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  1. Thanks for confirming uneasiness I had in the Passport. I think I will save up and look at the Compass in the spring. Great to have the members here as a resource when you need information.
  2. Thanks everyone for suggestions and concern. We have tried many over the counter remedies. We had not tried Vick’s. She tried it the other night and got itch relief with it, thanks. She didn’t use salt just Vick’s. As fishtheeast suggested She has found Thermacell to work in cutting down the number of bites. Thanks to all for helping.
  3. As I get older I realized that I don’t cover as much water so that I have enough energy to get back to the launch site. I’ve been thinking that a peddle kayak would increase my range and have noticed the Hobie Mirage Passport is selling under $1400. It is rated to carry 325lbs I weigh 250. Does anyone have experience with this kayak? I have been using a 14’ Wilderness Tarpon and it is extremely stable and close to the water. How stable is the Hobie M P and will my weight be a factor in this shorter platform. I am 72 and hope to get another 25 years out of it, being on fixed income I would hate to have to replace my next kayak. I understand that the Hobie M P doesn’t have reverse, range and affordability are key. Thanks for any input.
  4. Sorry, double post.
  5. Glad someone through in the sand and silver trout. They are both generally smaller than the other varieties of seatrout. On occasion they are quite numerous and can be caught easily on lead heads with soft plastic bodies. I have only caught them in Fla. but on light tackle they are fun.
  6. I would soak it good with a sprinkler and then wash it with a good detergent. Wisk liquid soap works well. Treat the kayak with 303 to restore the shine and protect against UV rays.
  7. Found a lot of my best spots by spying. You can observe a lot by watching. Calling in 30 of your closest friends while someone lands their first fish is just stupid, but you see it happen all of the time.
  8. 8wt fly rod. Any reel with a good drag. They mostly just store line. It will work for river fishing, bass lake fishing. For surf and back bays I’ll have to pick my days. I might even learn to cast decently if I work at it. I have all kinds of gear including 4 fly rods, an 8wt is something I don’t currently have.
  9. I’m like you. While my wife isn’t as bad as yours she itches for weeks and takes long to heal. Hope someone has an idea that gives them relief.
  10. We Love the beach. My wife is super sensitive to bug bites. What do you use to neutralize the bug bites? What do you use to prevent them. Mosquitoes, flies, no serums? Thanks for any help.
  11. There is a problem inherent in your method of dissecting a pair to see how they are made. You will do a bunch of work learning how to make leaky boots. The best breathable waders I owned were Snowbees. I got 4 or 5 years out of them. I did get 10 years out of Gralite waders but they were definitely not breathable. Since neither Snowbee or Gralites are available the best I have done is 2 years out of Cabelas breathable waders. Since Bass Pro bought Cabelas and the only Bass Pro waders I bought leaked on the first trip I may be wearing a wetsuit this Fall. When we first got married 40+years ago I got through the fall with hip boots and rain pants over them. It wasn’t too bad but you couldn’t wade out onto the bar.
  12. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations!
  13. I have only been involved in unhooking fingers hands and arms. The string method has worked well when I had help or if I did it to others. You have to maintain down pressure on the hook eye while pulling on the string. This takes pressure of the barb. It comes out easily. With a pliers you you can do the same thing by backing the hook out and keeping pressure on the outside of the hook bend away from the barb. The worst time time I had was with a guy who insisted on pushing the hook through and cutting off the barb. It was not easy, I didn’t feel a thing but he was hurting. It was in the palm of his hand and he asked me to help him. His wife was fishing close by and would not help him and was visibly angry with him. He said after the last time he got hooked she begged him to buy a pliers and he hadn’t. Once the barb is through I always thought it is easy to crush the barb and back the hook out. The video seems to confirm this. It also seems to demonstrate that it is easier to back out than push through and does less damage. I would seek professional help if the hook was near eye, neck or in the head. Make sure your tetanus shot is up to date. Use pliers to unhook fish. I always wear glasses for protection. Prevention is the best cure. Happy fishing.
  14. Alcohol to find leaks. Thanks I’ll try it. I get some great ideas on SOL. I catch almost as many fish browsing in my recliner as I do fishing on the beach.
  15. Wrap blank with cotton three ply cord. Coat it liberally with pliobond rubber cement. Several coats until well coated and saturated. This grip wears like iron and is not slippery. It is also not sticky when it dries.