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  1. After gear failures 2 years in a row with different generations of Conflict I am seriously thinking of bringing a 710 greenie out of retirement. It was changed to manual pickup in the 70s and the thing is dependable.
  2. Regular PowerPro. Used it for years, it works , won’t fix it while it works. I’m sure there are other good braids. PP is head and shoulders above mono for most of my fishing. I still use mono for a few different applications.
  3. It’s a start in the right direction. Hopefully all states will follow. It is stupid to kill large females with the fishery in decline. According to who you talk to the larger fish cast more eggs that are also more viable than smaller fish. I’m all for regulations that protect the breeders. These who don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it (George Santayana). No he wasn’t at the Alamo. I wouldn’t live long enough to see a recovery to another crash in Striper population.
  4. Rapala.Been around for years. Lots of colors. Many sizes. Catches most anything.
  5. Thanks guys. We will spend the winter in Melbourne Beach. The whole thing sucks. The last two years we had problems with algae blooms in our area. The shame is it’s avoidable and we’re all to blame to some extent. Looks like we can keep but shouldn’t eat.
  6. The bushing on the greenie Penns worked flawlessly. With heavy service over decades I don’t remember replacing one. They are retired now but less problems then the new Penns.
  7. I just checked the FishVerify Florida Edition and it says Redfish are closed with no open season in Florida. I checked with my buddy in Florida and he didn’t know. Is this true?
  8. I use an electric drill and chuck the main shaft of the reel into it. I use the drag of the donor reel for tension. When I fill a reel from a bulk spool I use a pencil for an axle on the bulk spool and the drag on the reel for tension.
  9. Might try moving your hand back so the reel stem is between the middle and index finger. I go days without getting line across the top of the spool, then I may happen several times the next time out, I just blame the perversity of inanimate objects.
  10. I switch out plugs depending on what bait is present and what fish are eating them. I have an Auquaskin Bag with 5 square tubes. I customized it to hold a pliers, lipper, water bottle and other stuff. The lures May look beat up but they catch and have a history. If my rods or reels get lost or stolen they can be replaced. My bag is a reflection of me. It has teasers I tied, Rigs I tied, plugs I changed hooks on and some I repainted. . It would take a life time of deep thought and tinkering to replace. I couldn’t put a price on it. It couldn’t really be replaced.
  11. There are a lot of people with mental health issues. I never knew so many of them were fishermen.
  12. How heavy are the buck tails you will be casting? I would go with 1-4 or lighter but you will get other opinions. You will snag fairly often, how hard do you want to pull to break off? I might go to 14 #. I loved fishing there when I was young and agile enough to fish jetties. Good luck, wear cleats.
  13. 63 Scout 75 CJ5 76 Toyoto pickup 84 Bronco 2 86 Dodge Ram 02 Dodge Dakota 12 Pathfinder All 4x4, caps on all pickups, slept in all of them. Ran most of them into the ground. Life is good.
  14. I I’ve used 1/8 and 1/4 lead heads with CAL plastics with paddle tails for years for trout. Also caught jacks. They work fine.
  15. Mucho Minnows cast well and swim well and are a good option for shorter plugs.