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  1. Exact same thing happened to me last year. I think there must have been a flaw or weakness in the blank. My rod was a tfo, they replaced the section for $35.
  2. JonC, that whipping illustration shows a great way to tie a nail knot without a tool. Thx.
  3. What about the "Electric Dread," Cordell Baum's bonefish fly?
  4. What leader length and design do they use in these competitions? Are they standardized or up to the individual caster?
  5. What about a thin coating of UV resin over the top of the foam?
  6. Her name is Maxine McCormick and there's an article about her in today's NY Times, 8/20/18. Google her name or "The Mozart of Fly Casting."
  7. Last weekend I was on the Jersey shore talking to a regular. He said in the fall he has seen whales gorging on bait. He said he has been within 20' of whales charging up through a school of bunker with their mouths wide open and full of bunker. And there are stripers there too. Just saw this:
  8. I heard from a friend on the West Branch who floated past the site on Wednesday. He said he could smell diesel fumes at some places, but he caught fish near the site and the fish seemed healthy. Let's hope the longer term effects are not serious.
  9. Google Cutthroat Leaders for furled leaders.
  10. Here are a couple of short videos that show how to tie nail knots without tools:
  11. Of course. The first time I heard about the Salmon River, some years ago and before the snagging ban, a friend from upstate described one of the big pools as being lined with fishermen standing shoulder to shoulder in pools of blood from all the snagged fish. A sad legacy indeed.
  12. Noted about the NY rivers. I fish the streams around northeast Ohio -- I visit family there a couple times a year and time my visits with fall and spring steelhead fishing. I'll check the Ohio regs regarding drop shot rigs. BTW, what's the rationale for the rule about no weight below the fly?
  13. Thanks Steve. I Googled your posts and they look very informative. I will try your setup for steelhead this fall.
  14. PhillyPhisher, I like your rig with the split shot on a tag off the bottom fly. It's a kind of drop-shot rig for nymphs. The nice thing about that rig is that if you snag, most likely you're only snagging your split shot, which is expendable. I assume you use a lighter weight tippet for that tag? Here are a couple of questions for you nymphing sharpies: do you prefer to fish weighted flies, or unweighted flies with split shot on the leader? how do you determine the position of the indicator on your leader -- e.g. how far above your point fly do you put the indicator? does anyone prefer to tie the dropper fly off the eye of the point fly rather than off the bend of the hook? A couple of seasons ago I fished with a terrific fisherman who fished a 3-nymph rig -- each section of tippet was tied to the eye of the nymph above it. So his leader looked like this: leader; tippet; top nymph; section of tippet tied to the eye of this nymph with a second nymph at the end; then another section of tippet tied to the eye of the second nymph with a third nymph at the end. Above all of this he attached an indicator. He said he learned this setup from a guide in Montana. I'd love to know what the experts on this forum think.
  15. Don't forget the importance of an overall healthy ecosystem for these fish. That means healthy spawning areas, sufficient forage fish, and clean water. With a healthy environment these fish can thrive, with a degraded environment they are vulnerable.