and small light streamers. Skagit heads are designed for throwing heavier weighted flies. Most line makers recommend using a weighted tip for skagit lines and regular leaders or versileaders for scandi lines.
  4. I've been using this light: 3W UltraFire WF-502B 3W UV 395NM LED. It works great. I bought it on the auction site for less than $10. Mine didn't come with a battery. It uses the same battery that's used in a lot of vaping devices - I bought mine at a local vaping shop or you can get one online.
  5. My simplified version of Moy's Emerger. It's tied to represent a Hendrickson emerging from the nymphal shuck. Andrew Moy ties it with cut wings. I simplified it using a poly wing.
  6. There is a series of exercises for pitchers, "The Throwers Ten," that I have started doing. I may have learned about it on this forum but I don't recall which thread. There are different variations of these exercises all over the internet. These exercises use light dumbbells and resistance bands to build shoulder, arm, and wrist strength. The program is designed for baseball players, but it seems perfect for fly casters as well. You can easily do these at home, no special apparatus required.
  7. Could be your backcast is too weak. Whenever my casting starts to fall apart it's usually because I'm under-powering my backcast. You really need power on the backcast, a crisp hard high stop on your backcast, wait for the line to unroll, then begin your forward cast. Orvis has a nice short video on tailing loops. Google it, it may help.
  8. I don't want to get into a fight with your wife, but there is a difference between nail polish thinner and remover (usually acetone). Google it and check it out for yourself.
  9. Get some nail polish thinner at your local drug store and thin the hard as nails with a few drops. Don't use nail polish remover. Use nail polish thinner. I also use one of these needle tip applicator bottles. They're available for just a couple of bucks at most online shops that sell fly tying materials.
  10. I really like the blend of colors in your flies. Beautiful work.
  11. I like the Vedavoo slings. I have a small one and the larger one. Very comfortable and well-designed.
  12. Beautiful fly. Is that a Kinky Muddler? Deer hair for the head or synthetic?
  13. Related:
  14. Sounds like you're working too hard for distance. Practice shorter casts and work on your timing and letting the rod power the cast. When I get in a casting groove I'm always surprised by how little physical effort it takes to make a good cast.
  15. Chokoloskee is one of my favorite places in the world. For years we've spent some time in Everglades City and Chokoloskee every winter, but this year we couldn't make it. The mangrove islands off of Everglades City are a national treasure.