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  1. I don't mind cutting a deal. I don't need to sell it though
  2. Noted will respond later with everything
  3. Make me some money offers
  4. No thanks on trades
  5. Located in philly
  6. Have a custom cts surf and jetty 10' 1-3 ounce. Rod is 9/10 condition, black blank with dark grey guide wraps. no design above reel seat. from butt to reel seat is 25" 5/8. great rod just need some money. Asking $300 meet up or $330 shipped. sorry also is a 2 piece 50 /50 split.
  7. I'll offer 120? Plus shipping
  8. I'm sorry o thought vsb ment bailess I'm looking for bailess. My apologies
  9. I would like pics