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  1. What do we do with hooks that are not inline circle hooks when fishing bait for Stripers. I don’t fish bait often but have a dozen or so offset hooks. Thinking of just recycling them. I hate waste.
  2. When bunker are around, I like to throw metal lipped swimmers.
  3. The best days I had fishing were: 1 howling NE wind raining. 2 Sunny , warm and mild, light wind NW, 3 Cloudy wind from the south. 4 Starry night no moon. 5 Cloudy , rainy night. 6 Sunny day light wind fished in shorts and t-shirt 7 any day I fished with my son or grandsons. Spread over 50 years I am still trying to find a pattern. Fish when you can. Enjoy it whether the fish show up or not.
  4. Yes I cut back to good line. I use a double-uni knot. Tie it tight and trim it close and clean. You shouldn’t have any problems, I’ve used Power Pro for years with no problems.
  5. My teaser rigs are 42” long from swivel to tactical clip. The dropper loop is 9” from the swivel. I use dropper loops because I can add, subtract, or switch teasers at will.
  6. I cut back after a long session. I cut back a foot or two if a rod has spent a couple of days in the rack on the beach. If I’m wearing gloves I cut back, if I wear a bandaid I cut back. When I get to the point that distance is compromised I tie in more line. I plug with 20lb power pro. At the end of the season I fill the spool and flip the line.
  7. I’m not a long ball hitter. With an off shore wind after the cast has started to drop stop the cast. The wind will carry your lure further. The trajectory changes when the line stops going out it straightens out.
  8. I rent an apartment at the shore for 3 months in the fall. My rods and reels are locked on the truck. They get rinsed when it rains or when the windshield is really a mess. Everything gets a complete tare down after the season. Some of my reels are 15 or 20 years old and going strong. I don’t understand the phobia about splashing with salt water. I knew a girl in high school who’s father told everyone that she hadn’t had sex that she was pregnant because she got splashed, but not with salt water.
  9. Is the first time user joke requirement still in effect?
  10. Being lit-up in the middle of a night bite. Giving a Googan a point in the right direction. Catching at first light. Seeing an old friend hooked up at sun set.
  11. In Jersey I laminate a copy of my sw license in my surf bag, also keep a copy in the log book in the truck. In Pa I have lifetime license Which is a plastic card in my wallet. It wouldn’t hurt to keep pictures on your phone.
  12. The 5” seems to draw more hits and hooks well when the fish are small. The middle sized one does well with larger fish. I have the largest size but seldom but haven’t had good success with it. Honestly I don’t use the big one often.
  13. Since St Patty’s day I’ve become quite fond of Jamison’s. Being very Scotch ( cheap) can anyone suggest a somewhat less expensive Irish whiskey. I know someone must know Irish. Maybe the Scully’s.
  14. Fishermans Headquarters always has a good stock of fly tying supplies. Nice people at the beach.