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  1. I fish public areas and what I find, besides all the trash, are tangles of fishing line - on the ground, in the bushes, hanging from trees. I've seen birds tangled in mono, a bat hooked and tangled in a tree, injured swans, hooked turtles, and on and on. I never leave a fishing session without handfuls of mono, bobbers, rusted hooks, and occasionally lures. I could spend the entire day picking up trash and it wouldn't make a dent. It's too depressing.
  2. Or, learn to cast with your other arm. Especially if you take a lesson or two to get started. It will be like starting with a blank slate, no bad habits to unlearn. And as most of us have learned, fly casting is more about timing than about strength, so casting with your weaker arm is not that much of a disadvantage.
  3. I just bought a friend a Redington Behemoth 7/8 as a gift. I haven't fished it but it looks to be a real value. The look is utilitarian, nothing fancy, but the drag feels like it could stop just about anything. And the price is very affordable, well under $200. Again, I haven't had it out on the water but just checking it out, I'm very impressed.
  4. The battery I have is rechargeable. My tying sessions are usually short, less than an hour at a time and I've used this light for multiple sessions between charges. I suspect I've used this light for several hours of actual "on" time between charges. But I'm just guessing, I've never actually tested it.
  5. Can't speak to bulk UV resin, but I bought a curing light on the auction sight that works great for several brands of UV resin I use. It's the 3W UltraFire WF-502B 3W UV 395NM LED, it's less than $10 without the battery. It uses the kind of battery that's commonly used in vaping devices - the battery was more expensive than the light. I originally used the small curing light from Clear Cure Goo and this light is much stronger than the CCG light.
  6. I like the double fly on the bass worm hook. How do those fish, have you had success with them?
  7. The NRS GigBob looks like an interesting craft. Anyone have experience with it?
  8. The Mohawk has some terrific smallmouth fishing and it's beautiful country up there. I fish the area west of Canajoharie a couple of times a year.
  9. In my experience a good cdc wing floats really well. I've also been sparsely palmering a cdc feather on my nymph bodies, I like the impression of legs that it gives the fly. The cdc filaments are very fine and move a lot in the water.
  10. I hope it's ok to add an additional question to this thread: What's your tipping policy for guides? If the guide is working for an outfitter then I will certainly tip him or her. What if the guide is a sole proprietor and working for themselves? Do you still tip?
  11. I have a TFO 8' 3 wt that I love. I've also fished with the Orvis 7'6" 3 wt superfine carbon rod and it's a beautiful, responsive rod and a pleasure to fish.
  12. In real cold conditions I have an under armour balaclava that is light but keeps me very warm. It fits tighter than a hoodie so it keeps the wind out and it covers my neck. Other than that, it's getting the right layers sorted out. Most of the outdoor companies make thermal long-sleeve t-shirts that are great for a base layer. They're usually made from a micro-fiber and they wick perspiration away and keep you dry and warm.
  13. Red, what line are you throwing in those videos?
  14. It's called the tragedy of the commons and it has a long history. That is not to say that things can't change. To quote Margaret Mead: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
  15. Point well taken.