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  1. I enjoy fly fishing from a kayak. I catch panfish and large and smallmouth bass. You don’t have to cast far. You can get very close to fish in a kayak. I paddle a sit on kayak and strip the line between my legs. I don’t use a stripping basket. In salt water I have caught blues, weakfish, lady fish, jacks, and Stripers. It is fun and a very productive way to fish. Best of luck! You are going to have fun.
  2. White perch hands down. Everyone catches them but me.
  3. If I were to buy 4 lures I would buy a mag darter, an sp minnow, a Gibbs Polaris, and a metal lipped swimmer. Sorry Super Strike.
  4. Yellow or blurple but my favorite color is the Sky Blue Mockity Pink The Color of An Ox Fart. Other than those I don’t think it matters.
  5. This!!! Bealls is a department store in Florida. They feature Reel Legend brand fishing clothes. They have Columbia and others. The Reel legend shirts are inexpensive. I like buffs so I don’t get hoodies. Some of the knit ones are 12 years old. They have some pulls and a few stains but they have a lot of Mojo so I wear them instead of the newer ones. They never really wear out. I can’t believe it took 3 pages of replies to get Bealls and Reel Legend mentioned.
  6. What weight rods do you use with this size leader? What do you use for surface flies as flouro sinks? I’ve been using 14# mono for a 7 weight for gurglers, sliders and poppers with a mono tippet. For sinking flies I use a flouro tippet. I mostly fish the shallows for panfish. I’ve been using small tippet rings to connect the tippet. What size mono would you use for a 10 weight twisted leader. The mid section is 2 strands and the butt is 4 strands. Thanks in advance for any help. Hope this is helpful.
  7. Have tried what few local shops we have and even tried Cabelas. Does anyone know who carries these hooks in #6 and #4 sizes. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. I used Saltwater Edge. Thanks for the suggestions. I like to shop local when possible but shipping is less than a gallon of gas’s. Thanks again.
  9. I like SHARP trebles with the barbs squashed for belly hooks on metal lip swimmers and other plugs. On metal lips I like a flag on the back instead of a hook. Most all other plugs get a single hook on the tail and a treble up front. I like minnow type plugs with 2 not three hooks. I often go up in size on the front hook (the treble) but not big enough to mess up the action or foul on the lip or body of the plug. The single tail hook has a gap between 2/3 to a bit larger than the treble it replaces. The tail hook is also sharp and the barb is squashed. My thinking is that multiple trebles do more damage to fish and fishermen and provide more leverage for hooked fish to get off. My metals carry a single hook, some with hair some without. Hope this is helpful, sorry if it is long winded.
  10. I’ve done it twice. Both caught in same ceiling fan.
  11. Don’t let Bob The Garbageman hear you use a spike, he will cut youse line. Remember the chunk is just a vehicle for the anise.
  12. It’s windy most of the time at the beach. I believe it has gotten worse as you say. I believe it is because of global warming or possibly a lasting effect of vivid.
  13. I know I’m probably going to get flack but I use the foot of the first eye for a hook keeper, always have.
  14. With Covid at a low point are there any sports shows or fleamarkets scheduled this spring?
  15. Thanks I know it’s late. Berkeley show is a good show. I’m coming from Pa but don’t mind the drive to the shore.
  16. What’s a Henway? Are they like a anew?
  17. Use scissors to cut the angle.
  18. When sandeels are present I often use the same sandeel teaser I use as dropper. Either a red gill, surf candy or Mikelson fly works well. The offset hooks that come with AVA type lures don’t last long and need constant resharpening. IMHO
  19. I’m surprised that no one mentioned “Casting Into The Light” by Janet Massiineo and “Striper” by John Cole. Both are good reads. “Striper “ deals with the previous crash of Striper stocks. It also gives an interesting description of beach haul seining. I reread this every few years.
  20. I have often filled my sot Tarpon with water on the Rapids on the Delaware River. One second the cockpit is full of water 2 seconds later the water has drained out of the scuppers. A sit in won’t do that. Secure any thing you don’t want to loose.
  21. What I miss is sleeping in my truck during the spring and fall run in out of the way places all along south Jersey. Marinas, parking lots, tackle shop lots, end of the road at the beach, Barnegat Light Park parking lot, parkway rest stops, we just parked and slept what part of the night we didn’t fish. I spent my weekends and a lot of vacation and sick time sleeping on public land. We would even get showers in the state marina in AC, pre casinos of course. Gas, bait and an occasional thermos of coffee were the only expense. The fishing was better and the fish more than made up for the expense involved.
  22. Very nice work!
  23. Could you explain this, please.
  24. Once years ago at the air station at island Beach. Asked what I caught, what I was trying to catch how long I fished and how many days a year I fished. They said they worked for the state.