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  1. Does anyone know of a mold for tin soldiers that is still made commercially? I am looking for a present for a grandchild. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Had several of the green spools pop using mono. They were known for that. The aluminum spools are an exact fit and look nice with the greenie.
  3. I carry a sneaker shoe lace. Fold it in half, then make a chain with it and loop it onto your surf bag. It weighs nothing, costs almost as much and is always with me. I don’t keep many fish, an occasional bad bleeder. Makes the walk back to the truck easier.
  4. I caught several juvenile Snowy Grouper about 9 years ago behind Island Beach SP. Didn’t know what they were at the time. Also a Pompano in surf IBSP and a Jack Cravelle in Beach Haven. You never know what you will catch.
  5. The fisher that does the least damage to the fishery and has the most fun is the best fisher. It helps if you know what bait is present, when the bite is, and the best presentation.
  6. I’m in total agreement. Well stated DeepBlue85. The best we can do is model ethical actions to those who haven’t learned better and voice our opinion when we see something wrong.
  7. Just one more.
  8. Had a 61 Scout in the 70s a 152 4 cyl. Put an 8 track in it. Also a carburetor, shocks, gauges, and rebuilt the wiring harness when it caught fire, wider wheels and tires, when the muffler went I replaced it with a glass pack, sounded cool. Brake jobs were simple. It had positraction front and back. It had 2nd, 4wd with Hi and Low range in both. 2wd low range, haven’t seen that in a long time. I had about $1,000 dollars involved. I had confidence I could get to the beach and back (90-140) depending on where in Jersey or Delaware I was bound. I sold that truck for more than I payed for it. I have a 2012 Pathfinder. I spent $400 twice to fix power windows that I really don’t want. Last year I needed catalytic converters on one side, this year the other side needed replacement along with sensors and some do -dad that works with the air bags that required dismantling the steering wheel. $2500 so far this year. Now the key fobs don’t work. So long story short it seems to be some body control module that is $1400. We are not supposed to work on our trucks anymore, but it is getting impossible financially to keep them running. Parts are out off sight and if you can get them you won’t know how to fix them. There needs to be a vehicle with a simple design and affordable parts that the average guy can keep running. There I’ve vented. Thanks for listening, An angry old man. PS Also my wife says I’m grumpy .
  9. What are you fishing for? When are you fishing? Where are you fishing? Context is very important. They could all come into play in a season, at different times.
  10. Squash the barbs on front trebles. Siwash or single that is close to the size of the gap of the whole treble on the back.
  11. Unequivocally no.
  12. Post it on bst and buy several Penns.
  13. Try peanut butter.
  14. Where can you get tungsten lures? I had no idea it was heavier than lead. Are they expensive?
  15. Catching all that free fish can be expensive.
  16. Where do you live? If you are within a reasonable distance of Quakertown Pa. I can help you. You just need a prescription.
  17. I tie a dropper loop in my leader 9” from the swivel. The leader is 42” from swivel to the clip. I twist the line several times and tie the dropper loop with the dropper twisted. I use 30# ande clear, the dropper stands out from the main part of the leader. With a dropper loop you can change teasers or remove the teaser easily.
  18. What is a good hook for kingfish and croaker high low rigs? What size? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  19. Thanks for posting this chart. Interesting and very useful.
  20. You guys have convinced me that every time I’ve been skunked in the last 50 years it’s because I didn’t have a lime SP minnow. Of course for most of that time I didn’t have any SP minnows, for a long time I didn’t even have Bombers either. I may not sleep tonight worrying about all the fish I missed without lime SP minnows. It’s enough to make a man drink. If he needed an excuse.
  21. This is not fly fishing. There is no need to build a tapered leader for surf fishing. My leaders are 42” long. Many guys go shorter. Your mono or flouro leader will be thicker than the braid. Not seeing a need for a thirty foot long leader. To fish sluggos and light buck tails on open sand beaches I would use 20lb braid. I use Power Pro. Hope this is helpful.
  22. Yes, I’ve never seen so many stuck. The sand seems softer than usual this year.
  23. I have not used bow or stern straps in many years. I hit a bad pothole the bowline broke the bow handle loose from the kayak. The line wrapped aroun the front axle. Without a place to tie the bowline to I got used to not having a bowline. 10 trips to Florida, many trip to the shore and hundreds of trips to the mountains and I have not had a mishap. My vehicles have varied between an 02 Dakota, a 12 Pathfinder and a 15 VW Golf wagon. Rectangular Thule bars, Thule mounts to the factory rails and I replace my straps often. Not had an issue without bow or stern lines at 75 mph.
  24. Most beaches require tow strap or rope, jack and board, shovel all add drama and are a pain to use. If you air down properly you only need an air gauge. Last week end I must have seen a dozen trucks stuck, some only 20 feet from hard top. There is no excuse to not air down except laziness. That excuse doesn’t hold water because getting stuck is much harder work than airing down.
  25. A bird in the hand. Don’t leave fish to chase fish. Like catching both.