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  1. Scotts Bait and Tackle.
  2. Getting a rod built is exciting. I would approach it from a different direction. Start with what you want to throw. Figure out a range of weights you expect to throw with it. What length do you want your new rod to be? Do you want maximum power for the weights you throw or want a really light rod. You are defining what you want it to be. Now you need to pick the blank that fits those requirements. Hopefully this helps and you get a really special rod.
  3. Wondering how the 962M Airewave Elite casts 1 oz plugs like Mag Darters and SP Minnows. Anyone currently using this rod? Thanks! Considering adding it to my arsenal.
  4. Small jig with paddle tail. DOA if you can find them. Look for current breaks also.
  5. Regular Power Pro. 30# for bait. 20# for surf plugging. 10# for tossing shrimp and small plugs and jigs from kayak. No problems, years or use with a spool.
  6. Best wishes in your search.
  7. Vintage look would be a yellow Fenwick or Lamiglass blank. I have two greenie 706 reels that the grand kids use for bait. I would say Greenies if you really want vintage. Just saying. They were $25.00 reels.
  8. Seems like overkill. Finding a place to keep it while you fish, wind blowing sand into the chain and workings of it, added maintenance during fishing season. Seems like an albatross around my neck that would be more trouble than convenience. I already have a beach buggy. I agree with those who feel that when they become more than an oddity on the beach they will be banned because they are motorized. They should be regulated and be permitted (buggy permit), also licensed for the road and inspected. I for one don’t want to be mugged by a bunch of yuppies riding Rough shod on public beaches. They are a big enough pain on foot.
  9. I fish the fall from right after Labor Day until just before Christmas. My rods and reels stay on my bumper 24/7. They are Penns nothing fancy. A slammer, a couple Conflicts 1 & 2, a Battle II and a couple old plastic spinfishers. They sit out in heat, rain. Snow, sleet they get rinsed off when I wash the truck off about once a week. Every week or two I go home for a day or two to see family. They seldom need any maintenance. The reel I use most for plugging may get sluggish sometime in November and get a quick grease job. Some years not. They all get torn down and greased and any springs or drag washers in January. I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember and it works for me. Line gets replaced as needed.
  10. Jersey: Murphy’s Hook House Grumpys Fisherman’s Supply Fisherman’s Headquarters Andy’s in Barnegat Light Florida: Whitey’s Black Dog Goodes Delaware: Old inlet From the past: Sandy’s Glenn’s Rick’ Tackle Box Mack’s Fish and Stuff Jack Blade’ McFall’s Fox’s
  11. Does anyone have a source for red fox tail? Cant find it in my area or mail order. Thanks for any ideas.
  12. I always use 30 or 40# Ande mono for my shock leader. It was tied to the running line with a double uni knot. Check occasionally for abrasion but usually it would last day of bait fishing. I used the same set up on 2-6 oz or 8-10oz rods. The shocker was long enough to reach from the rig to several turns on the reel. Good luck.
  13. If they are Alvey reels the spool swivels and casts like a huge spinner it winds in like a conventional. I’m surprised more guys didn’t know what they were or how they worked. I never owned one but know they could cast a long way.
  14. Sorry for your loss. Peace be with you.
  15. What size hook do you use for carp with corn, bookies?