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  1. LLBean makes nylon water shorts with mesh liner. They come in 2 inseam lengths. I wear the longer ones. I wear them to the beach, to wade, in the kayak actually all year until it is too cold. They come in several colors. They cost $39.95. The wear like iron.
  2. For me it wouldn’t make any difference if we couldn’t keep Stripers. Two years ago I kept a 26# fish that had bled heavily and was dead. I haven’t had a keeper since. I only fish open beach and have caught many short fish since then. For me keeping fish isn’t a big deal, fishing is a very big thing. I fished through the last moratorium I’ll fish through the next, if I live that long.
  3. I don’t have VS reels but I remove the main shaft and chuck that into a drill. If you don’t go too fast you can control the line lay profile.
  4. is Anyone having a problem with the Scoutlook Weather app. It is a great app that I have used for a longtime, but I don’t seem to be able to get it to work today.
  5. I use a rubber net in the Indian River. Rubber does not get hooked and doesn’t remove the slime layer. The net came with a long handle which I shortened and wrapped with an orange pool noodle so it floats. I got it right after I lost a really big spec trying to slide it in my kayak. It makes releasing easier and controls fish you want to keep.
  6. I’m an old man and I can’t even imagine what a year of not fishing would be like. It would be like living and going to hell. I can imagine fishing through a season when I couldn’t keep any fish. Not keeping fish is no big deal. Not fishing is an absurd idea.
  7. I understand that we as recreational fishers kill a lot of Striped Bass. We eat some. Some die as a result of injury sustained while being caught. I see people mistreat fish. I usually mention it to them. I’ve seen people throw fish, drop kick fish, keep fish out of water too long and some drag their fish up onto dry sand to unhook them and they look like they are roller in bread crumbs. Treat fish with respect. Kill and ice the ones you keep. Release fish promptly with care. As to the unified voice join a club write your representatives and instead of quarreling decide what is best for the fishery and do something about it. People in office have to listen to us if they want to remain in office. We have to tell them what we want. They will never guess on their own. There are too many of us not to listen if we present an united front.
  8. Sometime in last millennium I converted a Penn 716 to no bail. Hacksaw, file, crocus paper done. I still use it for Trout with 4# line. It can be done to anyreel.
  9. “Economically important “ is how we as recreational fishermen get our striped bass protected from commercial exploitation. You seem to be opposed to all ideas except no catch. That means we cannot fish for Blues, Seatrout, Reds because we might catch Stripers. Because Stripers are of more economic importance if recreational fishermen catch them than commercials catch them, then we have the power to control how they are managed, if we speak up with a unified voice. A voice that has a positive direction and refuses to be ignored. Are you against catching Striped Bass?
  10. Recreational fishing is way more economically important than commercial fishing for striped bass. If the stock is in a state where no fish should taken, then I would support catch and release only until it recovered. Then a reasonable limit that promotes stock health, without special rules to allow extra fish for some people.
  11. Protect the breeding population and lower mortality. Moratorium, slot, whatever it takes to keep the fishery viable. NO COMMERCIAL FISHING. No big fish for charter boats. Scientifically backed regulations so this doesn’t happen again. These fish are too important economically and ecologically to loose.
  12. I think I know the answer is get a new one. My vest is in excellent shape but in need of a good cleaning. I’m guessing it shouldn’t go in the washing machine. What is a good way to clean it? What should I avoid doing. Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. I fish 120+ days a year with Power Pro mostly 10#, 20# and occasionally 30#. I get a couple years out of a spool by topping off and flipping. No issues. I can’t see fixing it because it’s not broken.
  14. I’m in. Nice job. Thanks.
  15. Not familiar with most of the mentioned darters. Have used the Gibbs with good results.