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  1. Using a small Hopkins for weight and a white or clear teaser I often catch shad in the fall off Ocean County beaches. Targeting snapper Blues they are a welcome by catch on light tackle. I always release them but those who enjoy shad in the spring would probably find them good for the table.
  2. I can fish hard for a few days but then I need a break. I may fish but sleep in or just make a short short shift. I don’t have the stamina I had years ago. I take a lot of breaks. I try to fish smarter and make time fishing more productive.
  3. DOA’s CAL was my go to lure last fall when we had shorts at the end of the season. Also my #1 choice for Specled Trout in Florida.
  4. I have never thought about the warranty when buying a rod. Only about performance. I have used the warranty twice on a Crowder rod. Both times it was due to gross stupidity. I told them the truth. Both times I got tangled in a ceiling fan while replacing a wind on leader. They are great people to deal with. But their rods are even better. I nearly cried the first time I broke it. I went to replace it having no idea that the warranty covered everything. I would have paid retail. So no I didn’t consider the warranty but used it twice somewhat sheepishly.
  5. At least slow down when you need glasses.
  6. Thanks, good tip!
  7. Each is a treasure and a tribute to the man who crafted them. They should be displayed prominently.
  8. I have flipped once and fallen out of my kayak once without without flipping. It happens in a heart beat. I lost a few things but nothing major in the flip. Stow or secure everything you want to keep.
  9. I have the 8+ and the 10+ Air Wave Elite rods for about 3 years. I love them both depending on conditions. Your rod should be great. I think the reel should balance nicely. Have a really good Fall season with you new set up.
  10. I would add a mag darter, swim shads, needle fish and a metal lipped swimmer. Don’t forget to get most of these in Black, You have a solid start, look also for any local favorites for your area. Best wishes for a good Fall season.
  11. Bend back flys are weed less. Also you can tie your streamers on worm hooks.
  12. Do breathable waders benefit from being treated with revived and simular products.
  13. All of John’s books are good reads.
  14. Really no need for a turner for Hoo flies when you use liquid fusion. You need so little of it that it. Dries quickly.
  15. Great job on these flies, thanks for sharing.