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  1. In the spring I primarily fish the northeast shore of long island. I usually fish from sunset into the night. Over the last few years I have seen a tremendous increase of people fishing at one of my favorite spots. I normally would not say anything but what I am seeing and have experienced is starting to really tic me off. I go out of my way to follow all the rules. I get my parking permits, fishing permits, night fishing permits and I register my boat and trailer. To start what I am seeing is that most of the vehicles in the parking area here have no parking permits displayed. This parking area is split between the Town of Riverhead and Suffolk County Parks. I see people taking every species of fish whether they are in season or not, or not even close to keeper size. But that is not the real problem. On memorial day weekend I watched at least 20 people cross the creek in little inflatables walk through what appears to be a posted area for nesting birds and fish on the rock jetty on posted land a the PSEG power plant. This was in broad daylight. Where is the security at the power plant?? To add to the chaos over the last couple of weeks I have witnessed multiple boats coming in and out of the creek at night with zero navigation lights, 4 to 5 people in little aluminum boats no bigger the 12ft long. No life jackets on and to boot most of the boats had no registration numbers on them. Last weekend I almost got hit by 2 boats coming into the creek. I was shining my head light at them hoping they would see me. That night one of the boats ran aground because the tide was out. And again tonight another boat went out with no navigation lights and no registration. Where are the authorities??? Why is nothing being done about this?? A couple of years ago 3 men tried to cross this creek only one made it the other 2 perished. The amount of resources used to find there bodies was quite large. The sad thing is sooner or later one of these boats are going to get into trouble and put our first responders at risk again because it is going to be at night when things are more dangerous. This area needs to be policed at night not just during the day. For years I complained about not being able to fish certain stretches of Beach along the south shore because I was not a town resident. I thought who were they to say I can't fish there, I pay my taxes. Well I get it now. That's my rant!
  2. Had to ask.
  3. To be clear is that $60 for the lot? If so I will take them.
  4. I will pass. Jameson there yours.
  5. Offer $70 for Lot 1 & 3
  6. New Glacier Gloves Guide Series Size Medium. $17 Shipped PayPal
  7. Looking for the Medium action. Model number UEHA-424401S
  8. What size is the tica surf rod?
  9. I was afraid it would be that high. Wish you were local.
  10. Could you please let me know what the shipping would be to zip code 11792
  11. Open to pick up instead of shipping? I am located on long island. Also could you please tell me the length from the butt to the front portion of the reel seat?
  12. Not exactly what I am looking for. Good luck with the sale.
  13. Okay I want to be clear before I commit. The distance I am looking for is pictured below. From the end of the butt to the front of the reel seat. I am looking for 15 to 17 inches. If it falls in this range I will take it pending inspection of the the rod.
  14. The sleeve length is about 22". I need to be honest here. I tried to get this on again last night and couldn't even get close to getting into it. This might be a women's medium. I don't want to miss represent what it is.