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  1. I must agree. I liked this rod so much I had a 1pc custom rod made to the same specs.
  2. Did you try going through Lamiglas? I had 2 rods that I broke, I sent them back and they replaced them both for $50 each. It is worth a call to there service department.
  3. Great popper shot
  4. Denatured or Isopropyl?
  5. A few years back I purchased a splash top to wear over my waders. It has a neoprene collar which stinks to high heaven!! It literally smells like skunk. It is so bad that when it was in my basement my kids were asking my wife if I was smoking weed. I have tried on numerous occasions to try and get the smell out with no success. I tried soaking it in vinegar, I used a product called sink the stink without any luck. I don't want throw it out. Does anyone have any suggestions. And before anyone says it, yes I thought about smoking it.
  6. I got your messages and did respond. Are you not getting my responses?
  7. $25 for the bottles. We could do local pickup if you are on the island
  8. Received Reel, Excellent! Thanks
  9. Payment sent. Thanks.
  10. Would you consider $50?
  11. Offer $30 for the 2 parrot SS in lot one
  12. Have a black VS200, $380 shipped.
  13. Try octopus hooks. 4/0 & 5/0
  14. The fish are still here. I have been fishing in central Suffolk, on both the south and north shores with much success. Mainly catching bass. Mostly fish in the 20"to 26" range with a few keepers in the mix. Just started seeing Blues in the past week on the north shore in my area. All of the Blues in the late afternoon and all the Bass at night at the bottom of the out going tide. The north shore has been producing most of the fish by far for me. All caught from the beach on light tackle and no bait, strictly lures. These 3 color patterns seem to work the best. Good luck.